Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Seven-Eva

After we finish our meals and our champagne, We make our way downstairs to the dance floor, the dance floor is covered with couples dancing.

“Would you like to dance, beautiful?” He asks

“I’d love to, baby” I purr giving him soft kiss on the lips

He smiles and takes my hand, guiding us to the dance floor. Niall Horan- Slow hands comes on as we reach the dance floor. Justin wraps his arms around my the small of my back, his hands resting just above my arse, as I wrap my hands round his neck, we move to the beat of the song.

We should take this back to my place

That’s what she said right to my face

We start to dance in each others arms, grinding our bodies on one another, kissing passionately as Niall sings

Slow, slow hands

Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry

No, no chance

That I’m leaving here without you on me

By the time song ends we’re both panting in need

"Fuck Eva, I need you baby!!” Justin growls panting for his breath

"I need you too Justin, let’s go back to the suite” I purr breathlessly

Justin growls and presses a hard kiss on my lips “There better had be fucking cabs outside” he grunts adjusting his hard cock which you can see through his pants

I giggle at his frustration “Is my baby laughing at me?” He growls in my ear pressing his cock into my arse, I bite back a moan as he bites and licks on my earlobe, I moan loudly “We need to get out of here NOW!” I growl in need of him

He grins at me knowingly “Let’s go baby” he growls

Thirty minutes later, we enter our suite kissing passionately, I start stripping Justin of his suit, removing his jacket and tie.

I back away from him, turning so my back is to him. I un-zip myself from my dress, pushing it to the floor, leaving me in my black lingerie. I hear Justin’s choked gasp “Oh fuck me” He groans

Smiling, I turn around as he’s ripping his shirt off, snapping buttons. I moan at the sight before Oh, fuck me, that’s hot—

He takes his pants off, leaving him just in his boxers “Sooooo,” I purr doing a slow 360• turn “What dya think?” I ask as I turn to face him again.

“I’m thinking, I’m such a fucking lucky bastard that you’re mine” he groans “And that you look so fucking good, good enough to eat" he purrs “So fucking good, that I think I’ll rip that little piece of cloth that’s hiding my pussy off of you, and show you just how hungry I am for you” He growls

Fuck me, I love it when he talks dirty to me...

He grins “I know you do, baby?” He winks as he rips my thong away from my body, lifting me up so I can wrap my legs around his waist “Jesus fucking Christ, I love how hot and wet you get for me baby,” he growls

“It’s your own fault, you only have to stand there, talk dirty to me, and you have me purring for you,” I moan. Grinning at me, he walks us to our bed and lies me down, looking down at me he licks his lips.

“Mmmmm, I love you baby” he growls

“I love you too, so much” I whisper

I untie my corset that fastens to the side, revealing the girls to him, He groans at the sight of my tits “Fuck baby, I love your tits” he growls grasping them gently, caressing them. He kisses me, as he caresses my tits, squeezing them gently. His kisses start to move slowly down to my neck, to my nipples where he sucks on them till they tingle. Lower and lower as he gets to my stomach, he presses kisses there, whispering “I can’t wait to see your belly swollen with our baby, Eva—to feel him or her move inside you, I want it all baby, I want it all with you” he whispers softly

Oh my god, He wants us to have a baby? God, I want that too...

“I want that too, so much” I whisper with tears brimming in my eyes

He smiles at me, smiling so bright you could literally put him on top of a Christmas tree...

“Sssh baby, don’t cry. I love you so fucking much” he whispers against my belly as he starts kissing me lower and lower, until he reaches my sweet spot in-between my thighs. He inhales there, smelling my scent “I swear baby, I could get lost in the smell, the taste of your pussy. It’s so fucking addictive” he growls licking and sucking at my pussy.

“Oh shit, Justin—fuck baby!” I moan

“That feel good baby?” He asks as he puts one, two, three fingers inside me, stretching me, as he licks at my clit in circles around my nub— His fingers keep in tempo with his tongue “Oh, Fuck yes, baby—keep doing that” I groan, sensing I’m near to orgasm. He increases his movements with both his tongue and his fingers, fast and faster. I moan out loud “Justin, baby" I cry in ecstasy, next thing I know he thrusts himself inside as I start convulsing

“I wanted you to come around my cock” he growls as he pistons in and out of my body. He lifts my legs up over his shoulders, making him go deeper Oh holy shit— “Oh fuck, Eva. Shit, baby—you feel fucking amazing, holy shit” he groans going faster and deeper hitting me deep and hard, as I feel another orgasm building, he hits that perfect spot inside my pussy Every. Single. Time

“Oh yes, baby—Just like that baby. Fuck Justin, am gonna come baby” I moan loudly

“Fuck yes, baby—fucking strangle my cock, Eva!” He growls “Come for me baby, come Now” he groans, And I do—

"Justiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin" I scream loudly as I see stars convulsing around his cock

“Oh fuck yes, That’s it, baby—FUCK.YES!” He groans pumping into me once, twice more, coming inside me, he falls on top of me. Both of us are a shaky and breathless

“Holy shit” Justin pants, kissing me...

“Holy shit indeed” I laugh breathlessly, he lowers his forehead to mine and kisses me, his tongue caressing mine.

“I love you, baby—I’m sorry baby, I can’t stop saying that to you” he laughs

"No, don’t ever stop!” I sigh happily “I love hearing it, I love you too” I smile, He smiles back, gently removing himself from my body and lowers my legs from his shoulders. He reaches over for the baby wipes that I left out after putting on my makeup, and cleans me, then himself. Sighing happily, he puts my back to his front spooning me and entwines our fingers together, sighing happily.

“So, when do you think we should tell our parents?” He asks “About our engagement, I mean?”

I smile “Whenever you want, babe. It’s up to you!” I say admiring my ring watching it as it sparkles

“I think it’d be best if we wait till we got back,” he says softly down my ear “We’ve only got one more day left, before we have to go back”

“I wish we could stay here forever, just lie around naked, making love whenever we want” I sigh stroking his arms

“Baby, Look at me” he asks, I roll over so I’m facing him, he grasps my face in his hands, I watch as his eyes roam my face

“What’s wrong,” I ask grasping his arms

He shakes his head, smiling “I love you, Eva,” he says

Where’s he going with this?

“I love you too baby, What’s wrong?” I ask again

“We’re going to married, We want babies together, Yeah?” He smiles

“Well, yeah,” I say confused, He pushes me so I’m on my back and he places himself between my legs “So, How about we get our own place together? Where ever you want,” He says happily

I frown “Erm?” I stutter

“Baby don’t say no, just hear me out okay?” He asks I nod

“You and I, well, you mostly, what has happened over the last few months. What we’ve been through, I don’t wanna take life for granted, life is too short, Eva. I wanna live with you, so every day, every night, I can see your beautiful face. I can make love to you where ever and whenever I want, I wanna marry you, make you swollen with our baby, Eva, I wanna grow old with you, Please baby!” He pleads kissing me on my lips

Well, when he puts it like that!

“Dad’s gonna shit a brick, when we tell him” I sigh defeat

“Does that mean?” He grins happily

I nod grinning “Yeah, baby! I’ll move in with you, I want it all too, with you!” I say happily

"YES!!” Justin booms “Oh baby, you have made me the most happiest man on the planet” he grins

My eyes start brimming with happy tears “I’m happy too” I sob, moaning as he enters me, slowly “I love you so much, Eva Casey” he moans saying married name

I smile stroking his perfect face “I’m not Eva Casey, yet babe!” I tease

He growls as his body grinds into me making us both moan “You are when I’m so deep inside you, my cock is touching your heart, every part of me is yours, Eva, my mind” he says as he pumps his cock in and out of me “My body” He growls pumping in and out “My heart” He groans pumping in and “My fucking soul, Eva, all of me is yours” he growls making sweet love to me, grinding his body slowly into mine, as his brushes against my clit.

I cry, with happiness “You own ALL of me, Justin. ALL of me. God, I am so in love with you, Justin” I sob as he brings me higher and higher to the brink of ecstasy ”JUSTINNNNNN" I scream, as I come, convulsing around him

“Fuck, yes baby, you feel—fuck, Evaaaaaaaa!” He shudders in ecstasy, coming inside me. He presses his forehead against mine “I love you, Eva” he pants breathlessly

I smile happily “And I love you, Justin” I sigh happily in his arms, as we fall asleep, our bodies still connected

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