Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Six-Eva

We arrive at a place called The Loft House, We’re being escorted to a private area of the club-slash-restaurant with views that would certainly be stunning in the daylight.

“Please let me know when your ready to order, Mr Casey” Our waitress purrs at Justin

Fucking hell, Seriously? They’re literally fucking everywhere!

I look at her in distaste, No fucking respect, can she not See me standing here? Is my fucking engagement ring, not enough to say he is most certainly off fucking limits...

“Thank you” Justin thanks the waitress

Seriously? I swear men are fucking clueless, or is it just because women that notice these things?

“You okay baby?” Justin smiles at me

I don’t mention the fucking slut of a waitress, this is our time, my time with my gorgeous Fiancé

I smile at him “I’m fine, so, how did you find this place? I bet it looks beautiful in the morning?” I ask

“Marcus did, I’m not too familiar of England yet” He jokes “Sat Nav takes me where I need to go”

“Of course, how stupid of me...” I chastise myself

He smiles in amusement, reaching over the table to entwine my fingers with his “Baby, these past few months have the best months of my life, and it’s all because of you. I thank my lucky Irish arse, that we bumped into each other that very first day, but I would of bumped into you regardless, the fact that we’re neighbours contests to that” He laughs shaking his head in disbelief “I couldn’t believe it when I heard your voice shouting my name from the window”

I lift a finger in protest “Actually, you weren’t meant to even hear me. Amber had pissed me off, so naturally” I shrug

He laughs “Aaah yes, you were perving weren’t you baby?” He purrs stroking my hands

I smile shyly “Well, you have got a mighty fine arse” I wink

He laughs “Right back at ya babe” He winks

The waitress comes back over with a pen and pad “Are you ready to order, Mr Casey?” She purrs at him, ignoring me once again Oh, fuck this....

“No love, me and my FIANCÉ are not ready to order, but we’ll order some drinks, in the mean time” I say in my don’t fuck with me tone

“Oh sure, so what would you like then, Mr Casey?" She purrs, again dismissing me Oh no you didn’t!?

Justin’s looking at her, then at me and his eyes widen. Yeah babe, lightbulb I say to him mentally whilst raising my eyebrows

“Erm” he looks to her name tag “Sonia, my fiancée and I would like some champagne. We’re celebrating our engagement” He says “We’d like a bottle of Dom Perignon, if you please” He says politely with a smile, then turns to me, dismissing her.

“Of course, I’ll be right back” She huffs

I laugh at her outburst, making justin grin “Baby, am I seriously that lost that I don’t know what’s happening right in front of me” He shakes his head

“Yeah babe, Sorry” I snort laughing “I have to admit, it’s good that you’re oblivious to it, but you know what? They need to realise you’re not alone, You’re MINE,You’re MY FIANCÉ and it’s pisses me off, when women do that, especially when am sat Right Here!!” I growl

“Damn, I fucking love it when you get all possessive of me baby, fuck. You’ve got me hard now” he growls squeezing my hand

I smile seductively at him “Easy tiger, save that stamina for the bedroom” I purr winking at him

“Oh baby, don’t you worry about my stamina, you better believe, by the time i’m through with you, you’ll be walking with a limp!” He growls

Jesus—Fuck A moan slips from my lips...

“Now baby, Them moans are for me, no one else. Let’s order some food, so I can show my girl off, then I can take you back to our suite where I can fuck you good and proper, then make love to you slow and sweet” he growls squeezing my hand adjusting himself with his other hand

Holy fuck, I think I just came—am breathing erratically, my heart beating like a caged animal wanting to escape.

“I say we just go back now” I growl

He groans “Baby, Please don’t, I don’t want this time together to just be about the sex. I wanna take you out, spoil you like a princess, so I can take you back to our room and worship you like a queen” he purrs to me—his eyes full of love and desire for me Christ, I want him, I want him right, now!

“I fucking love you, You know that Justin Casey?” I growl leaning over our table to kiss him on the lips

“I fucking love you too, Eva Murphy—soon to be Eva Casey” He murmurs against my lips, I giggle at my soon to be married name

“Now” Justin says clearing his throat “What would you like to eat baby?” He croons

Not taking my eyes off him “I’ll have whatever you’re having, baby” I purr

“You sure?” He asks

I nod slowly, biting my bottom lip—his eyes go to my lips, I squirm as they darken

Sonia our waitress comes over with our champagne “Here’s your champagne sir...” Her tone professional now Oooooo Sir, not Mr Casey....

I laugh covering it up with a fake cough as she glares at me “Sorry, got a something in my throat” I say patting my chest

Justin smirks knowingly, shaking his head “We would like to order now please Sonia, if that’s okay?” He asks her

“Sure, what can I get you?” She asks with her pen and pad in her hand

“We would like the 10oz rump steak—well done please” he says grinning at me Steak? Again?

“Steak again babe?” I ask in disbelief

“Well, I did ask if you were sure, baby” he grins shrugging “I need my protein” He adds

“So is that’s two steaks well done, yeah?” Sonia asks rudely interrupting us

“Yes Sonia, Thank you” Justin growls “That will be all” He adds, she walks away with another huff “Bitch” he growls “I’m sorry baby, I have the highest respect for women, but for ones like that” he shakes his head in distaste

“Better hope she doesn’t spit in our food” I joke

“Nah, there’s camera’s everywhere. Has to be in a place like this” he says as he pours us a glass of champagne each

Handing my glass to me “To us” he says happily

“To us” I purr as we clink our glasses together, Sealing our toast with a kiss.

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