Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Four

Me and Justin have been dating now for nearly three months now. I’ve had my cast and staples removed and I am finally able to grow my hair back, Thankfully.

Today is my first day back at work, over the eight weeks I was off I had numerous visits from Tracy, Nikki and the kids in u6. Also, Jill and Michelle came along. I’ve missed being at work so much, but I knew it was necessary to heal properly.

There’s a knock on my door, as Justin walks in looking sexy as hell—as always. I sigh happily just from looking at him. We’ve become so much more in love over the two months, we’ve been on dates we’ve also been on double dates with Amber and Russ. The Crazy Fuckers we call them. The chemistry between me and Justin has been hot as fuck as always, and what we get up to in private is just. God, just thinking of it now is making me...

“What is my beautiful girl thinking about? for a sexy moan like that to pass her beautiful lips,” Justin asks as he kisses me, his tongue gliding against my lips for entrance. Opening for him, I moan, putting my fingers through his hair. My other hand goes lower to stroke his jean—clad covered cock. I hear a hiss ”Baby, what are you doing?” He groans

“I want you!” I purr

“God, baby, I want you too—so much, but you’ve got work soon” he groans painfully “I wanna take my sweet time with your body” he says

“But, I want you now” I moan

He groans loudly “Baby, you don’t know how hard this is for me. I want this to be special for both of us Eva” he says grasping my face in his hands “I don’t want to rush this, I’ll tell you what” He whispers thinking “How about Christmas Day?!?” He asks “We’ll spend Christmas with our families, then Christmas night will be ours. What do you think?” He asks

“Yes, now we have something to look forward to, Aswell as it being our first Christmas together” I sigh happily

“How would you wanna do this? We’re both virgins, so we know we’re both clean, are you against using the pill?” He asks

“I’m already on it, to help me—help my monthly’s” I reply shyly

“We’ll make a weekend of it, We’ll go somewhere, just the two of us for the weekend. Somewhere romantic” he says excitedly “We’ll go over it all later, baby. Come on, you’re gonna be late” he panics

“Shit,” I say “Mum—dad, am off” I shout, but I get no response, only then we hear a moan followed by a groan Urrrgh, really? “What the fuck guys? couldn’t you have waited till I’d left first? For fuck sake" I shout as a shiver goes through me “I’ll fucking see you’s later” I shout as slam the door behind us. We decide to take Justin’s car as am late enough as it is, I huff feeling frustrated as fuck. Or it could be that am horny, That I want Justin’s fucking cock in me now, slowly—fast, any which fucking way.

“Baby, We’re here,” Justin says shaking me out of my indecent thoughts “Are you okay?” He asks

“Yeah, I just— Oh, it doesn’t matter” I say

I mean what would I say? Hey babe! Am horny as fuck and I want you to fuck me, now please...

Giving him a kiss “I love you, I’ll see you later” I murmur against his lips and get out the car.

Blowing out a frustrated sigh, I enter the building. Jill sees me approach the reception desk “Eva, Oh, girl you are a sight,” Jill says

I smile brightly, my earlier frustrations disappear “Hey, Jill—how’s things?” I ask as I sign the staff book.

“Oh, good Hun, better now that you’re back. We’ve missed you” She says

“I missed you all too, it was horrid being at home. I just wanted to come back to work, you know, see everyone—keep my mind busy” I sigh

“I know Hun, it’s horrible not being able to do the things you want” she says

I snort laugh thinking she has no fucking idea—As my head is thinking of how much I’m pining for Justin. She frowns confused at my laughter, I shake my head “It’s all good now, am back!” I grin

“That you are Eva, that you are” She grins, I smile back with a wink “See you later, Jill” I shout as I walk to class.

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