Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Six

I wake up to monitors beeping, fucking annoying bastard sounds I groan out loud, opening my eyes.

“Baby?” Justin croaks, I look around and see that I’m in a hospital room, I frown “Hey, why am I in the hospital?” I ask groggily

“You don’t remember?” He asks “Nikki and Tracy found you on the floor unconscious, you hit your head when you fainted,” He says “They phoned me as soon as they found you. We had to watch the CCTV footage to see how it all happened,”

Suddenly, it all comes back to— the text from my attacker. “Hey baby, hey—hey now, it’s okay” he says calmly

"NO, you don’t understand, It’s him, he has my number” I cry

“Who has your number?” He asks confused

“The man, the man that attacked me” I cry

“What are you talking about baby?” He asks, I relay everything that happened, telling him about the text I received. Justin’s face morph’s into a look of anger “Baby, I haven’t seen any text. You dropped your phone when you fainted, your phone is broke”

“If he know’s my number, what else does he know? He may know where I work, or where I live Justin, why won’t he leave me alone?” I sob

“He won’t get anywhere fucking near you baby, I swear,” He promises hugging me close, the smell of him, calms me slightly.

There’s a knock on my hospital room door, Mum and Dad walk in...

"Heeeey, there she is, sleeping beauty’s awake” Dad teases before seeing my tears as I’m in Justin’s arms

“Baby girl? What’s going on? What’s happened?” He asks me

“Eva, tell us what’s wrong?” Mum asks me, And Justin tells them what actually happened before I fainted.

“What the fuck? How have they got her number?” Dad growls “We’ll go back to the police baby girl, don’t you worry, we’ll find him” he adds kissing me on the head, as mum hugs me.

An hour later mum leaves to go back to our Catherine and holly, not much later we hear a knock on my hospital room door and Inspector Davies pops his head in “Hey Eva, do you mind if we ask you some questions?” He queries coming in with another police officer, Inspector Davies is on the case of which I was attacked. “No, it’s fine, how can I help?” I ask

“I don’t want you taking too much of her time though inspector Davies, she’s been under enough stress as it is,” Justin says from his chair next to me

“Justin” I warn “If I can help as much I can, the better it’ll be, and the man can be found,” I say as a cluster fuck of a headache hits me, I wince holding my head.

“Justin’s right though, baby girl, all this stress can’t be helping. Just tell them what you told us, Justin give them the phone with that cocksucking twats text on” Dad growls

“Fucking hell, you two are as bad as each other” I scoff rolling my eyes

“No arguments, baby. We just want to take care of you that’s all” Justin whispers kissing me briefly

I relay to inspector Davies of what had happened, as he takes notes. Justin had gave him my old phone which had already been put in a bag, for evidence. “Right, that’s all I need then. I’ll let you get some rest, but if you think of anything, you call me, okay?” He says sternly

“She will...” Dad answers for me “I’ll walk you out” he adds

They leave, leaving me and Justin alone once more. “Are you okay?” I ask Justin as he sits there quietly, his shoulders tense and fists clenched. He snorts “You’re sitting in a hospital bed, Eva. And you’re asking me if I’m okay?” he shakes his head in disbelief “But to answer your question, No, am not okay, baby. The woman who I love more than fucking anything, is in the hospital, again. Some fucking psycho is texting you, scaring you, I wanna find the motherfucking cunt, rip his balls off, and shove them down his throat” he growls

I’m about to reply when we hear “WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?” Amber shouts “POPS, Tell me the room number?” then we hear dad telling her

“Amber you’re standing right in front of it, fuck me, tell you what Russ you have your hands full with this one,” Dad says

“Well, why didn’t ya say so, fuck me” She says as she barges in the room rolling her eyes leaving Russ with my dad in the doorway.

“Paddy, I happen to Love having my hands full with her” He winks at dad holding his fist out for my dad to fist bump him Oh, no he didn’t?!

Dad’s looking at Russ in shock

“Dude, amber is practically his daughter, what the fuck?” Justin says through clenched teeth “I swear, were you dropped on the head as a baby, or something?” he says shaking his head

“It’s okay Justin, but you better know to hold that tongue in front of brian though, her dad wouldn’t be as forgiving” Dad smirks “Have you met her mum and dad yet? Brian’s got a nice gun collection” Dad teases

Russ’s face pales “He hasn’t” he scoffs trying to play my dad’s words off “Has he?” He asks dad again, dad and Justin are snickering away at Russ’s unease

“Baby, your dad hasn’t got a gun collection has he?” He laughs nervously

“No, he hasn’t, Pop’s is just taking the piss, aren’t ya pop’s” she winks at dad

“Yeah totally babe” he winks back “Although he has got Bertha,” Dad says grinning

“Bertha? What the fucks a Bertha? A car? Fuck, Amber...” Russ panics again

“Chill babe, Bertha is dad’s machete but its blunt, so you’ll be fine,” she says waving off Russ’s concern

Dad and Justin are still laughing at Russ, Russ gives them the fuck you finger, I laugh at his behaviour. Russ acts like a stroppy child at times, it’s quite funny. Amber rolls her eyes at them, laughing. Then looks to me “What the fucks gone on now? I got a text from Justin, saying you fainted in work?!?” She asks me

“Yeah, nice to see you too, bitch face...” I snort and relay everything that happened

Amber face is pale when I finish telling her “So they can trace the text can’t they? The police?!?” She asks Dad and Justin

“Don’t know babe, they said they’d call if they’d find anything” Dad shrugs

“How are you feeling babe?” She asks me

“Honestly? Am pissed off, I just want my life back, this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t go to that fucking park” I fume

There’s another knock on the door as someone pop’s their head in the door—It’s dr foster “Hey, How’s my patient?” She smiles

“I’m alright, it’s nice to see you again doc, shame it’s under these circumstances,” I say pointing to my head

“You too Hun, right, are you okay with me speaking in front of everyone?” She asks looking around the room

“Oh yeah, they’re all my family,” I say

“Right, okay, well as you know, you fainted and you bashed your head. We got the bleeding to stop, but you needed a few stitches, I want to send you down for an MRI as procedure with head injuries. I’m particularly concerned of the fact it’s yet another hit to the head, and it’s not been that long since your previous accident” she explains

“But that wasn’t an accident though was it doc? she was attacked. This one, the attacker had texted her phone. Scaring her so much, that she fainted and bashed her head in the process” Justin growls

Dr. Foster looks at him with wide eyes

“Oh I’m...” She stutters trying to apologise

“Justin that was uncalled for, she’s just doing her job” I growl

He sighs “You’re right, I apologise doc, I’m just frustrated as fuck, I just want the bastard found” he grunts as he gets up pacing the room.

“That’s—that’s quite alright Mr Casey, I do understand the upset.” She smiles “As I was saying, I’d like to do an MRI, just to confirm there’s nothing to worry about. Are you experiencing any headaches? flashing lights? nausea?” She asks as she gets her little doctor torch out

“She had a headache earlier, right baby girl?” dad says

“Right, and where did the pain occur.? Can you follow my finger as I shine the light in your eyes please Hun,” she asks, I follow her finger as she tests both my eyes

“The pain was all on one side of my head, pointing to my left side,” I tell her pointing to where it hurt

“Right and on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the pain as?” She asks

“Well, it came on all of a sudden....” I say

“Yeah, you called it an a clusterfuck headache, didn’t you, baby girl?” Dad says grinning

“I didn’t know I said that out loud like, but, yeah, I’d say it was about a nine,” I say remembering the pain.

“Right okay, well, I’ll order an MRI ASAP and ask for an orderly to take you down,” She says writing in my notes “It shouldn’t be too long, and if all goes well, you should be able to go home, tomorrow” she smiles

“Thanks, doc,” We all say simultaneously as she turns to leave. She laughs saluting us, shutting the door behind her

“I like her, she seems nice,” Amber says sitting on my bed

“Yeah, she’s fit as fuck too” Russ groans Uh-Oh...

Faster than a fucking bullet Amber’s up and slaps Russ across the head “Ow, What was that for? I just said she was fit as fuck, not that she was fitter than you” he groans holding his head Oh my god, really russ?

“Russ lad, I’d just stop talking if I was you,” Justin says trying to keep a straight face

“What the fuck ever,” he says walking over to amber “Girl, you know how I feel about you, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me, baby” he purrs in her ear

“I better fucking had be, cos you know if you’re lying? you remember bertha? Bitch’s blade may just get sharp all of a sudden and I’ll start choppin” She snarls gesturing to his manhood, Making Russ, Justin and my dad all cup themselves wincing at the mental image. I’m giggling my arse off from my bed at the tension in the room.

There’s a knock on my door again and some fella comes in, he’s wearing a hospital uniform “Eva Murphy?” He asks me, I nod

“Ready for your MRI?” He asks unlocking the brakes on my bed

“That was fast...” I say

The orderly shrugs “The doc pulled some strings for you to be brought up the list” he says simply

“Right, well, okay—Justin, baby, you can stay here to keep these company, I won’t be long” I say to him

“You sure baby? How long does it take normally mate?” He asks the orderly

“Normally about Twenty minutes, give or take,” he says

“Okay, I’ll stay here, is there anything I can get for you baby? Something to eat?” He asks

“Yes please, just get me anything and everything” I laugh as I get wheeled out the room

“See you soon baby” Justin shouts as I leave the room

“I won’t be long babe, see you soon” I reply as orderly wheels me to the lift, I notice radiation is on the 1st floor, we’re on the 3rd as we go down in the lift. I’m looking at the signs of where to go and the radiation suite is to the left and he’s rolling me to the right “Erm, Excuse me sir—you’ve made a wrong turn,” I say

“Shut the fuck up bitch, you better keep quiet,” He snarls as I feel something cold against my neck and a distinct clicking noise. I freeze in fear as I recognise that voice.

It’s my attacker, Oh my god—he’s got a gun, he’s gonna kill me. Panic overwhelms me as I blackout...

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