Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Five

Opening the door “Hey, my beautiful people,” I say as I walk into class

“Eva, Eva, You’re back” Abbie cries running to me

“Oomph,” I say as Abbie collides into me squeezing me tight. I hug her back as I feel wetness on my chest

“Hey” I lift her face up to meet my eyes, she’s crying “Now, what’s all this about? I hope this is happy tears?” I tease my voice full of emotion as my eyes start to well up “Eva, Eva,” Abbie cries hugging me again.

“It’s okay Abbie, am here babe. Eva is here, Looking at me” I say, she looks at me “I’m here now, calm down now yeah? Eva’s here now” I say bringing her to me squeezing her tightly, as I rock her to and fro to calm her.

I look around and Tracy and Nikki have tears in their eyes at Abbie’s reaction to my return, it obviously got to them, as much as it did me. “Right now, beautiful girl, you wanna tell me what you’ve all been doing while I’ve been ill?” I ask her stroking her cheek as I wipe her tears away.

Abbie sniffs, nodding her head beaming at me excitedly “Look at this Eva, I made this, it took me ages” She says pulling me to the design technology room. As we walk in the room, on the big DT table is a collection of what looked like, wooden boxes...

Abbie runs over to the far corner and picks up her box “Look Eva, look—look” She runs back over to me, her voice full of excitement.

“Wow Babe, That’s awesome” I tell her

“Thanks, it’s a jewellery box...” She says proudly. It’s actually fucking amazing the box Abbie’s made, she’s looking at me shyly “Seriously Abbie, This is absolutely amazing. Am so proud of you, babe!” I tell her squeezing her to me.

“Thankyou, I’ve still gotta paint it and stuff,” she says shyly

“Well, I am so proud of you babe,” I say seriously

She blushes “Thank you” She whispers shyly

“So where’s our Kieron?” I ask her

“He’s not well, his mum phoned my mum up last night,” Abbie says sadly

“Oh dear,” I say “I’ll have to ask Tracy or Nikki, see what’s up, eh?” I say

“Yeah,” she says sadly. Abbie’s always been really close to Kieran, you could never split them up, so this must be hard for her especially as she’s had to cope with me being away, too. “Come on beautiful, just you and me today, eh?” I say putting my arm around her. “Yeah” She smiles again, but it’s more her smile this time.

We walk back to class where everyone else is “Hey Abbie, do you wanna give me a sec, while I talk to Nikki please,” I ask her

She nods “I need to go the toilet anyway,” she says and runs to the toilet That’s my Abbie, blunt as always...I laugh and walk to where Nikki is “Hey, babe, How are you doing?” I ask giving her a hug

“Aaaah, it’s good to have you back babe, We’ve missed you” She says hugging me back

“I’ve Missed you too, it’s good to be back. Oh, Eh, what’s wrong with Kieran? Abbie said he’s not well?” I ask

“Yeah, he’s caught that nasty cough that’s going around. Poor thing was white as Casper, on Friday,” she says sadly

“Poor babe, Abbie’s sad he’s not here, but you can tell it’s easier with me being back” I say

“Yeah it’s been hard on them two, but they knew you need to get better, so it wasn’t that bad” Nikki smiles “How are you feeling now, doll?” She asks

“Am good physically, but I need to keep my mind busy. I’m still a bit jumpy, Justin’s been reluctant in leaving me, but I think, with me being back at work will ease him” I say

All day, I spend with Abbie helping her finish her box. She talks about her family, what’s she’s been doing while I haven’t been in work. “And it’s my birthday next week, Eva. I’ll be 13,” Abbie says excitedly

“So you are, My big girl” I say hugging her “We’ll have to get the birthday girl a pressie, especially seen as though it’s a special birthday, you’ll be a teenager next week,” I say

“Yay, I love presents” she says happily

I am shattered by the end of the day, Abbie’s been hyper as anything. That’s gonna take time to get used to again. I say goodbye to Nikki and Tracy as I make my way to the staff room to pick up my stuff up. I look through my bag to get my phone out and switch it on...

My phone sings multiple times “What the hell? fucking hell, what’s with all the texts?” I mutter

I see a few from Justin, Two from amber, One from my mum—which will probably be about tea. And then I see a text from a number, I don’t recognise

"Hey, Bitch! Remember me?”

I freeze in fear, it’s him I panic, looking around it’s him, it’s my attacker dropping my phone as I black out...

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