Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Three

We get to my room, taking my shoes and coat off and plug my iPhone into my dock so my Spotify songs play out...

Zayn’s new song Ft Taylor Swift comes on.... It’s one of the song’s from the new Fifty Shades Film, Amber looks at me once she realises what it is ”Fifty shades, baby!” She says excitedly, Amber’s a fifty shades crank, she’s got ALL the ”later’s baby" merchandise... the girl is a nut, I laugh at her

“So come on, tell me all about this Justin lad... what does he look like,” she asks excitedly

I sigh again...“He’s gorgeous, Irish... and I swear he looks like a younger version of Justin Timberlake, you know, but minus the curly wog...He told me he’d just moved here from Ireland with his family after being scouted by Everton, and that his brother has autism and is starting blue Saint next week”

Amber’s looking at me “That’s it?”

“Is that it? Jesus Amber, what do want me to tell you, babe? I don’t know anything else about him” I frown

She gets up from my bed and looks out the window...

“Shame he didn’t tell you his full name, I would have googled his arse” she laughs

I scowl at her “And that won’t seem stalkerish at All,” I say sarcastically

Amber’s engrossed in what’s happening outside “Hey babe, have you seen your neighbours yet?” She asks

“I saw the moving truck there this morning, but I had to get to work because I was already running late” I explain

She’s moving my blinds to have a better look “oh my god,girl..come and get a look at this lads arse” She says, motioning for me to come over, whilst still looking out the window

God, she’s something else!

I look at her with a frown “Stop perving at my neighbours” I growl

She looks like she’s going to commit a murder “Get your arse her now Eva, I swear to god I’ll drag you by that perfect wog of yours” she warns

“You’re only saying that cos you’re my hairdresser ” I huff rolling my eyes as I stand up

“You bet your arse... Ain’t nobody else who can create such perfection” she boasts

I look out the window as the sexy arse person stands up and I get a proper look at his face—It’s Justin

Oh. My. God, he’s my fucking new neighbour... what the actual fuck?

I gasp “Oh. My. God… OH. My. GOD” I panic

“The fucks the matter with you girl, get a grip” she admonishes, shaking me

“It’s fuckin Justin, you daft bitch—stop shaking me” I shout and gasp putting my hand to my mouth, but it’s too late as Justin looks up at my window—I pull myself away quickly so he doesn’t see me. Shit, what if he did see me?

“Shit... shit... shit, did he see me?” I panic

Amber’s smiling, the bitch

“I think so babe, he’s coming down your path right now,” she says gleefully


Our doorbell rings...

Dad answers and you can hear him having a conversation with Justin

“Hey Baby girl, can you come down for a Sec... our new neighbour is here” he shouts up to me

My eyes widen to amber, but she’s silently laughing her arse off... pointing at me, I narrow my eyes at her

“Ummm, I’ll be down now dad” I shout back

“Am going to kill you when I get back” I growl

Amber perks up “what?... Hell no, ain’t no way am missing this, come on” with a gleeful smile she’s dragging me along with her.

We get halfway down the stairs when we can see Justin and my dad... Justin an dad both look at me smiling

“Eva, Small world, eh?” Justin grins at me

“The smallest” I smile awkwardly

“You already know Eva then?” Dad questions Justin

“Err, yeah... I got lost this morning trying to find my way to blue Saint park where I was meeting me teammates, Eva was kind enough to show me the way” He explains to dad “The kids had a great time this morning, didn’t they Eva?” He smiles

“Yeah, Especially Kieron and Abbie—they kicked Russ’s arse” I giggle and inwardly groan...

Giggling Eva, really?...

“Russ?? You mean Russ Berkeley?” Dad says with a huge smile “You’ve met Russ as well then Justin?” He asks in awe.

Shit, dad doesn’t know Justin plays for Everton too... I cringe

“Well, I see him nearly every day for practice...“Justin states with a shrug and a smile

Dad looks at him stunned, finally putting the pieces together

“Jesus Christ, You’re ‘re—you’ re... fuck me, baby girl, we’ve got Justin Casey in our home...Eva, he lives next door” Dad stutters then starts mumbling to himself about having an Everton player in our house, an about him living next door.

Dad’s face is quite comical, I elbow Amber and gesture to my dad’s face, she laughs and shakes her head.

I look at Justin apologetically “Sorry Justin, dad’s a die-hard blue nose” I say apologetically

Justin laughs at that “That’s alright, my da’s like that too... you would probably like me da paddy, you two would get on like a house on fire” he laughs

Mum and Catherine decide to come out now, Holly must be on her iPad

“Hello... I’m Ava, Eva’s mum—this is Catherine, Eva’s sister... her other sister Holly, she’s a bit busy with her iPad right now”Mum laughs gesturing where our Holly’s sitting

“Hey, I’m Justin I’ve just moved next door with my family from Ireland,” He says shaking mum and cat’s hand

Dad butts in “Baby, he plays for Everton Ava—we’ve got an Everton player in our home... and he fuckin lives next door” he says in excitement

“PADDY, language” mum admonishes

“Sorry baby” Dad mumbles sheepishly

Mum smiles apologetically “I’m sorry Justin, paddy is quite the Bluenose”

Justin smiles back “It’s ok, gotta get used to the fans at some point, hey?” he winks at me...

“Eva, me ma wanted me to ask you if you would come over for tea one day this week,

so she can grill ya about Brandon’s start at Blue Saint, ” he asks

Mum looks surprised, but smiles, Justin looks at mum “Brandon is me little brother, he’s autistic... figured with Eva working at the school she’ll be able to calm me ma down” Justin shrugs

Mum smiles “Well you tell your mum, she is more than welcome to come here for a chat, be nice to have another autism mum—someone to talk to who knows and understands what they’re going through, you don’t get much of that nowadays” she sighs as she pats him on the cheek

“I will, Thanks—I’ll better go me da’ll probably think I’ve left him high an dry moving our stuff in” he chuckles

I walk him out and we stop at the front door, he looks at me and we’re staring at each other “So, Do you believe in fate,” He whispers to me stroking my cheek looking into my eyes “So fuckin beautiful,“He whispers to himself

And Before I have a chance to reply he’s kissing me—oh my god, he’s kissing me. On The Lips aswell, not me fod— I sigh into the kiss making sure my lips follow his lips to which he deepens, feeling his tongue caressing mine... he wraps his arms around me, squeezing me to him.

God, he’s such an amazing kisser

Which is then ruined when I hear Amber’s not so subtle cough...

"Yeah, when you’re quite finished sucking my girl’s face off Romeo" she teases Justin with a wink “Eva, Ma told me to tell you your tea’s ready babe” she states with a wink as she walks back in closing the door behind her

Justin’s still smiling wide at me then pushes the hair out my face and gives me one last kiss... gentle but still full of the passion I felt before...

He puts his head to mine “I’ll see you soon, ” he says softly

I nod, not being able to say anything an I watch him walk off... I’m still watching him when I hear amber say with a sigh “You girl... are fucked”

I sigh with a nod “I think you’re right, ” I admit


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