Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Eight

I wake to see my dad sitting in the chair next to me, watching me with a faraway look in his eyes. God, he looks terrible his clothes are dirty his hair is a mess, and it looks like he hasn’t slept in a month never mind a day. He hasn’t noticed me looking at him so I bring him out of his stare.“You look like shit, dad” I tease groggily

He looks to me laughing “Thanks, baby girl, am going for the grunge look,” he says with a wink

Laughing at him, I sigh “I’ve missed you daddy” I croak

What can I say am a daddy’s girl, don’t judge...

“Oh baby girl, I’ve missed you too, am sorry I stayed away so long,” he says holding my hand

“It’s okay dad, everything that happened, dad. It wasn’t your fault” I say “I was stupid to go there by myself at night” I say shaking my head of my stupidity

“You wouldn’t of went out the house at all if I didn’t open my fucking mouth, baby girl” he growls in frustration and sorrow

“Let’s just agree to disagree, Eh? Am fine okay?” I grab his hand squeezing it

He smiles and huffs “So, I hear you’re coming home tomorrow?” He says happily

“Yeah, I can’t wait to get out of here, am excited to see Justin in action on Saturday too” I say excitedly

“You still wanna go?” Dad’s asks in shock

“Of course I do, why wouldn’t I? Daddy, I just want my life back, I don’t wanna be cooped up indoors scared to go outside, feeling vulnerable. Cos that means they win, the bastards that did this to me will not win, they may have broke parts of my body” dad winces at my choice of words “But they haven’t broken me,” I growl

Dad’s looking at me proudly “You are so strong baby girl, so brave,” He shakes his head in awe

“Hey,” Justin says softly “Mind if I come in?”

He looks between me and dad, I smile brightly at my boyfriend “Course son, I was just talking to Eva here, asking if she’s excited to come home” he smiles at Justin

Justin smiles back—no awkwardness anymore, hmmm?

Justin kisses me briefly as he sits next to me on my bed “I was just telling dad that I can’t wait to see you in action, on Saturday” I tease with a wink

He smiles shyly at me “I honestly wasn’t sure whether to take part in Saturday’s game really baby” he admits

“What the fuck? Yes, you are. Me and dad will be there, cheering you on” I say

“Baby, I don’t need...” he goes to say but I cut him off

“Fucking hell, Not you too Justin, am going on Saturday, dad is going—YOU are going. You hear? Like I told dad, I am not. Repeat. NOT going to be imprisoned in my own home, scared to live my life, No. They’ve have already broke parts of my body, and I fucking refuse Justin—fucking REFUSE them to break me. They will not break me, I won’t let them!” I growl “So, I’ll say this once more then that’s all I wanna hear of it yeah? I am going to that game, and YOU are going to kick motherfucking arse—you hearing me, babe?” I ask Justin with a grin.

“Fucking loud and clear baby, fuck that was hot” he growls in my ear

“Ahem— still in the room people” Dad growls

Me and Justin blush profusely “Sorry,” we say

Dad shakes his head laughing “Your ma was right, fuck, I’m never gonna hear the last of this” He groans

Me and Justin look to each other in confusion and shrug Don’t know what he means by that...

“So if you’re, I mean if we’re going to the game. Baby girl, we’re gonna need Everton tops” he stands clapping his hands together in excitement

“Actually dad...” I go to say but Justin finishes for me

“I’ve already ordered your tops for tomorrow’s game,” He says to dad sheepishly

“Really?” Dad asks shocked

“Yeah, dad, it was meant to be a surprise on Saturday...” I say

“Has Russ invited Amber?” Dad asks

“I haven’t got a clue to be honest dad, I’ve hardly seen her,” I say

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she is baby, they’re inseparable them two, these days” Justin laughs

“Fucking hell, tell me about, they’re worse than you two” Dad scoffs

“Well wait till am out of here, I’ll have to rectify that,” I say winking at Justin, I hear dad’s groan

“Actually, I forgot to mention, apparently they got chased out the hospital by a nurse. She caught them in a room together,” Justin says trying to keep a straight face

“Shut up!” I say in shock, I start giggling my arse off

“Really baby, Russ is lucky the nurse didn’t recognise him. But that’s the reason they didn’t come back, sorry baby I forgot to mention it” he says sheepishly

I shrug “It’s okay” I look back to dad “So how’s everyone at home? Have you let the school know?” I ask dad

“Everyone is fine, we miss you, Holly’s behaviour has started to go bad again. We don’t know if it’s because you’re not there or what,” dad says sadly “Catherine’s good, hogging the bathroom of a morning as usual” he laughs “And your mum, don’t tell her I told you this, but your mum has been reading books on your kindle” he laughs

“Looks like am gonna have to buy her one for Christmas” I tut shaking my head

Dad laughs “I don’t mind like, I love it when she gets all these ideas from them books” he winks at me laughing

“Daaaaaad” I groan “Too much info,” I say putting my hands over my ears

“And Nikki, Tracy, Jill and Michelle have said They’ll be out to visit you when you’re out of here,” He says

“The erm, the police wanna take a statement from you, once you feel up to it too baby,” Justin says nervously

“I can do it, it’s okay,” I say giving him a reassuring smile

Dad gets up from his chair “Right, well, erm, I best be off. Your mum can’t wait to see you tomorrow, oh she asked if you want a special meal for when you come home?” he asks

“Oooooo dad, you know I can’t choose between mum’s cooking” I moan

“You’re right, I’ll tell her to do them all” he laughs winking at me, he leans over and kisses me on the head. “I love you baby girl, I’ll see you tomorrow, let me know if you need anything, okay?” He says raising his eyebrows at both me and Justin

“We will and I love you too dad, tell mum and the girls I love them too” I smile at him

“Will do baby girl” he waves leaving the room shutting the door, Leaving me and Justin together

“I love you baby” he says softly

“And I love you,” I say back placing my forehead against his

The rest of the evening flies over, We watch films on the little hospital telly I have hanging over my bed

“So do you think your da would mind if I stayed with you?” Justin asks


“I’ve gotten so used to being by your side whilst your sleeping, I don’t wanna go back to normality,” he says stroking my arm

“Am not sure babe, but you being in my bed, holding me, sounds real nice” I whisper

He groans “I love you baby”

I giggle “I love you too”

“And besides, it would be good practice sleeping in the same bed, you know, once we start living together,” he says seriously

I look at his face, the man is serious “See that’s the second time you’ve mentioned moving in together, don’t you think it’s going a little fast?” I ask softly looking down at my hands

He lifts my face to meet his eyes “Do you love me?” He asks seriously

“What?” I ask in bewilderment

“Do. You. Love. Me. Eva?” he says his eyes holding mine

“Of course I love you, Justin” I sigh

“Then what’s the problem?” He says throwing his hands up in exasperation

“I don’t wanna fight Justin” I croak ” I love you, I truly do, but maybe If we wait a little while, then we can move in together,” I say

“On Our birthday’s,” he says seriously

“What?” I laugh

“Our birthday’s,” he says again “I’ll be 22 and you’ll be 21, yeah? It’s nearly the end of September, we’ll have been together for nearly seven months by then, what do you say? He says excitedly

“I think it’s crazy,” I say with a grin “But yeah let’s do it”

“Really?” Justin’s face lights up

I shrug nodding “Yeah, why not? My mum and dad were engaged after four months of being together” I laugh

"Reaaaally?” He smirks at me

“Oh hell no, I’ve already said yes to one thing, one step at a time, eh?“I laugh shaking my head

“I bet I could get you to say yes if I asked you” he purrs licking my earlobe

“I bet you could” I laugh “But can you do me a favour?” I ask

“Anything baby” he says softly

“Help me get in the shower, I feel rotten as fuck” I whine “I must stink” I moan, Justin’s eyes light up like a little boy at Christmas.

“Wait, are you allowed? Hang on, I’ll ask.” he gets up off the bed kissing me, then goes out to ask a nurse. A minute or two later he comes back in with a nurse behind him carrying what looks like a plastic bag “So your hubby here tells me you wanna take a shower, is that correct?” The nurse asks me

I mouth hubby? to Justin, to which he smiles brightly shrugs with a shrug.

“Erm, yes, would that be okay?” I ask her

“You’ll be fine darlin, I just have to wrap your bandage up and give you a shower cap first, as stitches and bandage can’t get wet” she says smiling at me “Try and let your husband clean as much as possible cos you’ll still be a little tender and won’t be able to stretch much” she adds as she focuses on wrapping the plastic around my arm. She can’t see the look of victory on Justin’s face he’s currently raising his fists in triumph.

“Stop it” I mouth to him

He does but he’s still got that gleam in his eyes “Perv” I mouth to him

“You love me” he mouths back, I shake my head grinning and blow him a kiss. The nurse finishes “Right then, I’ll leave you to your hubby” she smiles winking at me

I blush and croak out “Thanks”

“Pull on the red string if you need anything though okay?” She adds

“Will do nurse” Justin says and she leaves us with a chuckle “Oh my god, that nurse probably thinks we’re gonna have it off in the shower” I laugh hiding my face

I hear Justin chuckle “Come on, beautiful, let’s get you clean,” he says pulling me to the ensuite bathroom

“I’ve already put your toiletries, underwear and pj’s in here, so we’re good to go,” he says as he takes his top off pushing me inside the room closing the door behind us...

“Let’s get you clean baby” He purrs

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