Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Two

I wake up with a start, gasping for breath, drenched in sweat, I had a nightmare, my first nightmare about my attacker. All I could see was his evil eyes shining in amusement at my fear, his voice— I shiver, God, that horrible voice that will stay with me until the day I die. I notice I’m alone in my bed, but there is an Everton shirt laid on my chair, it has my name and Justin’s number eight on the back...

I laugh at my caveman, I also notice a note with long-stemmed rose on the table next to my new shirt, I lift the rose to my nose inhaling the scent as I read the note justin left for me...

Hey beautiful,

I hope you slept well? I’m sorry am not there with you now. I had to leave early to train before the game. Here’s your new shirt as promised, I was going to write JUSTIN’S with my number but thought that’s a bit a caveman, Ha!

Anyway, I’ve arranged for transport to pick you and your dad up. You’ll be brought around the back to avoid the press, where I will be waiting for you. I love you, baby, See you soon



P.S don’t forget to take your meds xx

Putting down the note and the Rose, I leave my room. Walking down our stairs slowly, I hold my ribs, as they’re a little tender this morning, I wince each step I take down the stairs

“I thought I heard someone,” Dad says as he meets me at the bottom of the stairs “You okay, baby girl? Do you need your pain meds?” He must notice my grimace

I nod “Please, am a little tender this morning” I smile at him. Dad eyes me worriedly “Maybe I should call Justin, tell him you won’t be going, you need your rest,” he says getting his phone from his pocket.

“No, dad, I wanna go. Am fine, I promise, I just need my pain meds then I’ll be right as rain when they kick in” I say putting a hand on his phone, He looks at me warily in the eyes, trying to figure out whether or not to call Justin, or just let me go the game...

He sighs “Fine, okay, let’s get you your meds—do you want something to eat? You didn’t eat your tea last night” He says as he gets my meds from the medicine cupboard

I nod as my stomach growls in response “Am starving, I’m sorry about leaving my tea, I must have been more tired then I thought. Was mum okay? I know she went to so much trouble making it” I ask worriedly

“Of course, baby girl, she knew you needed your rest. So,” He claps his hands grinning “What are you feeling for? Maccies? Friar Tucks?” He asks excitedly.

I laugh, the man is as bad as me for food “Let’s go for friar tucks, can you ask them for a full breakfast with extra toast. Oh, and a pure orange juice, please.” I say licking my lips

“I’ve got that just eat app on my phone, you reckon they’re listed on it?” He asks looking at his phone

I shrug “Our school order from them too, for staff dinners. I think Jill orders from her phone”

“Yep here it is, don’t even have to step out my door” he laughs gleefully

I laugh “What time do Everton kick off, dad?” I ask as I take my meds

He looks up at me from his phone “It’s 1 o’clock kick off, baby girl...” I look at the clock “It’s 10.15, so we’ve got plenty of time” I say

“Did you get your shirt from lover boy?” Dad teases

“Yep” I grin “Did YOU?” I tease

“Yeah,” He grins then frowns “Wait, hang on he’s not my lover boy” He says adamantly

“I know dad, am just messing with you, Calm ya farm” I laugh “What does yours say on the back?” I ask

“Paddy, number 1” he boasts “Did he go caveman on yours?” He teases

“Not really, Mine says Eva, number eight” I smile shyly “Oh, He said he has arranged transport to pick us up too—shit, he didn’t say what time,” I panic

“Chill baby girl, the car will be here at 12.15. Traffic is most likely going to be a twat, so we’ll leave extra early” Dad explains

20mins later, there’s a knock on the door “Food,” Me and Dad say happily, picking up his wallet dad goes to the front door. I hear him talking to the delivery lad, Thanking him then shuts the door.

“Never guess who’s friar tucks delivery boy—well man,” Dad says coming into the kitchen

“Who?” I frown

“Someone I used to go to school with, God, he’s aged more than I have,” He says “That bastard fancied the fuck outta your mum as well” He growls “Don’t think he recognised me either” He muses as he gets a faraway look in his eyes.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” I ask

“What?!? Oh, nothing, baby girl. He creeps me the fuck out that dude, always has. Anyway, let’s eat eh? We got us a game to get to” He says excitedly but his eyes hold a look, a look that he’s keeping something from me. We start to eat, but I make a mental note to ask dad what the delivery dudes name is, and mention it to Justin once the game is over. Once we ate our food, I started to get ready. I had to make adjustments to my shirt for my cast. One side of my top is being kept together by nappy pins. Thank god our Catherine was here to help, cos if she wasn’t I would of have to have asked dad, And that would have been awkward as shit. Doing what I could with my hair, or what’s left of it, dad had gave me the idea of a comb-over, so gently I brought over my hair from the opposite side of my stitches so it covered them just enough and then I was able to throw it up in a ponytail, finishing my look, I put mascara and lip gloss on, leaving my face bare.

A car horn beeps from outside “Baby girl, our rides here” Dad yells

“Coming” I yell back, I look myself over again in my mirror, I huff you look like shite, Eva...I shake my head, Thankful justin wasn’t here to hear my negativity about myself “Right, let’s go kick some fuckin arse,” I say to my reflection and meet dad at the bottom of the stairs, he’s grinning as I hit the bottom step “You Ready, baby girl?” Dad asks

“Yep,” I reply grinning excitedly

I text Justin from the car, which by the way, is far too fucking extravagant for my liking. Me: “Hey baby, We’re on our way. We didn’t need to arrive in a Benz, I’m not used to driving around in such extravagance. Taking a cab would have been fine, but Thankyou. I can’t wait to see you, I love you Xxx”

I sit looking around the beautiful Benz Justin had sent us to be picked up in. I get a text message from Justin

Justin: “My woman will always travel in style, bet paddy’s loving it? I can’t wait to see you too baby, I love you! Gonna need my good luck kiss before kick off too Xxx”

I reply, Me: “You are so fuckin sweet! Of course, dad is in car heaven. Not that you’ll need the good luck, but my lips will be ready and waiting Xxx”

His reply is instant, Justin: “I’ll always need your kisses baby. See you soon Xxx”

I sigh happily and enjoy the ride, as I make my way to the man I love...

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