Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Seven -Justin

Eva’s been gone for over half an hour now, I’m starting to worry, that orderly said only 20mins aswell.

Someone knocks on the door “Come in,” paddy says

A man in a uniform comes in with a warm smile comes in “Eva Murphy?” He asks

What the fuck?

“She’s not here mate, one of your colleagues have already taken her for her MRI,” I say

The man looks at us all puzzled and looks at his sheet “Well that can’t be right, she’s only just been okay’d to come down,” he says confused


“Well, then where the fuck is my daughter then? Cos someone has taken her, an if she isn’t getting an MRI done, where is she?” Paddy says “WHERE IS MY BABY GIRL??” He screams

“Call security, NOW" I snarl at the orderly

“Amber, call inspector Davies tell him what’s happened,” I say giving her his business card

“What if it’s him, Justin? What if he hurts her?” Amber whimpers

“I’ll find her, Don’t worry Amber” I growl as Russ comforts her

“Am gonna go down to security, see if I can see anything on CCTV....” I shout as I run out the room

“Find my baby girl Justin, Please!” Paddy sobs

I’ll find her if it’s the last thing I do, she mine. Nobody else’s, nobody can take her from me...


I gasp for my breath, as I’m splashed with cold water

“There’s the bitch, Welcome back to the living” My attacker taunts

I gasp in fear “You, What do you want from me? I’ve done nothing to you, I don’t even know you” I sob

He clicks the safety of his gun “I don’t give two fucks bitch, you kept that quiet, didn’t you? Being Justin Casey’s girl” he taunts. He picks up a newspaper opening it up showing me the front page of The Liverpool Echo. It’s a picture of me and Justin kissing with the headline saying

“Eva & Her Striker” my attacker sings In a dramatic voice as he reads the headline out.

“My dad showed me this, Tell you what girl, how did you snag him eh? You got a golden pussy or something” he growls pulling my hair back so I’m looking at his face...

“Please, what do you want from me?” I sob

“What don’t I want?” He taunts slapping me across the face so hard I see stars

“Dylan!” I hear a man growl “That’s enough”

“Fucking hell dad, Why don’t you let me have some fun, eh?” Dylan my attacker whines

“Because that’s not the fucking purpose here, the purpose is to get Justin and her dad here” he points to me with an evil glint

My dad? Who the fuck is this fucker? And what does he want with Justin and my dad?

“What do you want with my dad? I don’t know you! Does he know you?” I panic

“I should think that fucker does remember me. If not, he will once am done,” He snarls “As for lover boy, he’s a means to an end, money" he shrugs

“I don’t understand...” I sob

“Lemme break it down for you then eh? Your cunt of a father took the love of my life from me. She was mine, and he took her!” He shouts angrily

What the fucking fuck? I try and process his words, then like a bolt of lightning my face must show it cos he grins wickedly at me “Aaaah, she gets it? Tell me was daddy talking about me that time I dropped your food off hmm?” He taunts “I saw his face an I knew he recognised me, fucker didn’t even give me a tip, fucking cheap bastard” he scoffs

I hate the way he’s talking about my dad...

“Yeah, he said you were a crazy fucker who fancied me mum. Dad was right, you are a crazy fucker. And I tell you what, the apple mustn’t have fallen far from the Crazy Fucker tree” I scoff as I point to his fuck up of a son.

“You fucking bitch,” He punches me square in the face ” How DARE you talk about my son like that!!” He snarls

Fucking, fuck, am gonna end up like rocky balboa if I keep getting hit in the face, I groan in pain

“Yeah, you fucking tell her dad” Dylan eggs his dad whilst spitting at me

“As I was saying, before you rudely interrupted me, when I delivered your food that time. And I saw it was your dad who answered the door, I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes, and then I see a picture with all of you on—and I see MY GIRL in his arms” he snarls “Then I see your face on the newspaper with Everton’s newest star, and I thought—I can get my revenge AND get money” his eyes glint evilly “Win Win” He chuckles

“And I suppose you already knew your cunt of a son had already attacked me and left me for dead?” I say calmly

“You little slut” Dylan snarls as he goes for me “Don’t you listen to her dad” He argues

“What’s she talking about? Did you already know Eva, Dylan?” He asks confused

“Oh, I’ll tell you shall I?” I say sweetly looking at his name tag that says David on it on his just eat uniform that he’s so fucking stupidly kept on... works in my favour I’d say “Oh, say about eight was ago, I went to Sefton park by myself—I’d just had a fight with my dad, funnily enough” I say calmly

“Don’t you say another word” Dylan warns me

“Shut up son” David warns and gestures for me to continue

“So yeah, I get to Sefton park—it’s a little dark and I decide to go to the lakes cafe as I knew it was open still, then I hear laughter—male laughter. Closer and closer the laughter gets, until your son approaches me—long story short he and his friends beat me, kick me, and then if that wasn’t enough” my voice cracks “He tried to rape me, promising that when he was done, his friends would all have their turn” I sniff as I look at David and Dylan

David looks, ashamed?!? Dylan though, you can see how fucking evil he is. Instead of showing an ounce of remorse, he’s actually grinning at me. That look makes me shudder as I continue to tell David my story “Somebody came to my rescue then, your son, smashed my head to the ground saying and I quote You got lucky this time bitch, and that’s all I remember, it took me two days to come out of my coma. I was left with a broken arm, multiple broken ribs and a swelling on my brain that needed surgery.” I say pointing to my injuries “The doctors said I was extremely lucky” I add sarcastically

“What the fuck, Dylan?” David snarls

“Oh, don’t be all high and mighty now, dad” he taunts “Besides, Now we’ll be able to finish what we started, won’t we baby? hmmm?” He purrs stroking my face

I flinch “Don’t touch me!” I spit

He laughs evilly and walks away, David pushes him away from me, into another room...

Justin? Where are you?

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