Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Two-Eva

While he’s gone, I wrap myself in the bed sheet, covering my naked body. Just as I secure the sheet like I would a towel, Justin walks in, he’s thrown on a pair on boxers whilst he was getting our gifts. He’s holding two similar shaped boxes, and looks at me with an arched eyebrow, grinning at me “We seem to have the same shaped box?” He says

“So it seems, which one is my gift to you?” I ask

He holds his gift up

“Can I have it for a minute, please?” I ask holding out my hand. He places it in my hand, I open the box, looking at it, making sure he can’t see what it is. I suddenly feel very nervous “I didn’t know what to get you. I wanted to get you something personal—something that would last for ages, I got you this....” I turn the opened box, as I pass it to him

His eyes light up as he takes it in his hands “I got it engraved too, on the back,” I say pointing to the watch

“Really?” He beams, I nod blushing furiously. Smiling, he takes the watch out from the box, turning it over. He frowns “What language is this baby? Is it in French?” He asks

I smile “Yeah, I was googling some French love quotes, I was looking for one that held meaning for how I see US!” I say shyly “And I came across this one” I say pointing to the inscription

“What does it mean baby?” He asks curiously

“It means Two Heart’s in love needs no words” I whisper shyly

“I love it, baby—I’ll never take it off, well unless am in the shower, or when am playing” He winks putting it on his left wrist. I smile with a sigh in relief

“So, this is kinda strange considering what you got me. But, here baby. Merry Christmas” He says shyly passing me his gift

“Thankyou,” I say excitedly opening the box

I gasp, In the box is, fuck me it’s a limited edition diamond encrusted Armani watch...

“Oh my god, Baby, I love it!!!” I squeal happily squeezing him

“You’re welcome baby, How weird is it that we got each other Armani watches?” He laughs

“I know! Little His and Her’s” I laugh

Justin helps me put my watch on then we cuddle on the bed, out of nowhere my belly growls loudly

Justin laughs “Is my gorgeous fiancée hungry? Have we worked up an appetite?” He growls

I laugh “What did you end up picking?” I ask

He shrugs “I can order us something else, it’ll probably be cold now baby!”

“Babe! What did you get?” I ask again

“Steak...” He shrugs

“Mmmmm” I murmur smacking my lips “I’ll eat it! Am starving, plus I need to boost my energy back up” I wink

“My sexy Lil minx” he growls slapping me on my arse “It may actually still be warm, it’s got them silver cover things on them,” he says going over to the table. He brings the tray over with our food on and takes the covers off. Handing me my plate and cutlery, I inhale my food as I place the plate on my lap. “The plates still warm” I smile

Justin pours us a glass of champagne each, and smiles handing me my glass clinking our glasses together “To Us, I Love You Baby” he murmurs pecking me on the lips

“To Us, I Love you, too” I murmur against his lips and then take a sip of my champagne

“Mmmm that’s lovely that, I rarely drink Champagne, But I like this, it’s really nice!” I say tasting it on my palette

“I’ll take note of the name, baby,” Justin says sitting next to me with his food. We dig into our food enjoying every bite, sipping the champagne.We end up talking about our hopes and dreams for our future, We come across the topic of my ring

“I really love my ring, it’s so beautiful” I look at it awe

Justin laughs “I’m glad you like it, when I showed your mum and dad it, they were scared to touch it” he scoffs

I gasp “You showed my mum and dad?” I ask

He frowns laughing “Of course, I did. It wouldn’t be right me asking you to marry me without getting your parents blessing” he says seriously “Your dad, of course, gave me the warnings, if I hurt you—but then he told me that he knew I wouldn’t ever hurt you. But he wanted to look like you know The Man in front of your mum” he laughs

I sit there in shock “Oh my god, How did my mum keep her shit together? She normally can’t hold nothing in?” I shake my head in disbelief “I mean she’s always told me what I’d be getting for my birthday, rather than it being a surprise” I laugh

“It took a lot like, but it was only yesterday I asked them. It was while you were with Amber, so your dad just had to keep her busy, reminding her not to give anything away. Which I don’t think she did, did she?” He asks

I shake my head “No, wow—That’s a first” I laugh

“How are you feeling now baby? You sore? How about a soak in the hot tub?” He asks

“A little, but I could go for a soak, is there any spare sheets around do you know babe? To change this” I point to where I’m sitting

I really should have moved sooner, but I was too embarrassed in front of Justin. But I figure if we’re gonna be married, he’ll be seeing a lot of other stuff so may as well pick my big girl knickers up an forget it.

“I’ll have a look baby, if not, don’t worry about it, I’ll sort it” he assures me as I get up out of bed and drop the sheet, rubbing my legs together, I feel a little sore and tingly down there. I walk over to the hot tub filling the tub with hot water, switching the tub on, it starts bubbling.

“Hey, baby, I’ve taken care of the bed, oh" he says licking his lips, his eyes darken, now we’re both naked, walking around the room without a care in the world “Let’s take our watches off first, hey baby? Then I lift you in” he smiles as he takes both of our watches off “As I was saying before I got distracted by the mesmerising body before me” He winks “I’ve taken care of the sheets, and put clean ones on” he smiles lifting me into the hot tub

“Thank you babe” I murmur against his lips kissing him as he lowers me in.

“Ooooooo.....” I hiss “The hot water..” I gesture down to my vagina “It stings a little, don’t worry it’ll stop in a bit” I add before he can worry, he climbs in next to me, handing me another glass of champagne. I sigh as the bubbles surround me “I could get used to this” I tease

He grins “I love you, my fiancée”

“And, I love you my fiancé” Smiling at each other we relax in each other’s arms, enjoying the crisp yet sweet taste of the champagne

Best Christmas ever.....

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