Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Five

W hen we get to our destination, I go to pay the driver and Amber argues with me, rolling my eyes, I tell her she can pay the cab on the way back.. Reluctantly, she agrees as we walk up towards the club. The music from inside the club is booming Rihanna’s girl in the world. We then notice Jenny’s uncle Colin, who’s stood at the door, and we walk over to him, he’s looking over people’s ID as they enter the club

“Hey, Colin” Amber shouts waving “Is Jen in yet?” She adds as we approach him, Colin looks over at us and smiles when he knows it’s us “Hey Amber, Hey Eva—yeah Jen’s inside, go and have a few drinks on me” He shouts winking at us as he moves the rope to allow us access to the club. Thanking him we walk in...

It’s packed with people dancing on the dance floor... we can’t see Jen anywhere “I’ll text Jen, let her know we’re here so she can show us where to go...“Amber says as she gets her phone out her clutch.

I nod, it’s been a while since we’ve been here, and you can tell the layout in here has changed

All of a sudden we see Jen bounding over “Hey bitches, you look awesome”She grins

Me and Amber smile back “Thanks, so do you babe,“We say

Jen is wearing a red one-shoulder mini dress, it sits high up on her upper thigh—her long brown hair and tanned skin compliments it... Me, however, wouldn’t be able to wear stuff like that—but if you’ve got it flaunt it, I say

Jen guides us over to the booth she booked in the VIP area, sitting down, Amber waves over the waiter as he passes by us holding a tray of drinks “Excuse me, can I get a round of shots here please? Oh, and some WKD’s? Cheers babe” She winks smiling seductively at him, he’s looking at her lustily “Sure, baby, I’ll bring It right over” Giving her a Wink Of his own and walks away

“Oh my god— Babe, He is GORGEOUS, he totally fancied you” Jen squeals

Amber just shrugs nonchalantly “Meh, he was alright like” She says, sounding bored looking at us and we burst out laughing....

We’re having a great time, feeling a little merry, when Amber and Jen drag me on the dance floor

We’re dancing to Ariana Grande’s side to side I’ve had one or two glasses of champers that was a gift from Colin, so I’m feeling extra brave, swaying my hips from side to side like Ariana’s saying I start lifting my arms up to the beat, rotating my body like being part of the dirty dancing crew, when I feel strong hands grip my hips.

I gasp freezing in fear, I look to see Amber with a huge grin on her face and her thumbs up. She must approve, so I start moving my hips again... god I wish this was Justin

The man’s front comes flush to my back and we start grinding on each other, I hear a groan of appreciation, then I feel his lips grazing my ear as he moves my hair over my other shoulder... then he speaks in a familiar voice as he hisses down my ear “God damn, Eva, fuck baby you look amazing—so fucking sexy, you’re a fucking vision baby” he purrs

My body tenses, why does that voice sound familiar?! And how the fuck, does he know my name?

Slowly I tilt my head back, and I look up into the eyes of Justin...

Oh fuck yes, there he is...

I smile at him seductively, Being brave, Thanks to the booze I turn around to face him and his eyes have darkened, his Adam’s apple bobs up and down as his eyes glide down my body taking me in from head to toe.

I smile at him shyly, I bite my lip “Do you know you look like a younger Justin Timberlake? And you look sexy as hell in a suit” I purr, he grins at me as Justin Timberlake’s suit & tie comes on, talk about ironic...

By the way, did I mention booze gives me word vomit! I just say whatever the fuck is on my mind...

I laugh out loud as does Justin, he leans into me to say something in my ear “I told you Eva, fate” Then he’s kissing me again...

Oh, my god, This man, Oh my god he can kiss—my hands are everywhere on his body, but Justin is being a complete gentleman, keeping his hands either on my face or my hips. We break the kiss breathless and he puts his forehead against mine again like he did earlier “I’m so happy you here, I wasn’t sure it was you at first—cos you look so different, but then I saw amber with as well... God baby, you look hot as fuck Baby, wow” He kisses my forehead.

I smile, thanking him “Can I get you a drink?” He asks.

I smile nodding, oh shit your Dutch courage has run out Eva... say something

“I’ll just have a water please,” I say shyly

He laughs at me

“Drank enough have you?” he says teasingly then asks the server for two bottled waters

I laugh “It’s Amber and Jen’s fault, they’re bad influences” I joke “So who’re you here with?” I ask curiously.

His lips graze my ear Again “I thought you already knew who I was with?” He teases me, I look at him with wide eyes and blush, I forgot he saw me look out of the window at him

I smile at him shyly hoping he’ll change the subject

“I’m just teasing you, Eva—I came with Russ and Tom, they’re in the other VIP area” He states whilst pointing to where his friends are “So... Eva, tell me about yourself,” he asks whilst drinking some water from his bottle, I watch as his lips wrap around the bottle and as throat bobs swallowing the water god that’s sexy

“Um, well I’m Eva Murphy I’m 20yrs old—my birthday is 28th march, you already know where I work—you’ve met my family already...not much else to tell really, Oh and I’m a blue nose... Well, we’re all blue noses” I wink

His eyes widen and he grins widely

“What’s wrong,” I ask

He’s still smiling at me as he leans forward to kiss me on the cheek “Nothing baby, it’s just we share the same birthday” he tells me

Shut. Up!!

“Shut. Up... really? How old are you then?” I ask Curious to know more about him

He smiles brightly at me “Yeah, Really!! I’m 21” he tells me, I look at him as if to say carry on, tell me more gesturing with my hand to do so. He laughs tucking some of my hair behind my ear, my breath hitches at his touch “I’m Justin Casey, I’m 21 from Dublin in Ireland—I moved here with my family after being signed by Everton, as you already know” he smiles again...

I gasp...which reminds me

“Casey, you say?” I query,

He nods, smiling “Dublin?” I add, He nods again grinning this time

I lean into him, my lips by his ear and say “Okay, This is totally random, but I have to ask—are you related to LA Casey? Leanne her name is, She’s an author and funnily enough, she lives in Dublin...she’s one of my favourite authors” He looks at me and smiles “Nah, Eva no relation, why? what type of books does she write?” he asks curiously

I gasp laughing “I’m not saying anything” I blush furiously

He laughs “I might google this LA Casey myself then” he teases

I laugh at him, thinking he’s joking but he’s looking at me with a serious face on, I’m about to ask him if he’s serious when we’re interrupted by Justin’s friend Russ “There you are, Where the fuck have you been?” He asks, Russ has got two girls with him, one I recognise from school—I smile at her and she smiles back, the other one however, is looking me up and down with a look of distaste or something

the fuck is up with this bitch?

“I found Eva” Justin smiles at me looking back to Russ and frowns noticing someone missing “Where’s Tom got off to?” He asks

“He got off with some girl” Russ shrugs

The snotty bitch smiles evilly at me and slides up to Justin pressing her tits on him “Justin, we were worried about you baby,” She purrs “I thought we were going back to my place to finish our party” She pouts

What the actual fuck?

Justin looks like he’s stunned by what she’s just said, his eyes wide in shock

Amber and Jen come up before I can say anything, Amber looks at the bitch in disgust then to Justin “Hey Justin, who’s the skank?” She asks looking the said skank up and down again, Justin laughs pushing the skank off of him “She’s just someone that came with Russ, that’s all”he tells her

Amber snort laughs glancing at Russ shooting him a glare, but Russ is already looking at Amber with a weird look on his face, which makes Amber stop her laughing and her eyes widen until the skank opens her mouth breaking the contact “Erm, excuuuuuse me! the fuck you just say, bitch?,“She says to Amber breaking her out of her stare with Russ

Amber scoffs “Oh nothin babe, it just takes a special kinda ho to slide up to someone else’s man, ain’t that right Eva babe?“Amber grins lifting her eyebrows up at me

The bitch has just called me out, fuck, I’m stunned— I look to Justin who’s looking at me like I’m his Christmas present and that alone decides this for me, I get up getting in the slut’s overly done face “Fuckin right it does, the fuck you think you’re doing putting your sweaty tits on my man? I growl with my hands on my hips

Skank-Ho tries to square up to me scoffing “He ain’t your man bitch, don’t kid yourself—he was with me before”she grins evilly

I feel Justin coming up behind me and I feel him putting his arms around my waist “I AM her man, I was meeting her here, cos I came with Russ—I wasn’t with you at all, we just talked that’s all—so don’t you kid YOURSELF !!” he snarls

Colin comes over then, with two other bouncers “Jen, what’s going on here babe?” He asks as he looks between us all

“Oh hey unc—this,” she says pointing to the skank ho “Is causing a ruckus, trying to make a scene, these are Everton players and I doubt you wanna have anyone here to cause a scene for them, right? Bad for business ain’t it?” She says sweetly

Colin walks up to the skank ho and grabs her by the elbow “Right, come on you,

leave these people be—go hang out somewhere else” He says as he escorts her out, with her friend—to which Amber snort laughs and shouts “Yeah, like in an alleyway” Amber and Jenny start laughing, which makes the rest of us laugh... I feel Justin squeeze me and whispers “So, I’m your man am I?” He teases

Shit what do I say...shit shit shit “Ummmm” I’m panicking now, calm down Eva before you fuckin hyperventilate

“Eva, it’s okay, I know it was just a front to get her away” he smiles, but I can’t help but feel sad. He comes closer and again I’m consumed with the smell of Issey Miyake “Eva...” He whispers

I look up at him as he tucks a hair behind my ear “Can I take you out some time? Like on a date?” He asks nervously

“Yes,” I say with a smile

“Really?” He smiles brightly, I nod as Amber comes up beside us “Come on Tyson it’s time to go,” She says with Russ and Jen next to her, Russ is looking at Amber like she’s the only woman in the club, hmm.

“Eva, can I have your number?” Justin asks hopefully

I nod and tell him my number, he rings my phone and I hear my “z-cars Everton’s theme song ringtone coming from my clutch and my face flushes red as I shrug my shoulders,

Justin laughs at my unease coming up to me and kisses me ...

Breaking the kiss, he puts his forehead against mine again “You have my number now too, I’ll speak to you later, are you going home?” He asks me, I look at Amber sighing with a laugh as she shakes her head “Yes, lover boy we’re going home—so don’t ring her till tomorrow, we need our beauty sleep” She warns him

He whispers huskily in my ear “You couldn’t possibly need any beauty sleep...cos you’re goddamn perfect” He kisses my neck making me shiver

“Alright, alright come on Eva—time to leave”Amber scolds

I roll my eyes “ Ok mum” I giggle

“I’ll see you soon, baby” Justin says

“Bye” I wave smiling shyly, walking away,I look back to look at Justin again—he’s still standing there with Russ, he’s got a big grin on his face and he blow’s me a kiss, I don’t wanna go but amber’s dragging me away so I sigh heavily and blow him a kiss back...

Amber moans “God, it’s like Romeo and Juliet or some shit” She looks back as well,

Russ is looking at her with that look on his face again and he grins waving at her, which she blushes and waves back...I laugh at amber’s rare shyness which she scowls at me “What?” she snaps daring me to say anything

“Nothing” I hold my hands up in surrender but I’m biting my cheek to stop myself from laughing, We leave in our cab, Jen decided to get a separate cab home from us as she lives in the opposite way from us—we tell her to be safe and text us when she gets home... just as I get my seatbelt on, I get a text...it’s from Justin

Justin: Is it bad that I miss you already? x

I sigh, this is moving fast, isn’t it? He can’t possibly miss me—But I miss him, god I’ve got a shit ton of butterflies in my stomach...

Amber brings me out my thoughts “You’re so fucked girl” she sighs

I smile brightly “I totally agree with you girl” I sigh back as we snuggle up to each other whilst we look out the window on the drive home...

I am so fucked...

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