Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty One

We arrive in our street and see my house covered with welcome home banners and balloons...

This has me mum ALL over it I laugh shaking my head “My mum is off her head” I snort laugh

“Come on missus, let’s get you inside so you can rest...” Justin says getting out the car and comes around to me to help me out. Just then Our front door open’s revealing my mum, dad, Catherine, Holly, Amber, Russ, and Justin’s mum and dad coming out to welcome me home. “Hey baby girl, it’s good to have you back, it’s been quiet without you” Dad says hugging me gently

“Yeah, I’ve had joys of having easy access to the bathroom of a morning all week” Catherine teases

“Yeah? No change there then” I laugh winking at her “Missed you too witch face”

Catherine sticks her tongue out at me, smiling at me , then mum comes over taking me in her arms “Hey babe, I’ve made your favourite for tea” She says hugging me

I laugh “All your food is my favourite, I couldn’t decide though,” I say “Did you pick for me?” I ask

“Yeah, figured I’d do my Shepard’s pie, followed by my apple crumble. What do you say? Sound good?” She asks with a smile

“Sounds awesome mum, Thanks!!” I say smiling as I see Holly flapping her hands in excitement.

“Where’s my holly? Holly, looking at me babe!” I say, Holly looks at me excitedly

“Eva—Eva!!” Holly beams clapping

“Hey sis, I’ve missed you, babe. Have you been good girl, for mum and dad?” I ask, Holly doesn’t respond she just flaps her hands excitedly. I kiss her on the head.

“There’s my girl,” Amber says next to Russ “Hey, babe!” Amber comes over to hug me “Girl, how you feeling?” She asks

“Sore, tired, hungry" I laugh wincing as pain shoots through my ribs.

My hands shoot to my ribs “Fuck” I hiss

“Right, come on baby, let’s get you inside so you can rest” Justin guides me inside to the kitchen and sits me down on one of the chairs “Do you want your pain meds before you eat baby?” He asks

“Yes please babe,” I tell him with a grateful smile, He kisses me briefly before going to retrieve my bags from the car with the meds in.

“Baby girl, do you want a pillow for your back?” Dad asks holding a pillow

“Please dad” I smile gratefully

“Amber—Russ, are you staying for tea too?” Mum asks holding plates in her hand “I’ve got plenty to go round” she beams

“Ma please, like I can say no to your food” Amber says excitedly and sits in the chair next to me “Babe, Ma Ava’s food is the fuckin BOMB...” she says dragging russ down into the chair next to her

“Language, amber” mum sings and she grins sheepishly as Justin walks in with my bags.

“Here’s your meds baby,” He says holding my meds with a bottle of water, he sits down on the opposite side of me as he passes them to me. I take each prescribed tablet and swallow them down with my water.

“Soon as you’ve eaten, I’ll help you upstairs so you can rest, okay?” He smiles at me

“You ready to kick some serious arse tomorrow man?” Russ asks Justin

“Russ, Language" Mum scolds him

“Sorry Mrs M” Russ replies sheepishly, Amber’s laughing her arse off at Russ been told off

“I am ready though... ” He tells Russ “I made a promise to my girl, and I intend on keeping that promise” he adds looking at me. I blush smiling shyly.

“Right, let’s dig in guys,” Dad says with a clap of his hands then everyone starts eating mum’s Shepard’s pie, it’s the first time justin and russ have ate anything of mum’s food and by the sounds of the groans coming from them both, I’d say mum has two more fans on her hands.

“This is fu, I mean this is delicious Mrs M” Russ says between mouthfuls

“Fuckin hell babe, savour the flavour don’t inhale it. Is that even touching your cheeks there? Or are you just fuckin swallowing it whole” Amber says looking at Russ in shock

“Amber Rosalie Dooley....” Mum booms “Come on, LANGUAGE please, love” she adds

“Sorry Ma” she says guiltily

Russ snorts laughing “Your initials are ARD?”

“And your point is?” She asks arching an eyebrow

“Nothing, just figures you’d be an ARD arse as well” he whispers in her ear winking at her. She scoffs in response, nudging him with her shoulder “You know it” she winks at him

**phone rings** Justin looks at his phone, “It’s Marcus, excuse me, baby,” he says standing up to leave “Excuse me everyone, I’ll be right back”

“Marcus, is his agent” I explain to everyone

“Hey Marcus, what’s up” I hear Justin say as he closes the front door over slightly behind him

“I hope everything’s okay?” I say out loud looking at the door where Justin is “Last time Marcus rang, That waitress from Blackpool had been talking to the press about me and Justin”

“Am sure everything will be fine, baby girl” Dad says with a reassuring smile

“Yeah, maybe,” I say distractedly looking at the door

“WHO THE FUCK TOLD THEM SHE WAS ATTACKED?” I hear Justin’s angry voice muffled by the front door

I gasp, looking to dad my eyes wide with tears brimming “Don’t cry, baby girl” dad says getting up to the front door. He puts his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it as he walks past me

“What’s going on?” I hear dad growl to Justin

“Someone has told sky sports that Eva had been attacked and left for dead” Justin snarls

“Has her name been mentioned?” Dad growls angrily. Justin looks to me not answering dad with remorse in his eyes and I know. “I’m so sorry paddy...” Justin starts

“It’s not your fault, You didn’t tell them did you?” He huffs angrily

“No, but I promised you I’d take care of your daughter, and I haven’t done a good job so far have I?” He says sadly

“None of this is your fault, Justin,” I tell him getting up from my chair wincing as I stand “This is on me, I went to Sefton Park, I decided to go alone, that is on me, not you” and I look to my dad ”Or you—This is on me, okay?” I look to justin again “So, what are they saying then?” I ask him

“Have you got sky sports paddy?” Justin asks my dad,

Dad snorts in disbelief shaking his head

“What kind of a fucked up question is that son? I’m a man ain’t I? Of course I’ve got sky sports” He scoffs

“Paddy, baby, stop the swearing please” Mum sings

He sticks his thumb up in response, and goes to the living room turning on the television. He grabs the remote to change the channel to sky sports, Dad, Me, Justin, Amber and Russ all sit to watch the television.

News Reporter: And in other news—Everton’s Newly signed striker Justin Casey has been spotted at The Liverpool Hospital this week visiting his girlfriend Eva Murphy. Eva Murphy who is 20yrs old has been reportedly been dating Justin Casey for only a matter of weeks. Our sources tell us that Eva had been brutally attacked by a number of masked men and left for dead on Monday night at Sefton park whilst she was on her own, it is not yet known as to why Miss Murphy was in the park on her own Before the attack had happened...Police are appealing for witnesses who could help with their investigations.

There are pictures of Justin going into the hospital and a picture of me. Although, I can’t remember this picture—I frown at it, just then dad throws the television remote at the TV screen in anger, smashing it. I flinch gasping at dad’s anger.

“What’s going on?” Mum says walking in with Our Catherine and Holly looking at the smashed TV then to us all “What’s happened?” She asks worriedly

“Our Eva’s attack has been mentioned on the telly” Dad booms. God, the tension in this room is fucked up. “Well, On a positive note at least the girls can stop flirting with you now. It’s all over the TV you’re off the market now” I laugh at Justin trying to defuse the tension in the room, in return, I get six angry looks from that comment. “Not funny yet?!?” I ask innocently

“No” the six angry heads reply

Why did I have to go to Sefton park by myself? What does this mean now?

“What’s gonna happen now then? Now that everyone knows who I am, and that am with you?” I ask Justin

“Am not sure baby, let’s get you upstairs though, you need to rest, you’ve been through enough as it is” Justin says kissing my head and guides me upstairs

“I’ll put your food in the oven, okay babe?” Mum says “You can have it later when you wake up” She smiles sadly at me God, this is all my fault—

“Thanks, mum,” I say walking up our stairs with Justin at my side. Me and Justin walk into my room, I walk straight to my window as I hear Justin closing the door behind us. He comes to me engulfing me in his arms “Everything will be okay baby, I love you” he whispers “Come on, lie down. You’ll feel better once you’ve had some sleep” He says guiding me to the bed, I lie down with Justin behind me, his arms wrapped around me. Feeling utterly safe and content in his arms, I whisper “ I Love You, Justin” before I drift off to sleep...

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