Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Four-Justin

I wake before Eva, putting on a pair of shorts as I look at her, I smile. Jesus, I must have really worn her out...

I check my phone, it’s 8.40am, as I walk to out onto the veranda overlooking the lake that sits next to our hotel—the view is something-fucking-else, you wouldn’t think it was the middle of December. It’s freezing, yet, we have blue skies. I notice I’ve had some calls and texts from my parents, Russ and Marcus. But I ignore them, cos this weekend is about me and my girl. My fiancée, My soon to be wife!

Never, ever, did I think that when I moved from Ireland to Liverpool, that within that week, I’d meet and fall in love with someone. But I did, and I thank my lucky Irish arse that Everton signed me when they did. They say that when you meet your ONE, that you know. It’s like BOOM, I knew the minute I saw Eva’s beautiful blue eyes, it was like a punch to the gut! But in a good way!!

Then when I asked her for directions to Blue Saint’s, she gave me that cute as fuck wide-eyed look, she told me she worked at Blue Saint’s the very same school our Brandon was going to be attending, and the very same school I was doing a visit with the Everton team. Then colour me fucking surprised twice that day, I found out we were neighbours, I heard someone shouting something, and as I looked up. There she was looking out her window with Amber, fuck, when I saw her face in that window, I instantly went to her house, I had to see her. My grandad was a strong believer that the universe alter your path for a reason. I remember the day that he spoke to me. Son, everything happens for a reason. I mean look at me, If I didn’t get shot in the arse in that goddamn war— I never would have met your granny, Boy, that woman tended to my arse then, and she has tended to my lucky bastard arse ever since that day. I always thought that it was a fucked up way explaining shit to a child, though that was the way my grandad was. My grandad was a soldier in the war in Ireland. Though, I can never remember which one and my gran was a nurse in the army hospital where grandad had been brought in with a bullet in his arse cheek. I always used to laugh about it, but he had once said to me Yeah, you keep laughing boy, cos when YOU see that girl, she’s gonna knock you clean on that arse of yours. But my old arse won’t be able to see it happen. You better believe that when it happens, I’ll be watching from the heavens above, laughing at YOUR arse, son. I laugh to myself at granddads words “Yeah, I bet you’re laughin now, ain’t you old man?” I say to the sky. That’s when I feel her, the hair on the back of my neck stands up whenever she’s near, then I hear her sweet voice “Who are you talking to babe?” She asks in a sleepy voice

I turn to her, and my God, my fiancée is so fucking beautiful. Every time I look at her, my fucking heart races for her, fucking butterflies fluttering in my stomach. God, I must sound like such a fuckin pussy

“Morning baby...” I croon as I bring her into my arms placing a chaste kiss her on the lips “Have I ever told you how fuckin sexy you look in my clothes?” I growl

She’s wearing my t-shirt that I wore from last night, it hits her mid-thigh, her hair is down messy with curls, her ring is sparkling in the sunshine. Her beautiful bright blue eyes, shine bright, her beautiful smile beams brightly as she looks to me. She reaches up on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around my neck making my t-shirt ride higher up her body “No” She purrs “But do go on...“She teases

Oh, my sexy little vixen, I reach down grasping her arse cheeks, squeezing it as I lift her in my arms, she lets out a little squeal wrapping her legs around my waist. Jesus, she’s soaked...

“Baby, I can feel how wet you are for me” I growl as I feel her bare pussy on my stomach

She moans “It’s all your fault, I’ve only gotta see you and this sexy body of yours” She purrs rubbing herself into me Jesus Christ

“Is that so, huh? Well, maybe I should walk around shirtless from now on, hmm? What dya say?” I growl as I skim my nose up her neck breathing in her scent

"Or, you could just walk around naked instead” She giggles winking at me. I laugh at my naughty fiancée.

“Such a naughty girl, my fiancée is... “I admonish her playfully as I nip her earlobe, she moans, Fuck, I love how fucking responsive she is to my touch.

I walk back into our suite, taking my t-shirt from her beautiful body revealing her gorgeous tits to me, leaving her completely naked.

“How are you feeling today, baby? You sore?” I ask as I lay her down on our bed.

“A little, but not too much” She sighs

An idea comes to mind “Roll over for me baby,” I ask her. Without hesitation, she rolls over for me, and I reach for the warming lube. I read yesterday, that it’s actually for the whole body. I squirt some in my hands rubbing the excess oil over my hands, I start at her feet massaging the pads of her toes to the arch, and then to the heels, working my way up her legs listening to her moan in appreciation has got my cock hard as fuck, but I want this for her. She gave me a gift that I will forever be grateful for, I want to pamper her, take care of her in every sense of the word...I gather more oil before I come to her arse and her pussy. I grasp her arse cheeks rubbing, kneading then one at a time, squeezing some oil between her arse cheeks, she tenses “It’s okay baby, Relax, I won’t be doing anything you don’t want me to do” I whisper in her ear, as I stroke her arse cheek gently, she relaxes instantly

“Good girl,” I croon “Spread your legs for me,” I ask She spreads her legs, and I Squeeze a little more oil in between her cheeks, which then trickles down to her pussy. She moans wiggling her body “Does that feel good, baby?” I purr as I squeeze some more oil on my hands, and work on her back and shoulders letting the warming lube work on her pussy and arse “Mmmm, yes" She moans wiggling her arse again with the sensations of the warming lube starting to work. I finish massaging her back and shoulders, My hands glide down her perfect body to her pussy, my fingers move through her pussy folds. I listen to her moan again, she’s absolutely drenched.

God, I’m so hard for her am gonna burst if I don’t get inside her “On all fours, baby...“I growl lightly spanking her arse cheek. I take off my shorts, leaving me naked as she gets on all fours, she looks back at me over her shoulders, the sight before me has me so fucking turned on my cockhead hurts...Jesus, she’s so fucking sexy

I grasp my cock stroking it with the excess oil that stayed on my fingers, watching her watch me stroke myself, her eyes darken as she bites her lip.

“Like what you see baby? I growl

“Oh yeah” She growls “I’d like it even more if it was inside me” she pouts wiggling her fine arse in front of me, taunting me.

“Oh baby, I’ll give you anything you want, you only need ask” I growl thrusting myself into her slick heat. I grab her by her hips pulling her to me, my cock pistons in and out her body. Jesus, she’s so fucking perfect. Squeezing me so good...

Both of us moaning “Fuck yes, baby—fuck me harder” she growls over her shoulders at me Jesus, I love it when she talks dirty to me...

I reach for her hair, pulling it gently, she lifts up onto her knees, her back to my chest as I’m still fucking her hard. I grab her tits pinching her nipple I lick up her neck and bite her earlobe

“Fuck, baby, I love it when you talk dirty. My sweet, innocent Eva has a fuckin filthy mouth. And I fuckin love it” I growl nipping her neck, as she moans loudly

“God, you feel fuckin Amazin baby. God, you fuck me so good” She Moans

“Yeah, am gonna be fuckin you dirty, and making sweet love to you for the rest of our lives, baby! You’re mine, and I’m yours forever and always. You’re fucking mine, to own and worship, this sweet, sexy as sin body of yours.” I say rolling my hips into her and we’re both panting, moaning in ecstasy “Is, mine" I growl

“Baby, please" She Moans

“What do you want, baby?” I growl grinding into her

"Harder, faster— I want you to fuck me so hard, that I see stars, showing me how naughty I am, and then I want you to make love to me” She pants breathlessly Jesus Christ, the woman is fuckin perfection.

I push her down back on all fours, then start fucking her harder and faster hitting every inch of inside her pussy. “Oh fuck, yeah Justin, that’s it, baby, just like that—show me how naughty I am...” She growls I’ll fuckin show you, baby...

I spank her arse cheek, hard. She moans as I fuck her, her pussy tightens—fuck, my girl likes to be spanked, I spank the other cheek, caressing it, soothing it...

“Oh, Oh fuck, Justin please, am gonna come, please" she pleads

“Does my naughty girl wanna come, hmm?” I growl with a slap to the arse “You gonna squeeze my cock tight, aren’t you Eva?” I ask with a slap again, her pussy starts to clamp around me “Fuck am gonna come, holy shit, Eva, baby—Come right now, ” I growl as I pump into her once, twice more before we both detonate and fall on the bed together.

“Holy Fuck” she pants breathlessly

“You can say that again....” I pant

“H-O-L-Y Fuck” She pants with a grin

I spank her arse lightly “Smartarse” I growl breathlessly “Fucking hell, Eva, every time—fuck baby. I just wanna live inside you, and stay there forever” I growl

She giggles “Well that’ll be hard, wouldn’t it? considering your a footballer and I’m a TA? We’d get arrested for indecent exposure” She teases, I growl at her playfulness, pulling her to my lips kissing her so passionately. God, she makes me crazy.

“I love you, Eva” I murmur against her lips “God, what I feel for you seems so much stronger than love. Fuck, I get what my grandad was telling me now. When I was younger, he told me that I’d meet a girl and she would knock me on my arse, and that girl was you, Eva. Fuck, you knocked me on my arse, pulled me back up again, and have owned every part of me, ever since” I say honestly

She has tears in her eyes “Baby, I feel the same way. Fuck, I’m sorry” She says wiping her tears “I don’t want you seeing my ugly tears” She sobs laughing.

“I’ll be seeing every single fucking part of you baby, believe” I growl

She laughs “I love you, Justin, so much” Her eyes filled with so much love for me

“And I love you, my beautiful fiancée,” I say as I rest my forehead against hers, kissing her.

“So, would you like to go out and explore?” I ask her

Her face lights up like a Christmas tree Looks like we’re going out...

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