Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Three-Eva

Ten minutes later, we’re still in the hot tub, our bodies like hot wrinkly prunes “Come on baby, let’s get out before we start peeling” Justin jokes

Justin climbs out first, wrapping a towel around his waist, then lifts me out of the tub wrapping one around me. He then starts to dry my body for me, Once dry, he lifts me to the bed, placing me down flat on my back

Pulling the towel from my body he looks at me with such intensity that It feels like I’m blushing from head to toe.“You are so beautiful, Eva Murphy— Soon to be Eva Casey” He grins “So fucking beautiful” he murmurs kissing my body “And now you’re all mine” he croaks

“Are you okay baby?” I ask as I hear his voice cracking

“Yeah” he sniffs and snort laughs “God, Russ would be calling me a pussy right now if he saw me. It’s just I thank my lucky stars that Everton signed me when they did, in hindsight they brought me to you. And, that makes me, the luckiest fucker in the world” He continues to kiss my body, licking and nipping at my skin

I moan at the sensation “Babe....” I say “Can I try something?” I ask as he looks up at me

His eyes darken in lust “Whatever you want baby, I’m all yours” he whispers

“Lie down for me,” I ask nervously, sensing my nerves he smiles stroking my face

“Baby, it’s just me, just us, don’t be nervous, okay?I love you” he says as he lies down. looking down at him, I admire his gorgeous body and lean forward to capture his lips, giving him a chaste kiss “I love you” I murmur against his lips. Feeling like exploring, I start kissing down his body like he did me, My lips kissing his gorgeous body, lower and lower I go until I reach his beautiful cock. Grasping it in my hand, My eyes roam over his it. It’s long, swollen and thick, I lick at the tip of his cock, the sound of his groan, excites me “Is that what you wanted baby? You wanted my cock in your pretty mouth?” He growls

“Mmhmm, amongst other things” I smile as I take his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around the head. ”Fuck” he hisses, My eyes look up and they meet his. His eyes are wild with want. I take him in deeper into my mouth, inch by inch slowly whilst I listen to Justin groaning in pleasure, Spurring me on, using my right hand, I grasp the base of his cock and start moving it up and down in rhythm with my mouth, my hand is drench in my saliva as it coats his cock acting as a form of lube, making it slippery

“Oh baby, Eva, fuck that feels so good baby, oh fuck, Yes, Eva— Just like that baby” he pants in ecstasy, I get him to where I want him, as I feel his cock start to swell and stop. The look of confusion and lust is strong in his eyes, not saying anything I straddle him, grasping his rock hard cock and I slowly lower myself down on him. “Oh, shit" He growls, his body jerks upwards making moan loudly, He growls grabbing my arse cheeks and squeezes them God, he’s so fucking sexy...

“Mmmmm, I gotta say, I like this idea baby—Which book, did you get this idea from?” He groans

I laugh “God, I feel so full right now..” I moan “Are you okay if I move?” I ask

“Fuck yeah, baby!” He growls

Slowly I start to move, grinding myself on his cock my clit rubs against his stomach as I rock, Justin places his hands on my hips helping me move. I move faster and faster as we start Breathing erratically. Justin sits up changing the position bring in us chest to chest “Baby, you feel so fucking good” he kisses me as he hooks his arms under mine, letting his hands rest on my shoulders and starts pulling me down further on him, whilst he rotates his body, grinding himself upwards like some sort of fuckin corkscrew, or in his case cockscrew, and fuck me—do I love it!!

“Oh fuck, oh fuck— Justin, baby—please, keep doing that” I pant moving faster on him, we seem to be caught up in some sort sultry dance, grinding on each other

“Fuck, baby, Am gonna come,” He groans ”Oh, shit Eva, baby”

I move faster and faster bringing us both to the brink “I’m there baby, I’m there, are you ready? Fuck, I’m gonna come so hard for you, Justin” I moan—Jesus this man brings out the worse case of word vomit when I’m around him

“Oh, baby. Yes, Am there, fuck yes Eva,” He grunts, Two more slams of his cock inside me and we explode ”OHHHHHH FUCK!!! YES, YES, YES, YEEEEEEEES!" We scream each other’s names convulsing in each other’s arms. We slow our movements rocking out our orgasms, panting for our breaths whispering I love you. Catching our breaths, we’re all sweaty in each other’s arm’s

"Fuck, Eva, I think I blacked out then” he laughs

“Think I did too” I laugh “That was amazing, we’ll deffo be doing that position again” I purr “Felt like I was getting electric shocks when I was coming then” I laugh

“I felt it, baby. And you’re right, we will deffo be doing that position again, I can’t wait to explore” he growls. I slowly get up, letting his cock slide from my body and lie down next to him, kissing him.

I sigh in content feeling delicious sore and thoroughly fucked Justin gets up to go the bathroom and comes back in with a cloth

“I really should have done this after our first time, I’m embarrassed by myself that I didn’t so forgive me if this is a little backwards,” he says sheepishly “open your legs for me baby” he croons

I open my legs “I could have done that myself you know” I say embarrassed that I’ve got my legs wide open whilst he cleans me

“Baby! Let me take care of you....” he croons “I’m your man...your fiancé, let me do this for you!”

“Okay” I whisper

I watch as he cleans himself with another cloth and he takes them both and throws them in the basket

He comes back still gloriously naked his cock now semi-hard and gets behind me hugging my back to his front

“Sleep now my beautiful fiancée...we need our energy for the things I wanna do to this body of yours” he growls

“Mmmmmmm! I love you baby” I murmur and pull him down to me and kiss him

We fall asleep in each other’s arms thoroughly happy...


I wake from an amazing dream of Eva giving me the most amazing blowjob

My Cock still tingles as I look to my left and notice Eva’s side empty, then I feel a warm wet sensation on my cock I look down and see my beautiful fiancée’s mouth wrapped around my cock...I groan at the sight and she looks up at me with lust in her eyes

“Hey! I got hungry” she purrs and swallows me whole

I moan...Fuck me is she trying to kill me

“Hungry huh? Well don’t let me stop you” I grin

And my girl goes to town....“fuck!” I groan

Her warm hand grasp my balls...an holy fuck me sideways...that’s the fuckin shit right there

“Eva baby! That feels so good! So fuckin good!” I groan, god, she’s got me harder than steel fuck sake...

Then she goes an stuns me fuckin stupid

She stops what she doing and reverse straddles me grasping my cock in her hand she rubs the head in her folds letting me feel how turned on she is....god damn! She’s soaked...I moan and before I can say anything, she impales herself on my cock to the hilt and holy shit does she feel fucking incredible...I hear her moaning as she rocks against me....fuck she looks so damn beautiful and seeing this arse of her’s moving...so fucking sexy...

Eva changes her movements...I don’t know what she’s doing but I fucking love it!

Her body moves in a circular motion but also moves up and down....and I feel something....like I’m hitting something, I’m meeting her movements and I hear her juices as I fuck her...she’s fuckin soaked for me and if that doesn’t give me the biggest high

“Fuck Justin....what’s that your hitting?” She groans

We’re both moaning, panting for breath...

“I think it’s your G-Spot baby....” I say through gritted teeth

“Fuck! Keep doing that then” she growls

I sit up my front to her back and I push my hands under her arms...and curl them upwards grasping her shoulders and pull her down hard

We moan out loud at the sensation

Eva pulls her head back looking at me as I keep pulling her down whilst she does her circular motions

She grasps the nape of my neck pulling me down looking in my eyes as our speed increases chasing our euphoria are breathing increases our moans mixed with our slippery bodies soaked in sweat

“Justin.....baby...Justin Justin Justin fuck...am gonna come baby....oh fuck I love you so much” she pants

And I feel her, god she rippling around my cock as she comes squeezing it so good screaming out my name in ecstasy....watching her, hearing her...fucking feeling her around my cock...is just fuck!...am gonna explode any fuckin second! it’s fucking euphoric...she’s fuck

“Oh shite! Baby yes! Fucking squeeze my cock baby....holy fuck Christ baby!....Evaaaaaa” I shout

Eva convulses as she rides out her orgasm...

“Holy fuckin shit, THANK YOU, AMBER!” She pants giggling, I’ve just made her come hard, Yet she’s thanking Amber, I mean talk about a kick in the balls. “Baby!” I snort “You wanna wait till you’re off my cock, before you make comments like that?” I grunt

She climbs off me, my come leaking down her legs as she gets up. She lie’s down on the bed next to me “WHAT? Oh, no, I meant Thank you for the Karma Sutra book, I went the toilet while you were sleeping and saw the book hanging out my case, so I had a little read of it. And it got me thinking, getting me all turned on, wanting to do things to you, things that was in the book” She blushes as she hands me the book

“Amber’s a FREEEEAK!” I sing

She slaps me playfully “But seriously, have you been reading this?” I tease

Her cute face blushes Scarlett red, confirming that she has Fuck, that’s so hot

“Was that your favourite position?” I ask curiously as I flick through the book Fuck the positions in this book are unreal!

“Tell you what, we’ll go out today, explore the district. Then when we get back, we’ll explore this, shall we? Holding the book up

She nods eagerly, fuck I love that she’s so open to new things “Good” I kiss her “What time is it, anyway?” Pulling her close to me. She reaches for her phone easily without having to move from me and replies “It’s 4 am” She smiles catching a yawn with her hand.

“How about we get some more sleep, then we can either go out for breakfast or order it in. Whatever you want”I whispers “Sleep, my beautiful fiancée, we’ll decide later,” I say kissing her forehead as she snuggles into me

“I love you, Justin” she whispers

God, I’ll never get used to hearing her say that

“I love you too baby, sleep now” I murmur against her hair kissing her there.

The sound of her breathing already calming me, before I’m joining her...

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