Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Four

Me and Amber walk into the house were mum, dad, cat and Holly are sitting at the table in the kitchen...

They’re all looking at me with one of them I know what you just did smiles— Well, apart from our Holly, she’s too busy looking at her iPad...

Mum’s cooked her famous Shepard’s pie, Amber loves coming for tea when she know’s mum’s making her shepherd’s pie— I’ve gotta say, it’s fucking delicious.

“So, when were you going to tell me you know Justin Casey? The lad has just been given a good deal with us” Dad smiles as he eats his food

“Dad, I only met him this morning— like Justin said, he got lost trying to find his way to Blue Saint” I tell him

Amber butts in “Oh my god Eva—Justin Casey, do you think he’s related to that author you love? LA Casey? She’s from Ireland, isn’t she?” She asks me

“She is, but I doubt that they are babe...” I sigh Although that would be fucking boss if they were...

I finished my tea, eating everything on the plate and now I’m stuffed... Well worth the extra calories though!

“Thanks for tea mum, delicious as always,” I say kissing her cheek

Amber comes over “I second that ma, am in a food coma” She says as she kisses her cheek

“Thank you girls” Mum smiles as she wipes around Holly’s mouth with a napkin

Amber nudges me “Anyway babe, I’ve bought some clothes and that over —cos it’s Friday, an you ain’t got shit to do” She says quoting Friday again

“Language” Mum and dad say in unison

“Sorry,” Amber says sheepishly

“That coma didn’t last very long, did it?” I tease

She flips me the bird discreetly, I laugh pulling my tongue at her, I walk over to our Holly to say hi to her before she gets ready for bed...

“Holly, looking at me” I ask her, we use looking at me as a tool to get her attention— though it doesn’t always work. Holly looks at me with the biggest smile

I smile back at her “Hey beautiful, how was school?” I ask her and she starts to rock back and forth in her chair, flapping her hands in excitement “Duncan, Duncan...Eberton” She chants clapping her hands...

Oh my god—

I gasp “Wow babe, did you see Everton? Did you play football?” I ask her

Holly rocks excitedly “Kick...Kick” She shouts happily, I look over to mum, dad and Catherine they’re smiling brightly at her—Mum has got tears in her eyes, she does this a lot.. I don’t blame her like. Getting told if your child doesn’t speak by a certain age, then they probably never will. It just makes everything Holly does and accomplishes that more special to us. I look back to Holly “I love you Holly” I say placing a kiss on her head, normally she doesn’t like physical contact—but she’s in a good mood, so I soak it up like a sponge.

“Come on Eva, we need to get ready, Jen got us tickets in the VIP area at Circo”She says excitedly

Circo, is a popular club in town—we’ve seen a few football players and actors there, the last few times we’ve been. Amber takes me to my room and rummages through her collection of clothes “Right, you can weeeeeear, this one” She decides for me placing it on my bed

Walking over I pick it up, It’s a dress— a gorgeous one at that and royal blue too, my favourite colour, the colour brings out the colour in my blue eyes which is a bonus...

Amber notices my scrutiny of the dress, she knows I love it—she smiles at me knowingly with a wink, I roll my eyes grinning at my girl

“Come on bitch face, time for me to do my thang”She says as she gets all her hair and makeup stuff out.

“Babe, am gonna get a quick shower first, okay?...Cos I stink” I laugh

“Try and Be quick though babe, yeah?” She tells me as she organises her stuff

After a quick shower and a brush of my teeth, I spray deodorant on and walk out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me— Amber’s fidgeting impatiently as I walk in my room “Sit...sit...sit,” she says impatiently tapping my chair

“Alright calm ya tits woman, am not a dog” I scowl at her

“Just sit your fuckin arse on this chair Eva, Times-a-wastin”She growls, rolling my eyes I sit down on the chair

She works her magic on my hair, my hair is quite long—it’s brown with caramel blonde highlights in, which Amber does for me every 4wks—

Perks of your best friend being a hairdresser...

She blow dries my hair into loose curls, then starts on my makeup.... I’m quite a pale-skinned person, so pale I could probably fit right in on the set of twilight, I laugh out loud

“What’re you laughing at, girl?” Amber asks as she applies my eyeshadow

“Just how fuckin pale I am, I reckon I’d fit right in on the set of Twilight” I snort

Amber says that my eyes are my best feature next to my body that is, I mentally roll my eyes at my best mate. My eyes are an ocean blue colour, they’re wide like almond shape, almost cat-like shape. I’m in a world of my own when I hear Amber’s happy squeal “Girl, with these hands, I can create miracles” She says clapping her hands in excitement

I look at her with a look of offence “Erm excuse you fuckface, I’m already a miracle, spank you very much,” I say matter of factly

She rolls her eyes at me “Bitch please, you know you’ll love me even more once you see yourself—now go get dressed, I’ve left your shoes by the door, and DON’T look in the mirror... I wanna see your face once you see yourself” she claps her hands

excitedly, like a little school girl.

“Erm, alright calm yourself, Jeez—Have you brought a spare of knickers? The way you’re all excited, I don’t want you pissin yourself “I tease her as she’s on the phone texting

“Woman, I do kegals and shit, there ain’t nothing loose about me down there” she scoffs pointing to her downstairs

“Yeah, okay, one—too much info” I shudder “Two, who you texting?” I ask her

She rolls her eyes “Just Jen, she’s gonna meet us at circo—the booth is in her name, she said just give her name in an we’ll get right in...no queues, she said Colin’s on the door” She tells me as she puts her phone down

Jen is our friend from school, her uncle Colin owns a security company, his staff are on nearly every door of the popular clubs in town...he personally works on Circo’s door though

“Woo, go Jen” I say as I turn the volume up on my dock station David Guetta’s Shed a light plays out and I smile at the memory of bumping into Justin, as I was listening to the same song earlier.

“Oh Yeah, girl, you know I love this song—woooo“Amber says dancing around my room...

She’s happy dancing, so I leave her to it...

Walking into the bathroom again, I drop the towel and put on some clean underwear on—It takes me a minute to figure out how the dress goes on as I step into it, I figure out it’s a halter neck so I put my head through the neck careful not to snag my hair or rub any makeup and then pull it down... I leave a bra off cos it ain’t a dress you wear a bra with. And I know I won’t have to worry about girls popping out as they’re not too big to be an issue and not too small for me to have a complex...The dress itself fits like a glove for my size twelve shape, it hits mid-thigh as I look at myself in my small mirror trying to see from all angles...

I realise the dress is full on backless ...I love backless dresses...

I smile at my best friend Amber, of how much she knows me—the girl is like another sister to me, we’ve been inseparable since birth basically—our mum’s and dads are best friends also, they’re like family to us...

I walk out the bathroom and Amber’s got a scowling face on “You looked didn’t you?”

I tut at her “Well, how the fuck was I not gonna look girl? you gave me a halter neck dress, I had to check see if I had it right didn’t I? Calm yourself for god sake—an anyway you know it’s not a full-length mirror” I roll my eyes at her

I get the shoes what amber left out for me, putting them on, they’re high heel stilettos at least 3inchs—I’m 5ft 5 which is average really for a woman...I stumble slightly as I try to stand “Woah, fuck amber, get any higher heels babe?” I ask sarcastically

Amber’s hair and makeup is all done...she’s gorgeous my best friend..maybe am biased—whatever... Amber is about my height, a size ten to my twelve, she’s got green eyes—with a platinum blonde choppy bob hairstyle..

She laughs rolling her eyes at me “Quit your sassing bitch face, I got you—you’ve worked higher heels than this, chill” She says as she points me to my floor length mirror, we walk over and my eyes connect with my reflection. I gasp

OH.MY.GOD—that’s not me

Amber comes next to me and squeezes my arms “Eva Murphy I swear to all heaven, if I weren’t straight, I would totally do you—you look all levels of sexy babe, and yo ass is welcome” She says as she does this sassy click with her fingers going down my body and winks at me.

Amber gathers up her change of clothes and walks away to the bathroom to change, but before she shuts the door she shouts “Now sit yo sexy ass down before you snap your neck” She teases shutting the door

Why the woman can’t just talk to me normal, I don’t know? I laugh at her crazy arse, I’m drinking a bottle of WKD blue, it’s like bubblegum juice but I swear don’t be fooled by its sweetness, it’s fuckin lethal after a few bottles. I’m waiting for Amber to come out the bathroom, fuck knows what she’s doing in there, I tut looking at my clock it’s 7 pm...

“Amber, what the fuck are you doing in there girl?” I groan

“Calm your tits bitch, I just decided on a different dress that’s all—gimme a minute” she growls

I huff, deciding to stand I pull myself up using my table, steadying myself on these things Amber calls shoes—Just then I hear male voices with laughter and a car door shutting from outside, I look out my window and see that it’s Justin, he’s with two other lads getting in a cab, he’s in what looks to be a suit... I gasp “Fuck me” I whisper

Shit, he looks sexy as fuck in a suit...

Amber chooses that moment to come up behind me,

scaring the shit outta me “Whatcha doing” she squeaks, I do a little scream holding my hand over my heart “What the fuck amber? What’re you sneaking up on me for?” I growl

She’s cackling her arse off on my bed “Serves you right for being a perv" She mocks me

And I know she’s talking about me watching Justin... I look down again, Only this time—Justin’s looking up at me as he’s getting in the front seat of the cab, he smiles with a wink and gets in the cab, driving off...

I sigh blushing red, I turn to look at amber, she’s got a look of confusion on her face “What’s wrong with your face?” I ask

“Nothing, I’m just wondering why he’s getting a cab? When he plays for Everton?” She says “He could get a limo, the money he’s on” She adds

“I don’t know babe, who are we to judge? Let’s just leave him to it—come on dad’s rang a taxi for us” I tell her

“Okay, so, what dya think?” She asks spinning in a full circle...

She looks amazing, she always does—the girl should be a fuckin model. She’s wearing a strapless mini dress with sequins on with glitter stilettos...

“You look stunning girl” I tell her honestly

“Baby girl, your Taxi’s here” Dad shouts up from the bottom of the stairs

“Comin dad” I shout back, as I put my perfume on

“Ooo wait babe, gotta get a selfie with my girl”Amber says as she gets her iPhone out switching it to selfie mode..

“Right, say—bitch say whaaaa?" She grins pulling a face, I laugh at her, and we say “Bitch say whaaa?" at the same time, laughing she looks at the picture and smiles “Girl, you know that’s getting facebooked—I’ll tag you in it” She smiles as her fingers glide across the screen typing furiously

“You, Amber Dooley, are a crank—but I love ya” I laugh.

She grins at me “Of course you love me, what’s not to love?” she says with a sassy wink “love you too bitch, now come on—I’ll text Jen when we’re in the taxi, tell her we’re on our way” She grins as she pulls us out my bedroom, walking down the stairs dad is still waiting for us at the bottom...

He smiles “Baby girl, you look beautiful” he says and looks at amber “You too Amber” He adds

We say thanks to my dad, I pick up my clutch from the table and walk out giving dad a kiss on the cheek and I say goodbye to mum and the girls..

Dad shouts from the door as I get in the cab “Baby girl, I’ve put your whistle in your bag” He says pointing to my clutch

“Ok Daaaaad” I shout as I feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment

I swear I could kill him sometimes, but I know he’s looking out for me, as you can’t be too careful these days.

I look in my bag and there is, in fact, my whistle and pepper spray. I get them out to show amber, she looks at them, then at me smiling “I love your dad”She tells me

Smiling, I nod “Yeah, me too”

Our taxi drives us through Liverpool, to get us to Liverpool city centre, where Circo is situated, on the Albert Dock... All the while, I’m thinking about Justin.

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