Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Three

We arrive at Everton’s ground AKA Goodison. The gates are covered with the press, the cameras are flashing and the reporters are shouting through the windows. Thankfully, the car’s windows are all tinted so I know they can’t see me, It doesn’t make it any easier though. I feel my dad grab my hand “Are you okay baby girl? He asks with concern in his eyes.

“I’ll be fine once I get on the other side of them gates,” I say anxiously

“There’s your boy now,” Dad says pointing out the window, suddenly the gates open, the security guards come out to ensure no press gain access as the car moves forward. Justin jogs towards the car “He’s eager, isn’t he? He only saw you last night” Dad teases

“Don’t act like you weren’t like this with mum, fuck. You still are” I tease “Has she texted you back yet?” I ask, Dad had me taking pictures of him in his new Everton shirt, so he could show mum “Yeah,” He grins “I think I’ll keep what she said to myself though” He winks at me, translation = It’ll be something involving sex.

I roll my eyes at my dad, and my door opens as Justin leans in “Hey baby...” He croons kissing me

“Oh, alright, I don’t need to be seeing that shit now, come on” Dad groans next to me, Me and Justin roll our eyes and laugh at my dad’s unease

“A kiss is nothing compared to what I’ve seen with you an mum, I mean a few weeks back you had her on your lap kissing her, spanking her on the arse” I tease

“Yeah, well, that’s different,” He says stubbornly

“Yeah? How so?” I ask, I’m teasing him here, but I want to know what the difference is between the two.

He shrugs stubbornly “We’re married, You’re not” He replies “Let’s get out of the car anyway, your boy will have to go down soon”

Justin helps me get out the car “That’s total bullshit that dad, we’re not allowed to kiss in front of you cos we’re not married? That’s a load of my arse,” I fume “I mean you didn’t marry mum until AFTER you had me”

Dad stays stubbornly silent, not looking at me

“Baby, come on, let me show you both to the box. But can I just say, you look sexy as fuck in my number, baby” he groans ”Fuck, I’m getting all hard picturing you wearing nothing but this shirt lying on my bed” he whispers in my ear as he nips the earlobe.

“Come on, lover boy, take me to our box before you’re late” I purr

“Come on, dad...” I say over my shoulder to my dad who follows behind. Inside the grounds, I hear someone screaming my name. “Eva! Evaaaaaa" Yeah, I’d know that voice anywhere... “Is Amber here?” I ask Justin

He grins pointing to the VIP box that’s above stands and there She is waving her arms like a madwoman “Up here ya daft bitch....” She shouts “Hurry up and bring that fine arse of yours up here, Alright pops?” she shouts

“She does know her voice is echoing around the ground, doesn’t she?” Dad says in my ear

I shrug “I don’t think she gives a fuck, dad” I laugh

“Russ has got his hands full with that one” He laughs shaking his head

“I don’t think he’d have her any other way,” Justin says

We reach the VIP box and dad walks ahead to the room where Amber is, leaving us alone. Justin takes that time to gather me in his arms, kissing me “How did you sleep? I felt horrid leaving you, but I had no choice” he says resting his forehead against mine

“I had a nightmare, but am fine” I smile sadly

His eyes darken in anger “You’re sure?” He queries

“Am sure, you’re best going babe, before the manager has your balls, am pretty fond of them balls” I tease

“We’ll talk more about this after the game, and just how fond you are about my balls” He winks kissing me “I love you, baby” he adds resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you too, remember your promise. I’ll be watching your fine arse running up and down that pitch” I wink kissing him once more “Now get gone” I grin spanking him on the arse

He grins widely “I’ll see you after the game baby, wish me luck!” He says jogging away from me

“You won’t need it. You’ve got this, I love you!” I shout after him

“Love you too, baby!” He shouts back

Nearly two hours later, Everton win against Man U 2-1, Justin scoring the two. The first one, He pointed up to me, blowing me kiss letting everyone know the goal was for me. The second one, he lifted his top up showing his bare chest he had EVA#1 written on his chest.

“Oh my god” I gasp my hand covers my mouth as I giggle.

“That boy is fucking crazy” Dad groans

“He’s crazy for your girl, Pop’s, that’s all,” Amber says

“Won’t he get a fine or something for doing that though?” I say biting my lip nervously

“That’s nothing to him though, baby girl, He’ll probably get a bollocking from the manager too, though,” Dad says, Thirty mins later, I’m waiting for Justin outside the changing room’s with dad and Amber. When just appears out of the changing rooms “There she is,” Justin says happily, lifting me up gently “So, I kept my promise” He whispers

“That you did” I murmur against his lips, sighing happily. Suddenly we hear Russ’s booming voice

“Where my girl at?” Russ shouts

“Am here babe,” Amber shouts back grinning hiding behind my dad. Russ comes barrelling past me, Justin and Dad to get to Amber. As he gets to her, he lifts her up, and she wraps her legs around his waist “There she is” He growls squeezing her arse whilst kissing her

“Oooo—Russ, we have company” Amber says shyly blushing furiously, Russ looks around “Huh? Oh hey, pop. Hey Eva, You see them goals your man scored for you? Fucking awesomely set up by me, I might add” he boasts

“You played brilliantly,” I say to both of them

“Yeah lads, you kicked Man U’s arse. Did you see Booney’s face” Dad laughs shaking his head “Fucking priceless” He chuckles

Russ snorts “Yeah, stupid fuck” He laughs

“Shall we get out of here? Am starved!” I say to justin

“Yeah, come on baby, you coming with, paddy?” Justin asks dad

“Nah, I’ll take a ride in the Benz again, if you don’t mind,” he says with a grin

“Not at all paddy, she’s all yours” he laughs

“I’ll See you’s later,” dad says as he leaves excitedly

“How about a double date,” Amber says excitedly still in Russ’s arms

“Am down” Russ says kissing amber on her cheek

Me and Justin look to each other, nodding “Sure, sounds fun” I say

And we all leave for our double dates...

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