Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Five-Justin

Pulling her up with me, she puts my t-shirt back on as I put my shorts on. “How about we go the zoo first?” I ask her

“Are you going to be alright?” She asks “I mean, Blackpool didn’t turn out so well” She adds nervously

“See now, I Thought about that—and I got,” I say as I go to my bag and pull out the matching king and Queen caps....”THESE!” I say showing her the caps

She giggles looking at them, God, she thinks it’s fucking stupid. Nice one Justin, your fiancée probably thinks your more a fucking girl than she is.

“Oh. My. God, how CUTE!” She squeals snatching the queen cap out my hand placing it on her head, gives me the biggest, and most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen grace her gorgeous face. Justin Casey, you must have a fucking leprechaun dancing on your shoulder or something, cos you hit the motherfucking jackpot with this girl

"Sooooo, how do I look?” She asks whilst doing a seductive pout Jesus christ, she’s so fuckin sexy

“Like I wanna fucking drag you back to that bed, and not leave this suite for the rest of the weekend,” I growl pulling the lid of the cap up to kiss her “But as much as I want to, I want to take my fiancée out and spoil her rotten,” I murmur against her lips

“I wouldn’t of said no, to the staying in all weekend like. But I do wanna go the zoo” she claps her hands excitedly

“Right then, let’s get ready then baby” I croon spank ing her on the arse

Half an hour later, we’re dressed and leaving the hotel


We leave the hotel, stopping at a McDonald’s drive-thru for our breakfast and make our way to the zoo. After the sat nav got us lost, we manage to find the zoo. It only ended up taking us just over an hour to get here. Justin pays for our tickets in, and we get our maps of the zoo. First, we decide to go and see the seal’s and penguins, they are the cutest things I have ever seen “Oh my God, How cute are they?” I squeal happily as I see the seals swimming in the water.

“They’re adorable, Eh, look at that one” He points to the seal doing tricks, It’s balancing a football on its nose—

“Oh wow, ” I gasp as I take a picture of the seal with the football.

“Hey, guys...” A zoo keeper comes over to us “I see you’re admiring our seals? Amazing aren’t they?” She adds

“They’re beautiful” I say with awe

“They are, would you be interested in adopting one?” She asks

“Erm?” I say out loud

“Can we do a joint adoption?” Justin butts in

“I Can’t see why not? Who would you like to Adopt?” She asks

Me and Justin have a silent discussion and decide on the seal doing the tricks

“She’s beautiful isn’t she? That’s Emily, she’s four years old, clever girl she is” She says proudly

Half an hour later, we’re proud foster parents of Emily the seal. We go through the whole zoo, taking pics and videos admiring all the animals, we stop by the gift shop to buy our families gifts, I get our Holly and Catherine a giant seal cuddly toy each and my mum and dad funny matching t-shirts. Justin ends up getting Brandon a small teddy and a fidget spinner, for his mum and dad, he gets them matching cups. As we leave the shop, Justin ends up getting asked for his autograph by a family from Liverpool. Not that I mind, but I did forewarn him, especially with what happened in Blackpool. He ends up getting his pic done with them too, but manages to get them to keep quiet about him being in the Lake District. All tired out from all the walking, we decide to go back the hotel, By the time we return, it’s nearly dark out. When we get back to our room, we put our gifts away with our luggage. Justin pulls me into his arms, his hands resting on my arse

“How about, we get changed so I can take my girl out on the town? Hmm? Go for a meal? have a few drinks? What do you think?” He asks “I’ve done some research—Well, Marcus has, and there is a restaurant-slash-club in town that’s good for privacy,” He says with a huge grin

“Sounds good” I smile giving him a kiss “How long do I have to get changed?”

“There’s no time limit baby, take your time” He croons

“Good” I purr as I go down to my knees, I unbutton his jeans and pull them, his boxers aswell, down to his ankles. I grasp his cock which is already semi-hard, I feel it hardening as I look up at him, his eyes darken watching me as I lick the head tasting the bead of pre-cum, he moans in pleasure putting his fingers through my hair.

“God, you look so fucking sexy on your knees with my cock in your mouth” he groans as I lick the head again, twirling my tongue in slow circles

“Fuck baby, I love that fucking mouth of yours” he growls

I lick up his shaft catching him off guard, he gasps ”FUCK" He hisses

I hum in excitement, licking up his shaft a few more times adding his balls to the mix, I vaguely hear him growling my name pleading for me to take him in my mouth. I take his cock fully into my mouth, swallowing him to the hilt. I hear Justin gasp again as I start to move my head, moving him in and out of my mouth sucking him deep as I go.

“Eva, baby—oh fuck baby, you suck me so good...” he groans, I purr in response to his compliments

“You love my cock in your mouth, don’t you baby? Such a naughty girl, taking me deep, sucking me so good. Fuck you’re gonna make me come so hard baby, you own me Eva. You know that? Fucking own me” he growls moaning as his hands in my hair tighten, I moan as takes over fucking my mouth faster and faster, I feel his cock swell in my mouth “Oh shit, I’m gonna come, Eva—fuck baby, yes. Oh fuck, Oh, FUCK! EVA! EVA! EVAAAA!!!” He bellows, his legs shake as he comes down my throat. I swallow everything he gave me, squeezing every last drop from him. I let him drop from my mouth, and I lean back looking up at him What the? I giggle at his facial expression, His eyes are tightly shut, his mouth is open wide. Standing up, I wipe my mouth. Justin’s eyes are still shut, his mouth still wide open. I snort laugh, turning as I start to strip, walking to the shower. I feel hands go around my waist “And where the fuck do you think you’re goin?” Justin growls from behind me, I turn in his arms with an innocent look to my face “Why, i’m getting a shower, my dear fiancé” I purr batting my eyelashes at him

He grins wickedly “Oh no, you’re not—not until I’ve made that sweet pussy of yours come so hard you’ll see stars” he growls as he lifts me wrapping my legs round his waist “Are you gonna be okay carrying me with your jeans around your ankles babe?” I tease

“Oh, yeah" he laughs, as he takes his jeans and boxers off whilst he’s still carrying me.

“I’m impressed” I joke

“Wait till you see what my mouth can do” he grins wiggling his eyebrows as he carries me to our bed

Forty-five minutes and six orgasms later, seeing more fucking stars than a universe has. We’re in the shower together, you know saving water an all that wink wink. Not being able to keep our hands off each other, Justin fucks me against the shower wall which was hot as fuck—We’re lucky we didn’t break anything, is all am saying.

Now, I’m dressed in a black strapless dress and black peep toe high heels—I’m also wearing the sexy black lingerie as a surprise for Justin, I found out that the corset wasn’t just a halter neck, but strapless too. I’ve straightened my hair, and done my makeup. I’m just putting my earrings in, when I hear a wolf whistle behind me, I turn and see Justin in a grey suit his crisp white shirt open at the top. My hooha tingles at the sight of him in a suit— God, can this man get any sexier

He comes over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist “I swear to all heaven, I am one lucky lucky bastard. Jesus, you look absolutely stunning baby” he croons “Actually, that’s too tame of a word, you look ravishing” he growls kissing me

"Mmmm, Right back at you, baby, Have I ever told you how much I love you in a suit?” I purr stroking my fingers up and down his neck

He grins nodding “I believe you told me once that I looked like Justin Timberlake”

I smile shyly “Even better, sexier" I purr

“Now you’re talkin!” He growls squeezing my arse

I giggle “We’re best leaving, before we don’t leave at all...” I tease “Oh, by the way, I’m wearing a little something as a surprise for you later” I purr licking my lips slowly, seductively

He groans “Jesus Christ, let’s just stay in, I wanna see now” He growls

“Uh-Uh, No way, sorry handsome, I spent ages getting ready to go out, so we’re not going to waste it—besides, the longer the anticipation, the better the outcome” I purr licking around his lips with my tongue and kiss his cheek. Pulling myself from his arms, I reach for my perfume spraying myself with it and put it in my clutch along with my lipgloss and phone, I turn to Justin with a smile, he looks like he wants to eat me whole, as he presses his hand down over his cock. Growling. He clears his throat, and clicks his neck with a sigh “Ready baby?” He asks holding out his hand.

“Ready” I grin happily, taking his hand squeezing it tightly, and we leave our suite

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