Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Forty Nine-Eva

I wake up feeling really hot, I notice Justin has entwined his naked body with mine. I laugh quietly, trying not to wake him as his head is on my chest, his arm slung over my waist and his legs wrapped round mine. Smiling, I comb my fingers through his hair. so soft. He nuzzles into my chest rubbing his cheek on my boob, He moans ”Mmmmmm....” licking my nipple “I could definitely get used to waking up with you naked in my arms” he growls his voice heavy with sleep making his Irish accent stand out more. I moan both from hearing his sexy voice and of the sensation of him licking my nipple

“Mmmmm, Me too. I love how your voice sounds when you wake, makes your sexy voice sound even more sexier” I purr, He sits up onto his elbow smiling, looking down at me as he strokes my cheek “Have I ever told you how beautiful you look of a morning? I mean god damn, baby. You’re beautiful all the time, but when you wake, lying there, your hair all fanned out on the pillow, your beautiful eyes all bright and stunning” he whispers

“Shut up!” I snort hiding my face “I’ve probably got panda eyes from my mascara” I joke

He pushes in between my thighs “Listen here woman, that is the last time I wanna hear any negative comments, you make about yourself, especially in front of me!” He growls “YOU, My incredibly beautiful, sexy fiancée of mine.

Need to believe that when I tell you something, no matter what it is, it’s always the truth, baby. I would never lie to you, ever. So if I tell you that you look fucking stunning of a morning, what are you gonna hear?” He growls

I smile shyly “That I look fucking stunning of a morning” I whisper

“Damn fucking straight woman!” He grunts “And what are you gonna do about that comment?” He growls

“Believe you” I whisper

“That’s fucking right baby. My woman is a fucking stunner. And I am one lucky son of bitch, cos you’re mine, ALL. MINE" he growls as he kisses down my neck, going lower and lower down my body “So fucking sexy” he murmurs licking at my belly button “Open those beautiful thighs wider for me baby, am hungry for my pussy” he growls, I moan in anticipation, opening my legs wider for him

He groans “So fucking pretty” he growls “How can you be clueless as to how fucking beautiful you are baby? inside and out, you unman me, Eva. Just by looking at me, baby” he murmurs “I love you, baby” he purrs as the tip of his tongue licks at my clit.

I moan “Fuck, baby, I love you too”

“I love them sexy sounds you make baby, makes me so fucking hard for you” he groans “Such a gorgeous pussy you have, Eva. All pink and swollen for me, fucking soaked—you smell so fucking good, delicious, so sweet” he growls as he licks and sucks at my pussy.

I moan “Oh, fuck—I love how you do that” I groan “More, please!” I beg

He circles my clit with his tongue “How I do what baby? What am I doing?” He smiles against my pussy, licking and sucking at my clit again “What do you want?”

I moan louder “Justin, please baby” I plead

“What do want Eva?” He growls lapping at my clit, it starts making that tingling sensation when I’m about to come “Oh fuck Justin, put your fingers in me” I growl “Please, fuck" Fuck, am gonna lose it if he doesn’t put his fingers inside me or his gorgeous cock.

He chuckles putting his fingers in slowly, teasing me “I don’t think I wanna give you my fingers baby” he growls as he leans over my body, kissing me. His tongue caresses mine, letting me taste myself on him as he lifts my legs, wrapping them around his waist, before thrusting home. We both groan at the feeling, He grasps both of my hands entwining them with his and pushes them above my head. He starts to move grinding himself inside me, I meet his thrusts with my own, hitting that fucking glorious sweet spot that he hits with his gorgeous cock “Justin” I cry “Baby” I moan loudly

Jesus fuck, he feels so good, I’m gonna fucking come already

He groans “I can feel you squeezing me already, baby, you gonna come for me? You gonna strangle my cock good?” he pants fucking me faster, our hands still clasped together above my head.

“Yes, baby—Justin, harder baby”I cry

“Harder?” He growls letting go of my hands, he sits up grabbing behind my knees, pulling them up, so my feet are on his chest “I’ll fuck you hard, baby” he growls grinning at me as he clutches my shoulders, pulling my body down as he fucks me hard, fast and deep

Fuck, he’s like a fucking steam train, pistoning his cock in and out of my pussy, fuuuuuuuuuuck....

“That’s it baby, fucking explode around my cock” he growls “Fucking drown me Eva, strangle me good, baby” he growls, one more pump from him and I’m coming so fucking hard, my eyes blur as I convulse

“Fuck, YES" Justin hisses emptying himself inside me ”Fuuuuuuuuuuck, Evaaaaaaaa. Shit, baby” His body jerks, groaning, he goes limp and he drops himself gently on top of me, where we’re both panting, gasping for our breath. Justin places his forehead against mine, sweat trickling from his nose “Fuck, sorry about that, baby” he laughs wiping where the bead of sweat landed on my cheek

I laugh breathlessly “It’s okay baby” I moan

“Fuck, baby, that was—Amazing” he groans

“That’s an understatement” I giggle “I come so hard, I thought I wet myself” I giggle hiding my face in his neck

“Don’t hide baby, I fucking love how wet you get for me” he growls

I smile shyly

"So, Good morning” he chuckles winking at me

I slap him playfully “Is it morning? What time is it” I ask

“I don’t really wanna move, am really really, happy here” he grins moving slowly

I giggle “Move, you big nympho” I tease

He pouts sticking his bottom lip out, but, reluctantly pulls out of me and lies down. I get up to stand, but getting up too fast, I have dizzy spell “Woah,” I moan, as I sit back down on the bed.

I look to justin and he’s grinning proudly “I fucked you good and proper, didn’t I, baby?” He winks

I snort laugh “That you did baby, Fucked me stupid” I stand again, walking naked to where my clutch is on the floor. I reach down to pick it up,

opening it to get my phone, Then I realise Fucking hell I’ve just done the bend and snap naked I snort laugh loud

“What’re you laughing at?” Justin chuckles at me, his sexy as sin body is sprawled out on our bed, my eyes rake over his body, appreciating it all, licking at my lips “Woman—you keeping looking at me like that, am gonna end up fucking you up that wall” he growls

I smile winking at him “I don’t mind” I purr

He growls, and before I know, he’s up and pushing me against the wall lifting me, thrusting inside me “Jesus fucking Christ Eva, you’ve got me fucking going crazy, all I wanna do is fuck you” he thrusts “Fucking make love to you, you’ve got me in fucking knots—you’re like a drug and am the addict. I’m fucking addicted to you!” He growls as he puts me down, turns me to face the wall,

my palms go flat against it and he pulls at my hips, so my arse sticks out, he thrusts back in, slapping me on the arse “Jesus, this fucking arse of yours” he grunts fucking me harder—faster, as he slaps my arse again, I moan

“You like getting spanked baby?” He growls slapping my arse

I moan loudly again “Say it, Eva” he growls slapping me again

“Oh shit Justin, YES!” I squeal getting another slap to the arse

“Then fucking, SAY IT Eva!!” He growls

"Fuck, YES I love it baby, I fucking love it, Justin” I cry

Shit, this is so fucking hot, fuck me, am gonna come

He rewards me with another slap “Fucking yeah you do, my naughty girl. So fucking hot, sexy, shit baby am gonna come, you ready? Yeah, you’re ready aren’t you, baby? Gonna fucking COME so fucking HARD" he growls with another slap to my arse. It sets me off.

I come hard “Fuck, YES justiiiiiiin" I cry as I throw my head back

“Fucking Yeeeeeeeees, Shit, Eva” he groans as he comes inside me. I lean against the wall, as we’re both panting for my breath

“Reckon I’ve gave that fifty shades dude, a run for his money there” he chuckles breathlessly

I giggle “I’ll say, who else can say they get to marry their very own Christian Grey” I tease

“Gotta admit baby, I didn’t think I’d be a kinky bastard, but I like spanking your arse like that” He grins

I snort “I bet you do” I say as he removes himself from me, wrapping his arms around me

“So....” Justin asks as he rubs my arse cheeks

“What time did you say it was?” He chuckles

I laugh “I don’t know, I didn’t actually check” I murmur

“You was too busy pervin, weren’t you?” He teases

I shrug ”So, my fiancé is fucking fit as fuck, So I can perv all I want, I can perv” I say

“You can perv all you want baby, especially if the outcome is what we’ve just done” he grins winking at me

“Why, Thank you, good sir” I joke as I remove myself from his arms, he walks to the bathroom as I reach for my phone that I dropped, I look at the screen Fucking hell its nearly 12.45pm

I gasp “Guess what time it is!” I ask him

“What?” He shouts from the bathroom

“It’s nearly quarter to one in the afternoon” I shout

The toilet flushes and he comes out still gloriously naked “Better get dressed then eh, baby? You wanna go for a walk? I can ask the hotel to do us a basket of food” he asks wrapping his arms around my waist

I smile brightly kissing him”Sounds perfect baby”

“Right, come on then, beautiful— it’s our last day here. Let’s make it count” he grins

excitedly smacking me on the arse cheek, as he walks away to get ready “Phat ass” he says in Dominic Slater’s voice

I laugh shaking my head at him “I love you baby” I shout after him

“Love you too, my SexiLucious Woman of mine” he shouts back, I sigh happily as I follow him to get dressed....

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