Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Eight-Justin

I wake, feeling the most amazing feeling around my cock. I lift my head, Eva is still asleep—and I’m still inside her. So that’s why it feels so good? I slowly move in and out of her, to try and rouse her. She moans my name, waking up and her eyes flutter “Morning baby” I purr as I move in and out of her again

“Oh my god, Did we really fall asleep with your cock still inside me?” She moans sleepily

“Mmmmhmmm” I murmur kissing her neck as I moving In and out of her sweet pussy

“God, you feel sooooo good, baby” she moans

“You love my cock deep inside you baby?” I growl

“Oh yes justin, so much” she moans “Please,” she pleads

“What do you want baby? I’ll give you anything and everything you want” I growl as my movements quicken

She moans “Harder baby, keep goin faster” she groans

Fuck, this woman owns me. Fucking owns me...I growl, fucking her faster, harder, deeper. I hear her moans over the headboard banging against the wall

“Oh, fuck—Justin, yes baby, right there—Just. like. that” she growls

I groan, fuck, I love it when she growls. Lifting one of her legs over my shoulder, I grind into her, pistoning inside her faster and faster—Holy fuck am gonna come...

I feel her pussy start to quiver around my cock, and I know she’s close ”Justin" she pleads

“Come, baby, I’ve got you,” I groan, she lets go,

holy fuck, does she, she explodes, her pussy sucks the fucking life outta my cock “Holy—Shiiiiiiiit, Evaaaaaaaa, FUCK YES!” I groan coming inside her as I hear her screaming my name, I collapse on top of her. Both breathless, I take her face into my hands, kissing her as she moans into my mouth “God, I will never get enough of you, Eva. We’re gonna have so much fun, trying for our baby” I growl

She giggles “I can’t wait” she purrs

God, am such a lucky fucker!

I kiss her again before taking my cock from her beautiful, sexy as sin body. My cock cries as I remove myself from her body— I can almost hear it crying ”Noooo, put me back in. She’s mine” I laugh to myself

“What’re you laughing at?“Eva grins at me

“Just at my cock crying, cos I took him out of your sexy as sin body” I growl

She giggles “Well, tell your cock he has me for life, so he’ll be back in this soon enough” she purrs

FUCK, I love how she says COCK!

“Say cock again!” I groan

She frowns laughing at me “Why?”

“I wanna hear you say it again” I growl

Her eyes light up as she looks at me with a mischievous smile..What the fuck is she up to?

“Baby, I love your big thick COCK inside me, fucking me, worshipping me—OWNING me” she purrs “I can’t wait to have him back inside me, making me come so hard for you!” She groans

H-O-L-Y SHIT!!! This fucking woman is gonna have me hospitalised if she’s not careful my cock hardens so fucking fast, I get dizzy

“Eva...” I growl

She giggles, pushing me on my back and grasps my cock in her palm. She kisses and licks up my shaft, swallowing him whole, before I can even have anything to say, she removes him from her mouth and straddles me, lowering herself on me, making us both moan out loud “I want you off the pill soon as” I growl pulling her down on top of me hard

What the fuck Justin?

“Yes baby” she moans shocking me stupid Yes? Did she say yes?!?

“You’re gonna stop taking the pill, Eva? I want my baby in you, fucking now!” I growl, stunning myself, am actually asking her to have my baby now, rather than later “Anything Justin, I want everything with you, baby” she cries Fuck me...

“I want you off the pill, I want to watch my baby grow in your belly, watch you swell carrying our child” I growl grasping her hips moving us faster and faster quickening our pace.

“Yes, Yes, Baby, I want it all—with you” she moans as I feel her pussy quivering around my cock, sucking at it, making me want to come so fucking hard for her “Fuck me baby, Your pussy is squeezing me so fucking good” I groan

“Oh Justin, yes, come for me baby—I want it, I need it” she growls riding my cock faster and faster, our slick bodies slapping at each other as they touch

I groan ”Fuck, am gonna come, Eva...” I warn

“Good, am there baby, come inside me—fucking Mark me. Make me see stars” she growls. I pull her down on me hard—one, two, three times— I come so fucking hard, I can barely hear her voice saying my name. When I finally regain myself, I kiss her

Holy fuck, we’re gonna have a baby, she wants my baby!

“Eva, Are we really doin this?” I whisper

“Hmmmmm?” She mumbles

“Trying for a baby? Stopping the pill? Are we doing this?” I ask

She opens her eyes wide “Well, I thought that’s what you wanted?” she asks nervously climbing off my cock to lie down beside me. I almost weep at the loss of contact again “Of course that’s what I want, baby. I just wanted to check with you, make sure it was still what you wanted” I clarify

She smiles shyly “I want it all Justin” she whispers “I want to live with you, be your wife, the mother to your children and to grow old with you. I want it all” she smiles brightly

Fuck, I really have hit the fucking lottery or something with this woman

“That’s the most beautiful words, I’ve ever heard baby!” I whisper smiling at her

She smiles back at me shyly, resting her head on my chest “I love you, Justin” she whispers, I close my eyes as her words reach my heart.

“I love you too, baby” I whisper “More than I ever thought possible” I say as I kiss her head and wrap my arms around her body, squeezing her tightly against mine. I sigh happily, falling back asleep with the love of my life, in my arms

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