Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Nine

I’m stood in the bathroom with Justin, just staring at his perfect body.

“See something you like baby?” Justin says huskily

I nod licking my lips “Perfection,” I say out loud blushing at my admission

He smiles shyly “Hey, don’t be embarrassed baby, I love how you react to my body” he says softly “Matter of fact—I feel the same way about yours, You’re my perfection, baby” he growls pulling to him. I gasp as I feel his hard cock poking me in the belly. I moan at the feel of him “Baby, let’s get you undressed, Eh? Come on” he says and he unfastens the laces on the hospital gown that I am wearing “Mustn’t forget this baby” he says holding the shower cap and places it on my head, covering my stitches. He then turns to the shower turning it on,

I take my gown off whilst he does the heat adjustments, just as I put the gown down on the floor, I hear a choked gasp “FUCK” I turn to Justin and he’s got a look of anger on his face, his jaw is clenched so much you can hear his teeth grinding

What the fuck has brought that on?”Justin, what?” I ask confused

“Oh, baby, I am so sorry” he sobs as he looks at my body

“What?” I frown looking down at my body I gasp “What the fuck?” I cry out covering my mouth “What have they done to me?” I sob, I go to the mirror to see that I have dark bruises on my breasts in the shape of handprints. I have cuts and bruises down my body, I have tears cascading down my face as I see Justin’s reflection in the mirror, I put my hands over my body to try and cover what Justin can see “I’m sorry, you don’t have to see this....” I say

“Are you shitting me? Am going fucking nowhere baby, you know what am gonna do? Hmm?” He growls lifting his eyebrows in question, I shake my head cos I can’t form words right now

“We are going to get in that shower, and I am going to worship every fucking inch of your beautiful body. I’ll fucking show you how much I love you, that you won’t see or feel nothing but me” he growls “nothing but you and me baby, say it” He tells me

“Nothing but you and me” I whisper catching a sob

“No baby, that’s the last tear I wanna see dropping from them beautiful eyes. I’m going to make him disappear, I promise” he says seriously as he kisses both of my eyelids

“Come on,” he says pulling me into the shower first, I watch as he takes his sweatpants and boxers off. Watching his hard cock spring as he pushes both pants and boxers down his legs. My mouth drops open at my man, God, he’s so fucking sexy. And I notice that his cock is actually pointing in my direction. I let out half a moan and half a giggle as he looks down at his cock and shrugs “He can’t seem to help himself, when it comes to you” he growls grasping his cock and starts stroking it. I smile at his words, licking at my lips “Come here” I whisper I motion with my finger

He walks to me, kissing me passionately under the spray of the water “You ready baby?” He growls licking up my neck “Yes” I pant “please”

Justin kisses and licks at my skin murmuring sweet loving words to me, taking extra care of my bruised body showing me and telling me how beautiful and how loved by him I am. He kneels before me, pulling the seat down that’s in the shower and he sits me down on it. My breathing is getting heavier and heavier “Spread your beautiful thighs baby, let me see what’s mine” he growls, I moan obeying his command “Mmmmmmmm, fuck, so fucking soaked and swollen for me” he groans as strokes my folds gathering juices that’s already there from his ministrations to my body. He takes his fingers out of me putting them in his mouth sucking his fingers “fuck me, I love the sweet taste of your pussy, baby” he moans as he dives into my pussy, I gasp

“Mmmmm, fuck yes, tell me what you want me to do to you baby,” he says coming up for air his lips glistening with my arousal “Tell me baby” he croons

“I want...” I pant “I want your fingers, there—and your mouth” I moan embarrassed

“Is this what you want baby?” He asks as he pushes a finger into my pussy

“Mmmmm, yes....“I purr

“And, this,” he asks as he sucks on my clit his fingers still going in and out of my pussy

“Yes, yes—oh Justin, please” I plead

“Don’t you know yet Eva, baby? I’ll do anything you ask, anything” he growls as he pumps, licks, and sucks faster, putting another finger inside me “Oh fuck” I moan out loud

“Sshh, baby, we don’t wanna be kicked out too,

do we?” he chuckles looking at me

“What are you doing? Don’t stop” I whine pushing his head back down

“Fuck, Yes....” he growls and goes back down on me licking, sucking and fingering me like his life depended on it.

He groans “My beautiful woman is gonna come aren’t you? You gonna squeeze my fingers baby.? you gonna milk my fingers Eva?” He growls going faster with his fingers and I can hear how soaked I am as he’s fingering me, higher and higher, I moan “Justin, am gonna come, am gonna come—am gonna" I pant

“Come on baby, come for me....” he croons as his flicks at my clit once more and I explode “Justin” I scream as he kisses me silent. He presses and rubs his thumb on my clit whilst his fingers are going in and out of my pussy. He growls in my mouth.

“What” I pant

“I want you to come for me again” he growls

“No, I can’t—I can’t” I cry

“Ssshhh baby, let me take care of you” he croons as he laps at my sensitive pussy slowly

“Mmmmm, so good, I want some more baby—give it to me” he growls whilst his fingers are still moving in me and rubbing at my clit. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuckJuuuuuuustin" I moan as I close my eyes as I explode “Fuck yes, mmmmmm, tastes so fucking good baby” he purrs lapping me up like a cat with its cream

As I come down from my orgasm I realise the water in the shower has gone cold. I open my eyes and Justin’s staring up at me lovingly stroking my legs “Hey, baby, I love you” he croaks

“Oh I love you too” I sob “That was perfect

“Come on, let’s get you clean again,” he says lifting me up

He’s rock hard “What about you?” I say softly as I reach for him

“Baby, no, this was about you” he says softly as he lathers my body with suds

“But....” I moan

“No baby, the water is freezing, he’ll go down in a minute—please, do this for me” he pleads

I nod sadly as he washes everywhere except my head and wrapped up arm, then he quickly washes himself pushing his semi-hard cock down...

We get out our teeth chattering with the cold water he wraps me up first with a towel drying me, Then wraps a towel around his waist. After he’s sprayed me with deodorant and dressed me in my PJs, he gets himself dressed in his own PJ’s. Finished we enter back into the room and get in bed Justin wrapping his arms around me “I love you, Eva Murphy...” Justin says with such emotion in his voice

“And I love you Justin Casey” I croak, As we drift off asleep in each other’s arms...

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