Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty One-Eva

I wake feeling something down below, something really nice. I notice I’m in my room and I look down my gorgeous man is in-between my legs licking and sucking on my pussy. I moan quietly careful not to wake anyone up ”Mmmm, Merry Christmas baby” he purrs to me before going back to devouring my pussy.

“Merry fucking Christmas, indeed baby” I moan again. Justin starts going faster with his tongue, thrusting a finger inside my pussy at the same time

“Oh!” I moan breathlessly

“Sshh, baby” he teases as he adds a second then a third finger, and he groans “So fucking deliciously tight, and wet, I had some naughty, Naughty dreams about you baby. It made hard as fuck for you, Eva!” he growls “It made me hungry" he says ”Hungry for my pussy" He growls

"Fuck" I whisper

"Mmmm, so fucking sweet, I love eating your pussy baby” he growls swirling his tongue around my clit fast with his fingers still pumping inside me. Then I feel that familiar building sensation. “Oh fuck, my baby’s gonna come, isn’t she?, I can feel it, yeah baby, mmmmm, squeeze my fingers, come on my face, Eva. Show me how much you want my cock. I can’t fucking wait baby, every inch of your perfect body will be mine,” he groans I can hear my juices as his fingers pump in and out of my pussy, licking and sucking at me until I explode, biting down on my pillow before I scream. Oh my god— “Fuck, yes, milk my fingers baby, squeeze them. fuck yes—oh baby, give me them sweet juices, so fucking delicious ” He purrs going down on me again to lap my juices up, I convulse as the last of my orgasm leaves me, before I know it, I start crying

What the fuck are you crying for Eva? he went down on you, you came like a fucking porn star...

“Hey, hey, what’s this for? Didn’t you like it?” He asks nervously

“I did, I did, I just felt so overwhelmed all of a sudden. I’m sorry baby, my fucking emotions are everywhere, I can’t wait till later” I say “Just me and you” I purr kissing him, and I can taste myself.

“Me neither baby, every part of you will be mine then, and I will be yours” He vows, We agree to leave exchanging gifts till we get to the hotel. Justin goes home to spend some time with them, especially Brandon, he’s missed having his big brother around.

I give everyone there gifts, when everyone had woke up. I bought my dad an Everton season ticket, my mum the latest kindle fire loaded with the newest raunchiest romance books—which she loves, plus it keeps her off mine. And I got my two little sisters matching pandora charm bracelet’s with my own, the charm’s were half hearts with little sister engraved on their hearts and big sister on my one. Amber had turned up an hour later minus Russ. I gave her my gift, she loved it. “Come on, open yours open yours” She hands me my gift whilst clapping her hands excitedly.

I open it and it’s like a fucking sex shop just opened in my pressie, Inside is a white basque, with the Everton emblem sewn onto it, and royal blue silk piping on the breast. Oh MY God!!! “Turn it round” she squeals

Doing as she asks, I turn it around, it’s got JUSTIN’S #1 in royal blue stitching, it’s absolutely gorgeous. My mouth is open wide in shock

“I picked it out yesterday, but I had it embroidered” she whispers “There’s more stuff in the box, but take it all with you. So when you get there you can see for yourself...” she grins wiggling her eyebrows

“I love it babe” I say squeezing her tightly “It’s gorgeous” she laughs, as I let her go “You’re welcome babe, and when you get there, chill don’t be nervous. It’s you and Justin, just you and him, remember he’s probably just as nervous as you are. Don’t freak your freak, either, girl. If you need a pep talk or anything, am just a phone call away” she winks “Right, are you all packed? Don’t forget this..” She says pointing to her present “Actually, I’ll pack it now, so I know it’s in there” She teases, I roll my eyes at her as there is a knock on the front door. I gasp— Justin....

I hear Justin talking to everyone downstairs, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Amber claps excitedly “Eva’s gonna get her freeeak on, Eva’s gonna get her freeeeak on” She sings doing the McHammer dance

“Shut up, you” I say throwing my pillow at her, blushing furiously. Just then there’s a knock on my bedroom door and Justin walks in, looking sexy as hell. I sigh God, he’s just— perfect...

“Hey, baby” He says coming over to me, giving me a chaste kiss “Merry Christmas” He grins

I smile back “Merry Christmas” I murmur against his lips

“Hey amber, Merry Christmas, Where’s Russ?” He asks kissing me once more before wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Hey Rome, Merry Christmas, Oh, he’s spending some time with his family for a few hours, then he’ll meet me at my house—meet the rent’s, have some din dins. Then we’ll spend the rest of the night together” She says wiggling her eyebrows at us, grinning. We laugh at her.

Justin hugs me tightly “You ready to go, baby?” He asks excitedly

Q the butterflies “Er, Yeah, can you carry this for me though? It’s a little heavy” I ask nervously

“Sure baby” He says giving me a small kiss on the nose, then leaves as he carries my case down the stairs taking it out to his car.

"Eeeeek," Amber claps excitedly, making me giggle as we leave my room. We come down the stairs and Mum and Dad are waiting at the bottom of the steps. “Have a great time, baby girl—Merry Christmas” Dad says kissing me on my head.

“Thanks dad, Merry Christmas to you both, and you two” I say pointing to Catherine and Holly “Be good for mum and dad, yeah?” Catherine rolls her eyes at me grinning “Merry Christmas everyone, I love you. See you Monday,” I say leaving the house, Amber’s following me and out of nowhere she starts singing Barry White’s can’t get enough of your love babe

“My darlin i! I can’t get enough of your love baaaaabe” She sings whilst dancing down the path, I can hear my mum, dad and Catherine laughing behind me.

“You’re a crank, Amber Dooley, but I love you just as you are” I say hugging her tightly

“Love you too babe, Justin, you take care of my girl you hear? I know where you’re staying, FYI” She warns playfully, Though I know for a fact if I ever did need her, she’d come running.

“Of course I’ll take care of her. Take care of my boy, see you Monday” He winks helping me in my seat. Getting in the drivers seat, he beeps his horn as we wave to everyone and drives off.

I sigh in relief ”Finally, just us” I laugh

“Just us, baby” He murmurs kissing my palm

Two hours later we arrive at the our hotel in the Lake District and check in...

Our room is amazing, and we have our own hot tub.

“Wow” I gasp

“Only the best, for my baby” He whispers kissing my neck and walks over to the very large bed putting down our bags and looks at me. I smile shyly at him, We notice a bottle of bubbly and strawberries next to the bed, but we don’t say nothing about it

“Do you want to exchange presents now, or do you want eat first?” He asks me kissing my neck again

“Does the hotel have room service? Cos then we could open our gifts as we wait” I whisper “And then maybe, we could get to do other stuff” I purr Oh my god, Listen to me?

I notice justin’s eyes darken and his adam’s apple bobs up and down. “I Have to say baby, I like how you’re thinking” he grins, I blush furiously

“I’ll look for the menu’s” I say looking round the huge room. I stop at my case first digging out Justin’s present.

“God, I hope he likes this” I whisper to myself, And I spot the menu’s by the phone

“I found the menu’s, what would you like babe?” I shout thinking he’s in the other room still, I turn to see Justin kneeling down on one knee in front of me Oh. My. GOD!!!!

I gasp, dropping the menu’s, My hand covering my mouth in shock. Justin’s face pales, but he continues what he’s about to do, pulling a small box out of his pocket, he opens it and there nestled in the box is THE most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It’s a pale blue tear drop diamond with diamonds on each side

“Eva Murphy, I have loved you since the very first day we met. As soon as I saw your beautiful eyes, your smile, you knocked me on my arse, I knew I was a goner, I know we haven’t been together for that long, but I know I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, have babies with you and grow old with you. Would you Please do me the honour in becoming my wife, my life, my everything?" he asks his voice choked with emotion

I’m still in shock, looking in between him and the ring and back again, I don’t know how long we’re like this until Justin whispers “Eva??....” He asks nervously, probably thinking I’m going to say no.

I shake my head, bringing me back to the now but Justin’s face drops. Shit!

“Oh no, babe, I’m sorry, I was shaking my head to shake off the shock, not to say no” I laugh “Yes, I’ll marry you, Justin” I say with tears brimming in my eyes. He gasps with the look of shock on his face “Oh my god, You will?” He asks shaking his head as he looks at me with tears brimming in his own eyes.

“Of course, I will, I love you, so so much, Justin” I say happily

“God, baby, you don’t how happy you’ve made me....” He sobs kissing me passionately until we come up for air “I love you too, so fucking much”He croaks as he takes the ring from the box and pushes it on to my ring finger. I watch how it sparkles, the colour glittering in front of my eyes “It’s so beautiful, Justin” I whisper in awe...

“It reminded me of your eyes” He says shyly, I smile kissing him.

“I wanted to wait till we had something to eat first, but I got so nervous, I was scared Incase I lost my nerve” he laughs nervously

I giggle at him “Silly man” I coo giving him a chaste kiss “Will you order some food up for us please babe? Whilst I slip into something a little more comfortable" I ask as I glide my finger down his hard chest

He coughs nervously and smiles “Sure baby, anything you want?” He asks

“Just order me whatever you’re having” I smile, he kisses me once more before he picks up the menu and walks over to the phone. I don’t care really cos I’m hoping we won’t be eating at all, I use that time to get the present Amber got me, my bag with my hair and beauty products in and run to the bathroom.

I’ve been in the bathroom for about twenty minutes and I’m in the lingerie Amber bought me, I quickly curled and pinned my hair up loosely, applying some makeup to my face, then adding the finishing touch of my Issey Miyake perfume. Finished, I leave the bathroom, before my nerves get the best of me.

I get my phone out my bag and pull up my Spotify app, finding the docking station I attach my phone on to that, making sure the volume isn’t too loud, I press play Rita Ora’s Body On Me comes through the speakers. I walk slowly to where Justin is sitting on the bed with his back to me

“Hey baby” I purr, my heart galloping faster than fucking ever.

He turns, his eyes still not on me yet, he looks up “Hey baby, the foo—fuck me" He says standing up mouth dropping open. His eyes move up and down my body, roaming my body, and they darken with desire. He motions with his finger to turn around, I gulp nervously, and I turn slowly.

I hear a guttural groan “Fuck me, Eva. Baby where did you? How—Fuck...you—fuck, come here”He growls as his hand grabs my thong clad arse pulling me to him “Oh, fuck, My fiancée, is so fucking sexy it’s unreal” He growls lifting me up by the arse, instinctively I wrap my stocking clad legs around his waist. He walks us to the bed “I’m sorry I can’t fully appreciate you in this, but I need you, I need this,” He groans

I smile, my hand rests against his cheek “Then take me, I’m here, I’m ready” I whisper nervously

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you, I love you, my beautiful fiancée” he growls

“I love you too” I whisper

“Let’s get you out of this...” He murmurs to my corset, Undoing the keyhole hooks of the corset he removes it from my chest revealing my boobs “Hey babies, have you missed me? I’ve missed you” He purrs, licking at my already harden nipples, I moan out loud, not caring if anyone can hear me. His hands go to my thong next, peeling it from my legs. Then sitting back, he stares at me. His eyes flashing with unbridled lust for me “I wanna leave you in your stockings and heels” He growls “Is that okay?” He asks, I nod not being able to speak.

He groans looking down at me “God, I’m such a lucky bastard, look at my fucking sexy as fuck fiancée” he growls “I can’t wait to call you my wife, baby” he purrs as he rests in between my legs and places little kisses up my legs, until he reaches my pussy. His tongue suddenly glides through my folds making me gasp in pleasure. And he circles around my clit, round and round faster and faster until I explode screaming his name. I feel him getting up from the bed, watching as he strips naked and retrieves something from the table. His cock is rock hard, bobbing up and down as he walks back to me. He then leans over me, kissing me, giving me a taste of myself. “I hope you don’t mind, but I was going to pack your stuff away. And I came across Amber’s present, and I found some things” he says grinning, I blush embarrassed of what he could of found. He holds up a bottle that has a post’d on it saying Use Me in Amber’s writing.

I frown looking at the bottle “What is it?” I ask

“It’s warming lube baby, apparently it makes you slippery, So I’m assuming it’ll make access easier” He grins “But it also warms the part you use it on, like if I put it in you, It would tingle in a good way” he says grinning “And vice versa, if we used it on me” He explains

“So, we use it before weeee?" I ask

“Yeah, If you want me to?” He asks

I nod, lying back down as Justin comes back to the bed, I close my eyes, then I feel it. “Oooo, it’s cold babe” I giggle

“Don’t worry baby, it’ll warm up any second now” he groans, I open my eyes and he’s rubbing the warming lube up and down his cock.

“Oh!” I gasp as I feel it starting to tingle

“Feel good baby?” He purrs

“Fuck, yeah” I moan

“You ready?” He asks as he gets in between my legs, I nod “Okay, Should I do it fast? or ease in slowly?” he asks “I don’t wanna hurt you baby, but the pain is going to be inevitable if I go fast or slow” he says sadly

“Just go fast please babe, it’ll be over faster won’t it? Like a band aid?” I panic

“Okay, Look at me baby—Breathe, I love you, Eva Murphy—Thankyou for saying yes” he says and then thrusts home, pushing through my virginity taking mine and his own.

"Aaah," I hiss, fuck me—that hurts!

Justin’s body still’s, shaking slightly as his forehead rests against mine “I’m so sorry baby, are you okay?” he asks

I nod wincing slightly “I’m fine babe, I love you—we knew it would hurt, I’m okay, can you move baby? do it slowly till the sting goes” I pant “Are you okay?” I ask

“I’m good baby, I’ll move slow” He chokes ”Fuck, you feel so good, Eva” He moans as he slowly moves in and out of me. Oh—

“Holy fuck, baby, you feel amazing around me, so tight and wet squeezing my cock” he grunts as he moves slowly in and out of my pussy, I moan as the pain has turned into pleasure

“You like that baby?” he growls

I nod “Go faster baby” I moan

“You sure?” He asks barely keeping himself together

I nod “Please, baby” I whisper

Justin groans, increases his speed, and I lift my legs wrapping them round his waist, changing the position making him go deeper as I grab his gorgeous arse “Holy shit baby, you feel so damn good, am not gonna last,Eva. Please I don’t wanna come alone” He groans as he increases his speed and find’s my clit with his thumb and starts rubbing it as he pumps into me. Oh— Oh, Yes!

I feel the build, but it’s much more stronger than before, I moan loudly “Justin, justin, justin, Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I scream as I explode around him

“Oh fuck, yes—Holy fucking shit, Eva fuck baby—you’re squeezing me so tight, so fucking good, I—fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I’m gonna cooooooooome, EVAAAAAAAA!!!!" He groans loudly as his body shakes on top of me, pumping into me once, twice and then he slumps down on top of me

We’re both panting for our breath “God, I love you baby. You’re all mine now, all mine" he gasps out of breath

“I love you too, fuck that was amazing” I say gasping for my breath as I start to giggle.

“Woman, What are you laughing at?” He grins at me

“Me and my no brain filter” I laugh

“I happen to love that no brain filter of yours” He smirks “Fancy a soak in the hot tub?” He asks

wiggling his eyebrows at me

I laugh “Give a girl a minute, will ya?” I slap him playfully

He laughs, then his face turns serious “Baby, you don’t how happy you’ve made me, you’ve made me the happiest, most luckiest man in the world. You gave me YOU, All of you. And for that, I can’t Thankyou enough” He says softly looking into my eyes

“I love you so much, I cannot wait to become your wife” I say sincerely

"Mrs Eva Casey, Mr and Mrs Casey. I can’t wait baby” he growls “This has been the best Christmas I have ever had” He murmurs stroking my face

I gasp realising we hadn’t exchanged gifts

“What’s wrong baby?” He asks

“I realised I haven’t given you your present yet” I pout

He grins “Oh, I think you already did, baby” he says wiggling his eyebrows

I slap him playfully, snort laughing

“Would you like me to get it for you baby? I’ll get my gift for you while am there?” He asks

“Please, I’m a bit weary to move” I blush embarrassed worrying about the blood from Justin taking my virginity.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, if anything I kinda feel like bashing my chest” he laughs as he deepens his voice “Me, make you mine. You, mine now—Mine FOREVER, nobody else’s” He says as he bashes his chest like Tarzan laughing as he gets up off the bed, giving me an invitation to have some full blown perving action on my fiancé’s glorious arse.

God, I love that arse of his, I just wanna squeeze the fuck outta his cheeks, maybe even bite them...

“By all means baby, squeeze and bite away” he says grinning at me over his shoulder, clenching his arse cheeks even more, laughing at my unease, and leaves the bedroom to get our gifts that are in our bags.

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