Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty

I open my eyes blinking a couple of times to wake myself up properly. I see the light of the sunshine shining through the curtains, looking up I see my gorgeous man still asleep, I reach up to stroke his beautiful face.

He stirs to me stroking his face, his eyes find mine and he smiles at me ”Mmmmm, morning beautiful” he leans in to kiss me, I lean back covering my mouth “Morning breath,” I say muffled by my hand

“I don’t give two fucks about morning breath baby, give me those lips” he growls and takes what he wants kissing me passionately.

Just then, there’s a knock on the door “Good morning Eva, oh” the nurse from last night comes in “I’m sorry you two lovebirds are at it again” She laughs as she exits shutting the door behind her. Justin’s chuckling, while am lying there mouth open in shock

“What are you laughing at” I hiss playfully

“Your face then” he chuckles louder

“Justin it’s not funny, what do you think she meant by that? We’re at it again?? Do you think she heard us last night” I panic

He scoffs in response “Well what can they do about it if they did? Not like they can throw you out, You’re already leaving today” he shrugs sitting us up carefully

I gasp realising “Am going home today” I say excitedly

“You’re coming home baby,” he says happily kissing me once more as someone knocks on the door

"HELLOOOOO? are we decent? It’s me again!!” The Nurse shouts from outside the door. I hide my head in embarrassment whilst Justin takes joy in it shouting “Come in,” he says joyfully

She comes in with the vitals machine and gasps happily at our faces “Oh someone looks happy this morning” she winks twice at us then comes over with the machine and starts attaching the wires to my chest and one to my finger. I look at Justin with wide eyes whilst he’s pointing his finger at my face laughing silently, I mouth a fuck you to him as I can’t flip him off. He mouths back “Oooooo, where and when baby” He winks grinning at me

The bastard

“Eva? your heart rate is a little high darlin, are you okay?” She asks with concern on her face

“I’m fine...” I reply with a smile and look to Justin and she follows where am looking and laughs “Well, darlin, I don’t blame your heart to be racing when he’s in the room with you” She winks again “Right, other than your hubby having your heart racing, you’re fine darlin, the doctor will be round in a bit to discharge you, and I’ll be back with your meds” she smiles again at me “I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone eh?” She winks at us and leaves the room

Justin starts laughing his arse off again “You little bastard—” I growl playfully slapping him lightly

“Hey now, I’ve got a game to win tomorrow remember” he teases

“True, kiss me,” I ask puckering my lips

There’s Another knock on the door

I open my eyes and mutter “Fuck,” and pull my bottom lip out at Justin faking sadness. He grins and kisses me once before shouting “Come in”

My doctor pops her head in “Morning, I believe you’re going home today? You feel ready to leave?” She asks

“Yeah, I miss my bed” I joke. I actually really do miss my bed

She smiles at me “right well, erm, am just gonna check you over while we wait for your meds is that okay?” She asks as she gets hold of her stethoscope and puts them in her ears. I nod smiling “Right, can you lift your top up please and take a deep breath in Eva, as much as you can” she asks as she puts the stethoscope to my back

I breathe in deep wincing at the pain “Am sorry Eva, just a few more times, and again” She asks and I repeat the motion a few times on my back and my chest, each time wincing in pain.

“Okay well...your chest sounds clear...you are going to be sore for a couple of weeks...I believe you work at a special needs school is that right?” I nod and she smiles sadly “I’ll write you a sick note excusing you from work for 8wks”

I must look shocked coz she put her hand on mine “Eva....the injuries you have, it’s necessary for you to have as much rest as you can..so that you can heal” she informs me “now I want you come back in 2wks time to get your staples taken out...I’ve arranged an appointment in the outpatients...the nurse will give you them when you get your meds....also if you experience any dizziness, nausea or anything you come straight to a & e ask for dr foster, they’ll page me....take care of yourself, Eva....Mr Casey....” she smiles warmly at us both and leaves the room

I huff...but then grin at Justin

“Now...where were we” I purr leaning forward to kiss him, someone knocks on the door again

I grab Justin and kiss him passionately moaning in his mouth, when they knock again.

“Come in,” I say breathlessly

Our eyes darken with need for each other

“Oh, I’ve interrupted a moment again haven’t I? Oh I am sorry lovey....well the good news is you can go home now darlin...” she hands me leaflets for care at home for my stitches and cast

“Here’s your meds...I want you to follow these instructions to the T little madam okay?” She says sternly

I nod

“Right and here’s your appointment to the outpatients in 2wks for your staples,” she says giving them to me “right you good to go lovebirds.... you take care of her now hubby you hear me?” She looks at Justin

“Yes ma’am” he salutes her and winks at her

She blushes at him and looks to me

“Oh little one you are a lucky young lady...if I wasn’t married and was 10yrs younger” she growls at Justin and winks at me

Justin’s looking at me wide-eyed a little scared of my cougar nurse

So I laugh my arse of pointing at him with my finger like he did to me earlier...

“Karma babe” I laugh winking at him

“My baby got jokes huh” he growls spanking my arse lightly

I gasp

And he gets my hand kissing it “let’s get you home” and pulls me out the room

“Bye,” we say to the nurses and doctor at the desk

Cougar nurse looks at Justin and motions for him to “call her” she looks at me grins and winks

I giggle my arse off at Justin and he growls in response

Outside I breathe in the outside air as I wait for Justin to bring his car over

“I’m free” I shout happily

An oldish woman comes over “you alright love? You feel okay?” She asks looking me over

Justin pulls up gets out the car opening the passenger door for me...

I turn my focus back on the older lady “never better ma’am” I smile at her and she beams back with a nod and goes back to her daughter

I snort laugh woman must have thought I was crazy or something...I giggle

I get in the car and Justin puts my luggage in the boot of his car and runs round to the driver seat and gets in and helps me with my seatbelt before putting his on

“Right my beautiful woman...let’s get you home,” he says softly kissing me on the hand as we drive off leaving the hospital...I sigh happily, our hands still clasped together

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