Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty-Eva

I spend some of my morning with my family and Justin, before Amber knocks “Right woman, We doing this?” She asks

“Yeah, lemme just get my bag and coat, then we can shoot,” I say

I get my things and Justin comes out “Have fun baby, I’ll miss you!” He murmurs kissing me so sweetly

“Okay lover boy, let her go, you’ll have all weekend when you go away” She teases “Come on girl, let’s get our shop on” She squeals excitedly as she drags me out. I look to everyone with a help me look and everyone laughs at me, Traitors!!

We arrive at Liverpool one...

“Fucking hell it’s chocker!!” Amber moans

“It is Christmas Eve babe” I laugh at her

“What the fuck ever bitch, Where are we goin? Ann Summers? La senza?” She asks

She must see my lost face, taking pity on me, she laughs “Come on girl, I got you” she says happily

We walk to Ann Summers, the lingerie store

I instantly feel nervous “Amber,” I say nervously

“Girl, do you trust me?” She asks holding my hands

“Always” I reply instantly

She smiles at my response “Well, trust that your girl has got your back. I will find you some outfits that I think you’ll rock with that sexy body, and you can try them on yeah?” She says as she drags me inside and sits me down in the dressing room “Now you, sit here and let your girl do her thang” She grins “Don’t worry, I got you, babe. You’ll have Justin drooling when he sees you, Eva, Trust me” she winks and walks away with a skip in her step.

About twenty minutes later, I’m reading on my kindle app when Amber comes practically bouncing over, with a gleeful smile on her face carrying a shit load of garments “Should I be worried?” I ask her pointing at the pile.

“Nah” she winks “Come on babe” and with that, she pushes me in a changing cubicle “Get naked...” she laughs and shuts the door. As I undress she hands me something silky. I hold it up, looking at it

”Something that says innocence but screams sexy minx” Amber teases

I roll my eyes “Where’s the underwear?” I ask looking under the chemise

She scoffs “That’s it babe... you’re about to give yourself to someone for the first time, you don’t wanna wear underwear, that’s for later to tease and torment, don’t worry babe, I got the perfect one for seduction” she says “Now come on, try it on, I wanna see” she says excitedly

The chemise slips on, I look in the floor length mirror and sigh in relief as it keeps the girls in place, but I can’t help but worry about what I look like. ”Eva, I can practically hear you worrying, stop freaking your freak girl, lemme see” she sings and I blow out a big puff of air

“Alright, alright I’m coming, calm your tits” I growl opening the door

“Fuck, yeah, am good” Amber throws her fists in the air in delight “Girl, you lucky am straight cos I would totally do you” she winks “Right, come on, next number in the Justin weekend of seduction. We’ll have to remember to get some accessories, actually, I’ll do that while you change. How do you feel? You look hot as fuck babe!”

“I do feel sexy...” I pivot in a circle getting a look at the back which is backless, grinning “Yeah, I like, let’s see this other one, then” I ask

“Nope, get your arse in that room and strip the chemise, I’ll pass it to you then,” she says adamantly

“Fine” I roll my eyes walking back in the cubicle, I strip of the chemise and swap with Amber what she’s holding. It’s black this time, a halter neck corset with a thong, matching suspenders and stockings

I pull the corset up my legs leaving the cord around my neck loose, I step into the thong and suspenders taking extra care putting the stockings on without tearing them, then I attach the stockings to the suspender clips.

I turn looking at myself in the mirror and gasp out loud “I’m hoping that gasp, is a good gasp?” Amber shouts. I look at myself, fuck I look like a little vixen, I shake my head giggling as I open the door.

“Oh fuck me, sideways—Justin is going to lose his ever-loving fuckin mind when he sees you, babe. You are ALL levels of HOT” She says with her finger touching me as if am hot to touch

I pivot again in the mirror, looking at every angle. I’m happy, I smile at Amber and she starts clapping her hands excitedly. ”Right babe, I wanna try la senza, so get your fine vixen arse dressed an ready, and we’ll buy these” she grins holding up the garments I tried on. I really don’t know why I let her say such shit to me, but that’s Amber, and I wouldn’t change her for the world. Ten minutes later I’m dressed, and paying for my items and then we make our way to la senza.

“So girl, do you feel comfortable picking your own or do you want me to do it for you?” Amber asks

I bite my nails nervously as we walk you ”Stop chewing your nails, girl, and stop freaking yeah? I told you, I got you” Amber says “Go sit your arse down yeah?” She says as she disappears again

Ten minutes later Amber comes up with another pile of garments for me to try on..“Girl, you had a pile before, in Ann summers, what happened to them? I only tried on two things” I frown at her

“I went through the pile, and pulled out what I thought you’d rock in and still feel comfortable” she shrugs holding up the new pile “The same concept, right, come on you, the same thing—get in there” she points to the cubicle “and get neked"

Laughing at my best friend, I enter the cubicle and get undressed ”Ready” I say and she hands me something red, it’s a see through chemise with a matching G-String

“I got you some red stockings too,” Amber says excitedly

I slip the chemise thing on, and the fucking piece of string for a thong, then step out.

Amber gasps “Oh my lord, call the fucking fire brigade people, cos Eva’s on fucking fire!!! Fuck girl, you look, Dayyyyum,” she says clapping her hands excitedly. I look at myself in the mirror and pivot my body, so i can see the back. “I don’t normally like red, but I have to admit, I like this” I grin wickedly

“Oh, girl, You are gonna have the man on his knees, I swear!” She praises “Come on my sexy little siren, let’s get this shit bought, cos we got appointments, we getting a makeover girl” she clicks her fingers

“Oh, this is gonna be so much fun” she squeals

Hours later we are in a taxi on our way home, I’ve had my hair highlighted, a golden caramel on my chocolate brown hair, it’s been trimmed with a choppy layer added and a short side fringe. I’ve had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. I also had a full body wax and, yes it hurt like a mother fucker but the perks of it all, is what makes it all worthwhile. i also had a manicure and pedicure, I feel amazing, I also managed to pick up Justin’s Christmas present. I got him a platinum Armani watch, which I also got engraved Entre Deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles. Which means “Two hearts in love need no words.”

I hope he likes it, I’ve had my Mum’s, Dad’s, Cat’s and Holly’s all delivered already by Amazon. Amber’s, I’ll give to her’s tomorrow, I had a bracelet made for her with soul sisters engraved on a heart charm. That’s what she is, I haven’t just got Cat and Holly— Amber is much like my sister too..

Amber’s laughing away texting to Russ no doubt “Russ?” I ask

“Oh yeah, babe. I like to tease my man, makes him all riled up for me” she winks, I laugh and decide to do the same to Justin. Getting my phone out I text him. Me: “We’re on our way home, I have a surprise for you! x”

Not even two seconds pass and Justin’s calling me, I grin showing Amber, and answer the phone “Hello?” I purr

His sexy Irish voice comes through the phone sending a shiver down my spine “A surprise, eh? What kind of surprise? I like surprises” He murmurs huskily

I giggle “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you” I tease “I’m nearly home”

“Good, I’ve missed you baby, tomorrow night and all weekend you’re all MINE” he growls

“I can’t wait” I purr

“Hurry up and get your fucking fine arse home, I want my baby, and I want my surprise” he growls

“Okay” I whisper excitedly “See you soon babe, bye”

“Bye baby...” He says huskily as he hangs up,

I sigh feeling nervous all of a sudden, Amber must sense my nerves.

“Babe, Stop freaking your freak, your man is gonna shit a brick when he sees you, I promise”Amber says

I smile nodding, hoping to all fuck that she’s right. Not even five minutes later, our taxi pulls up outside and as I’m about to pay the cab Justin’s already there paying him, telling him to keep the change. He then opens my door, giving me his hand to hold to help me out the car, as I get out, I hear a guttural moan. Justin squeezes me to him “H-O-L-Y shit, baby, Fuuuuuuck me” He growls in my ear

“You like?” I ask nervously

“Like? Fuck me, baby, I more than like, I LOVE" he groans nipping my ear making me shiver with pleasure.

“Bitch, I TOLD YOU! Holla at your girl” Amber shouts with Russ beside her

“I know, I know! ” I admit blushing red

“Here’s your bags babe,” Amber says giving me the stuff I bought

"Heeeeeey, good lookin” Russ sings to me

I hear Justin growl behind me feeling his arm snake around my waist pulling me to him. Russ laughs “Hey man, Did you just growl?” He chuckles “That’s fucking funny”

“Anyway,” Amber says rolling her eyes “Babe, We’re gonna roll, I gots presents to wrap, you know what am like girl, always last minute” She grins winking “You look amazing girl, love you bitch” She says as Russ comes up to her throwing her over his shoulder, spanking her arse—making her moan “See Y’all tomorrow, Okay? Say bye to everyone for me” she shouts

“Will do, Bye babe, love you too, bye Russ” I shout

Russ stops turning round

“What? You got no love for the RussMeister?” He Shouts back

“Baby, I told you to forget that name, it ain’t gonna happen,” Amber says over his shoulder

“Oh it’ll happen, baby, cos I’ll be making you scream it...ALL. NIGHT. LONG” he shouts grinding his body “ALL NIGHT LONG...ALL NIGHT" he sings and spanks her arse again.

“Yeah, too much info there Russ, but yeah—love you too” I snort laughing

Russ salutes us, putting Amber in his car. She waves excitedly to us.

“Let’s go in before they start having it off in the car” Justin jokes

We spend the night with my mum, dad and our girls, watching films until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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