Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Eight -Justin

While I am in the security office, I know that every second i’m in here, my world is out there— scared, I need to find her.

It takes me twenty minutes to find her and the orderly in the CCTV cameras “Can you zoom in on that man’s face for me, please? I’ll need to show it to the police” I ask the security guard

He zooms in, copying the image to a disc for me, Thanking him I run back to Eva’s room. Paddy, Ava, Amber and Russ are in there with inspector Davies “You think you can get facial recognition from this?” I ask as I hand him the disc

“Give me an hour, I’ll be able to pull up his family tree” He grins “We’ll find her Justin,” he says patting my back

God am so sorry baby...

Half an hour later inspector Davies is back and has found out who took Eva “His name is Dylan O’Conner, 22yrs old, he’s been done for GBH, attempted Rape, robbery—car theft, his list is endless, his mum is deceased. His dad’s name is David O’Connor 40yrs old, The both of them have outstanding warrants out for their arrest” Inspector Davies informs us

“What the fuck?” I hear paddy shout “Give me that,” He says ripping the sheet from inspector Davies’ fingers looking it over

“FUCK!!!” Paddy cries

“What?” I ask confused

“FUCKING, FUCK, FUCK—This is all my fault” Paddy cries “It’s David O’Connor Ava” he growls at Ava

She gasps in horror holding her hand over her mouth

“What the fucking fuck, is going on paddy? Cos if you know something paddy—you better tell me now, so I can get to my girl. I need my girl paddy, She’s everything to me” I sob, Paddy and Ava exchange some sort of look in their eyes.

Paddy huffs “Back in the day, Ava wasn’t always mine. She was David’s girl, at first” he says

Ava steps in “He was lovely at first, very attentive and kind, but then a few weeks of being together, he became obsessed, following me around, picking what clothes to wear. Then one day, he hit me— he really scared me, telling me that I was his and nobody else’s, he was crazy. Paddy was my best friend and I told him what had happened, Paddy had fought him, I left David then, expressing my feelings to Paddy and within two months I was pregnant with Eva. The last I heard of David, he had already had a kid with someone else, so he’d been cheating on me anyway” Ava says

“He was a crazy bastard” Paddy growls “Anyway, he came to our house a couple of weeks ago, he works for friar tucks delivery service, oh my god!” Paddy gasps. He wastes no time ringing friar tucks, the police take over finding out every detail that wasn’t available to them on the system, and boom, we have a recent address.

We are on our way to the address in police transport hoping like hell that Eva is there, and all I can hope is that I make it in time

Hold on, baby! Hold on!


“What happened between you and my mum then if dad took her from you? Cos if HE” I say pointing to Dylan “Is your son, he must be about my age? Maybe older” I ask David

“I’m 22 bitch, don’t talk about me as if am not here” he snarls

“Oh, I’d much rather you not be here at all, I don’t fucking wanna be here" I snarl “Oh, and I’m 21 in March, so if my mathematics tells me right. That means you CHEATED on my mum” I snarl at David “So, what right do you have to be pissed at my dad eh? You cheated on her!” I add

“Cos he was there, he was always there. The bastard best friend, Always coming to the rescue like a little cunt!” He snarls

“Your bitch of a mother went crying to him when I slapped her for being a slut, dressing up for him, giving him Lovey Dovey eyes,” He says menacingly “She forgets she has, and she always will be MINE" he growls

Suddenly there’s a knock on that door

“What the fuck dad? are you expecting some—”Dylan says before collapsing to the floor

We hear a voice on a megaphone “This is the Police, David and Dylan O’Conner you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Eva Murphy,

you’re surrounded. Give yourselves up immediately”

“Fuck off pigs, I’ve got a gun” David boasts clicking the safety of the gun, laughing as his hand clenches around my throat tightly.

I gasp for breath, before I can succumb to lack of oxygen, I hear a window smash and David’s laughter cuts off as he drops to the floor, dropping the gun on the floor, The gun goes off on impact

"Evaaaaaaaaaaa" I hear Justin scream

“Eva, Oh please, baby girl!” Dad screams “Please, help her”I hear dad beg

I get to my feet and run out the door without a backward glance

"Evaaaaaa, oh my god Eva, Eva—move out my fucking way” I hear Justin snarl as he tries to get past the police

“Baby girl?” Dad croaks

“Oh Eva” Mum cries in relief

I drop to the floor before any of them can get to me, as darkness takes me under.

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