Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirty Nine - Eva

I hear the beeping of the heart monitors, which means I’ve woken up in the fucking hospital again, I groan

“Baby, Oh baby, let me see them beautiful eyes. Oh Eva, I thought I’d never see you again” Justin cries hugging me to him. Justin’s cries wake my mum and dad up “Oh look there’s our girl” Dad says softly

“How are you feeling?” Mum asks

“Like my head’s gone fifty rounds with Tyson” I grimace “You were right dad, he was a crazy fucker” I snort “What happened to them? Is it over?” I ask

“Yeah baby, they were tranquililsed with a sedative, arrested, they’ll be going to prison, don’t you worry about that” he croaks

“I’m safe?” I cry

“You are baby, am so fucking sorry, I failed you again” Justin whispers

“It wasn’t your fault, I asked you to stay in the room. Dylan had a gun, I dread to think what could of happened if you came with me, the man was beyond fucking crazy. And his dad, fuck mum, the man was insane. I’m glad you got away from him” I croak

“So am I baby girl, I don’t think that lads mother was so lucky though” dad sighs sadly

“WHAT” I gasp

“We found out she was murdered, couldn’t find the killer. Reckon they’ve found him now, though” dad says

Justin squeezes me at that moment, then there’s a knock to the door and an orderly enters the room “We need to take Eva for her MRI now, Mr Casey” He says

“Don’t tell me to stay this time baby, I know this isn’t the man that took you, but” he shakes his head “Just humour me, please” He asks

“Okay” I smile sadly, I’m taken down to radiation for an MRI with Justin in tow. An hour or so later, I’m back in my room and there’s another knock on the door, Dr foster comes in “Hi Eva, I believe you’ve been under quite an ordeal? Are you okay?” She asks

I nod “Aswell as I can be, have you got my results?” I ask

She nods “I do, the good news is there’s no bleed nor swelling, but you’ve still got quite the concussion. You’ve had quite a few knocks to the head” She says checking me over with that torch again

“What’s the verdict then doc?” Justin asks before I can say anything myself

“Well, I reckon you’ll be able to go home tomorrow, just give it a couple of days before you go back to work though, eh” she winks at me

“Eh, now you heard the doc now baby girl,

no work” dad says sternly

“Yeah dad, am right here” I laugh

It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve, Me and Justin have been inseparable since my abduction. I’ve gone to all his games both home and away. School has broken up for Christmas, I managed to get Abbie’s 13th birthday present in and Justin thought it would be good idea to give it to her himself, it was a silver bracelet with the 13 charm on it, her face was priceless. It’s mine and Justin’s first Christmas together, and we’ve planned a romantic weekend away in the Lake District just the two of us, once we’ve spent time with our families. “Look at your man go” Amber says. We’re in the VIP box watching Everton Vs Liverpool, Justin and Russ are playing amazingly, fuck the whole team is, it’s already 3-2 to Everton at the 89th minute and we hear the commentator over the speakers

And Russ Berkeley kicks the ball far... my god that lad can kick a ball, can’t he Jeff?”

“He certainly can bob....look at that ball fly...who’s that left un-marked? It’s Justin Casey.... that was a wrong move by Liverpool, he comes against the keeper. OH WHAT A GOOOOOOAL!! Justin Casey has only gone an done it!!! And there’s the full time whistle, I think the duo has just made every Evertonians Christmas, that much better!”

Me and Amber are screaming loudly “Wooooooo go baby! I love you JUSTIN” I scream

Dad groans “You do know the boy can’t hear you, don’t you baby girl?” Dad teases

“Doesn’t mean the camera’s don’t” Amber says pointing to the screen. It’s me in my Everton top here we go...

“Do it Eva, I can’t wait to see his face” Amber laughs

Me and Amber came up with an idea, it’s cheesy but I couldn’t give two fucks “What are you doing baby girl” Dad warns

I lift my Everton top revealing a vest that says


The crowd goes wild shouting my name and Justin eyes go to the screen, I watch as his mouth drops open. I may have decided to wear my push up bra to give my girls a bit of oomph. I can almost see the look of lust on his face as he grins, he uses his makaton skills I taught him, to tell me he loves me back and blows me a kiss.

“You girl, are in deep shit when he sees you” Dad teases behind me “I thought I was bad when any male looked at your mum, but I reckon you’ve had it when he sees you” Dad adds

“Oh behave pop’s, no one is a worse alpha than you” Amber scoffs “You’re all mine!! Me Tarzan, you Jane, mine, all mine" she growls bashing at her chest like a gorilla, I’m laughing my arse off as the VIP box phone rings. Dad answers the phone “Hey, good game son. You kicked arse lad, me and your dad are proud of you!” Dad says

“Awwww” Me and Amber say at the same time

“Yeah I’ll put her on” He says as he hands me the phone

“Hey baby” I say breathlessly

“You were a naughty girl, Eva” He says huskily “I think you need a spanking after that little stunt you pulled, what did you do baby? Tell me why you need to be spanked?” He purrs

Fuck, he sounds so fucking sexy when he uses this voice...

“Erm, I took my top off” I say breathlessly

“Oh behave Justin, you crazy bastard. It’s not like she flashed her tits off to goodison” Amber shouts over me so Justin can hear her

"No, But she showed what’s MINE!” He growls back to Amber even though she can’t hear him “Are you wearing my name and number baby? Did you get your present?” he purrs

“I did—I am” I stutter

He groans “I can’t wait to see you in it, come down. I wanna see you!” He growls

“I will” I whisper

“Bring Amber with you too baby....” he asks

“Is she wearing my shirt?” I hear Russ shout down the phone

I look to Amber as she stands there in Russ’s top and we laugh at our crazy alpha cavemen

“Yes she is, russ” I laugh

“Tell her to bring her fine arse down her, I’ve got plans with that beautiful sexy body of hers” he growls

“Russ this getting a little weird for me” I hear Justin say “I’m holding the fucking phone”

“Yeah, me too Russ” I laugh

“You two are such little girls” Amber and Russ say at the same time

“Seriously that’s fucking freaky how you two can do that” I say in awe to Amber and she laughs at my face

“Get down her girls, NOW!” Justin and Russ growl

“Right baby girl, You heard your men, off you go. I’ll stay here with John and Brian, we’ll make our own way home” dad says

“See you soon girls” Brian says “Tell Russ to stop by ours Christmas Day, beautiful! Think It’s high time we finally met this lad, properly” he says

“Really daddy?” Amber’s face lights up

“Yeah, he makes my baby happy. So I wanna meet the man responsible” He shrugs “Just let him know if he hurts you, me and Bertha will be paying him a visit” He warns playfully I think and hugs her tightly giving her a kiss

“Already told him about Bertha, lad” Dad cries laughing “Oh, you should of seen his face,

It was fucking hilarious” He cries with laughter

Me and Amber shake our heads at me dad telling Brian and John about how Russ Berkeley shit himself “We’ll just keep that to ourselves, eh girl?” Amber whispers laughing

“Yeah, Russ needs all the luck he can get” I snort as we walk down to the changing rooms

“So, are you nervous about the big night?” Amber asks talking about the night me and Justin plan on taking each other’s virginity. I nod “I am a little, but I love him so much, it’ll be amazing. I wanna go lingerie shopping, will you come with me?” I ask

“Fuck yeah girl, I love lingerie shopping, I may get myself a lil sumthin sumthin" she says wiggling her eyebrows. Suddenly there’s a Big Bang from behind us, I gasp loudly “Hey babe, it’s okay, it’s just a door” Amber reassures me “They can’t get to you anymore babe, remember?” I nod as she puts her arm round my shoulder, I’ve been quite jumpy since my kidnapping, I don’t like being alone.

David and Dylan’s trial came and went, I wasn’t required to stand trial Thank god, I wouldn’t of been able to look at there faces again. David was found guilty of murdering Dylan’s mum, they found David’s DNA on her body and had found the murder weapon which David had kept hold of, he was sentenced to life in prison. Dylan was found guilty of attempted murder, attempted rape, kidnapping, GBH and was sentenced to 15yrs in prison.

“It’s still hard to grasp the fact they can’t get to me now” I say catching my breath

“I know babe, come on, lets go see our men” she says pulling me along with her. Justin and Russ are waiting for us outside the change rooms

“There they are” Justin says “We were getting worried” He says as he takes me in his arms kissing me

“Relax Romeo, your girl needed the bathroom, that’s all” Amber rolls her eyes at him and then winks at me

“Baby, get your fine arse over here and give your man some lovin” Russ growls

Amber giggles, doing a run and jump to him, leaping in Russ’s arms she wraps her legs round his waist then they kiss passionately. Me and Justin roll our eyes at them

“So we’ll see you later then?” We ask together, They wave us off not breaking their kiss.

Leaving them, we get round the corner and Justin presses me against the wall, growling at me “You were a very naughty girl, Eva. What do you think I should do to punish you?” he growls grinding himself into me, I moan feeling every inch of his hard cock pressing into my belly

“I’ll go for, anything you fucking want” I moan

He laughs shaking his head “You greedy girl, you look so sexy in my shirt baby, and I am lovin this skirt too” he growls nipping me on the earlobe

I’m wearing a white jean mini skirt, Amber convinced me to wear it after I got my wax. I have to admit, my legs look amazing in it.

“Amber convinced me to wear it” I whisper

“I owe her a thanks then? you look gorgeous baby” he groans “Your fucking legs look sexy as sin, Fuck, I can’t wait to see them wrapped round my head, while my face is sucking on your clit” He growls stroking my legs, I gasp “Let’s get out of here, before we get done for indecent exposure” he grins kissing me. We leave goodison, and as usual the press is crowding Justin’s car. “Eva, Justin—few questions please?” A reporter asks

“Nah mate, am sorry, I wanna get my girl home” He says kissing my hand and drives off. We pull up to our houses, and I yawn “You tired baby?” Justin asks

“Yeah, had a busy day haven’t I? Shopping with Amber is an experience you’ll never forget” I say in mock horror

“Poor Russ” Justin laughs

“By the way Amber wants me to go lingerie shopping with her tomorrow, plus I wanna get your present for Christmas too” I wink

“Oh yeah?” He purrs “What are you gonna get me eh?” He whispers in my ear

“Well that would be telling now, wouldn’t it?” I say winking at him “It’s a surprise, you’ll get it at the hotel like we planned” I tell him as he groans pouting at me So cute...

“Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when you pout?” I tease

“I’m cute am I?” He growls

“Mmhmm, And gorgeous, sexy, so fucking sexy” I purr

“Mmmmm, my girl is an absolute goddess, my walking wet dream” He growls nipping my ear

“I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeves myself” he teases

I gasp “Tell me” I beg

He laughs “No, naughty girl, it’s a surprise” he kisses me “Come on missus, you’ve got another action packed day with amber tomorrow, best get your rest” he says getting out his side of the car and opens my door for me, helping me out.

I’m doing my best pout face “Oh, no, no, don’t do that face baby, you know how much that gets to me” he groans “No, am not telling you!” He growls spanking me on my arse kissing me “Naughty girl”

I grin cheekily and he shakes his head at me “Go on, beautiful, I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you” he grins

“Okay, I love you too, goodnight babe” I whisper

“Good night, baby” He blows me a kiss and walks away. I walk in my house and mum and dad’s laughing “Hey, hey, hey—How’s my family?” I ask

“Awwww we’re good baby girl, just telling your mum about Brian’s plans with Russ” he winks

“Oh da, you haven’t been giving him ideas have you? Amber’ll kill you both” I say

“It wasn’t just me, John put a few ideas in” he snorts

“Fucking musketeers now, are ya’s?” I tease laughing

He gives me the fuck you finger, making me and mum giggle “Am gonna go get me head down, got another long day of shopping with Amber tomorrow” I fake shudder

“God help you, baby girl” Dad shudders

“Night guys, love you” I say as I walk up the stairs to my room

“Love you too” they say in unison

I change into my pj’s and get into bed kissing Justin’s pic on my phone, and I fall into a peaceful slumber.

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