Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty-Eva

Justin asks the manager of our hotel where the best place to go for having a walk and to have a picnic. He suggested a place not far from where the hotel is called Low Strawbs Garden’s

Finding the place on the sat nav, we drive to take us to where we need to go. As Justin drives, I take in the scenery, of the huge lake, beautiful trees and flowers “God, it’s so beautiful here” I say in awe

“Yeah, it is, it reminds me of the part of Ireland I was from” Justin murmurs “You’d love it there” he smiles

“I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, ever since I watched P.S I love you, It’s so amazing the scenery there, and of course, Gerard Butler got me loving the Irish accent” I smile winking at me

“Well, You don’t need Gerard Butler now, baby. You got yourself a real Irish man now” he winks

“That I have” I purr “A very Fine Irish man” I say entwining my hand with his. He lifts our hands up placing a kiss and a naughty lick of his tongue to my hand, winking at me

“Love you baby” he says softly

“Love you too babe” I smile at him, watching him drive us to our destination.

Not even ten minutes later, we arrive and park up “Wow, how fab is that view?” I ask

Justin kisses me on the cheek “Beautiful,” he says looking at me, then grabs my hand, his other hand is holding the basket “That’s handy, a picnic table right facing the lake” he grins pulling us towards the picnic table

God I love his smile, so fucking beautiful

“Now now, my fiancée of mine. I think you can come up with a more manly name for my smile” he teases “Like sexy or swoon worthy” he winks

I blush, realising I’ve said that out loud “Shut up you, You’re beautiful fullstop, and I mean that in the best manly way” I smile kissing him on the lips.

We sit down at the table and Justin empty’s the basket, he removes sandwiches, fruit, bottles of water and some strawberry cheesecake and places them on the picnic table

“Mmmmm, cheesecake" I lick my lips “I haven’t had cheesecake in ages” I moan

He grins “Eat your dinner first, young lady” he scolds me playfully

“Yes Sir” i purr

“Naughty little minx” he growls grinning at me

I wink “it’s a good job, we wrapped up warm, isn’t it? The blue skies fooled us” I shiver as the wind blows cold air in our faces

“Nah, we’ll be fine once we eat and go for a walk, apparently there is a pathway around the lake,” he points to the sign behind us marked walking trail

“So are you ready to break the news to our parents?” I ask Justin as I bite into my sandwich

“Well they already know baby, they just don’t know what your answer,” he smiles happily “We’ve got other news to break to them too, your dad will probably have a fit over that, like” he laughs nervously

“You leave dad to me” I say He’ll be fine, if not, he’ll just have to get over it...

“No, it’s me and you remember, we do it together” he says reaching for my hand

I smile nodding “Me and you” I say squeezing his hand, we finish our food, and pack the basket away putting it back in the car. Holding hands, we walk along the pathway

“Gotta Tell ya, am lucky am wearing me trainers here” I laugh as I walking on the uneven ground

“Just be careful, baby” Justin says “I don’t want you hurting yourself” he says as he holds me tighter

“I should be saying that to you babe, you’re the professional footballer with the multi million pound contract deal” I tease, then I decide to ask him a question, that’s been bugging me for ages “So, I have a question, but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to?” I ask him nervously

“Baby, you can ask me anything, what’s up?” He smiles

“Okay, So I was wondering, what made you move to Kirkby of all places? Players normally live in formby or somewhere like that” I ask him

He sighs “Basically our decision revolved around our Brandon, I didn’t wanna be too far away from goodison and the best special needs school that was available to suit his needs, was Blue Saint Park. The house isn’t far from the school Incase of emergencies, and were in a nice quiet area aswell. We didn’t need the big houses, we wanted to keep things as normal as possible for him, when we saw our house for sale, we instantly bought it” he shrugs “Luckily for me that you lived next door, too” he grins winking at me

I giggle “I know, how weird was that? I bottled myself when I seen the moving van was from Ireland. I didn’t have time to wait around cos I was already running late for work” I shake my head

“And then you bumped into me” he laughs “Best day of my life, that day” he says pulling me to him wrapping his arms around my waist, I put arms around his neck and kiss him

“I love you baby” I purr

He places his forehead against mine kissing the tip of my nose “And I love you too....” he murmurs against my lips as he goes to kiss me again, but we’re interrupted by my phone ringing as I hear the Z-Cars playing

“Who can that be?” I ask, lifting it out from my coat pocket Amber...

I answer straight away, putting her on speakerphone

“Hey babe, you okay?” I ask

“Hey girl, what happened to communication bitch face? You gone forgot about me now have you?” She teases

I gasp “As if” I joke

“Mmhmm” she tuts

“Hey fuckers” Russ shouts through the phone “You guys bumped uglies yet?” He chuckles

Me and Amber Gasp “Russ” We squeal

“Boy, am gonna slap you silly, when I get off this phone” Amber growls

“Ooooo, kinky, you know I love it when you go all kinky on me baby” He purrs

I swear this lad is basically The Scouse Stephen Stifler

“Are you honestly saying that shit to me while am on the fucking phone to our friends!” She growls “I swear baby, you’re lucky I love you”

“Mmmmm baby, I really fucking like it when you say that to me” he growls

Amber moans

“Erm, hello? Fucking hell guys, we can hear you know?” Justin growls

Amber gasps “Oh shit, sorry guys, it’s all Russ’s fault” she argues

“Whatever woman, you luuuurve my arse” he chuckles

“What the fuck ever. It’s like being with a child half the time” She huffs teasingly “Anyway...” she adds “Babe, Have you worn all your outfits yet?” She giggles. She’s fucking giggling and Justin’s looking at me confused I’m gonna kill er’

“What are you talking about?” Justin and Russ ask

“It’s nothing, you guys” I growl “Amber should know when to shut her mouth, and save that for our woman talk!” I say through clenched teeth

I’m blushing, I am fucking blushing

“Fuck the woman talk, girl. It’s a simple question, Have you or have you not worn all your fucking outfits....” Amber growls Jesus Christ—

"YES! Fucking YES! Alright? You happy now? fuck, amber!” I growl

I don’t have the time to correct myself, as I’ve only actually worn two of my four lingerie sets, before I hear

“You little freak, you’ve worn them all? Guuuuuurl” She squeals as she starts singing the tune to missy Elliot’s getcha freak on “Eva got her freak on, her freak on YES, her freak on Yes"

“QUIET” I shout angrily, yet a little impressed of my timing there as that was Missy’s next word “What the fuck amber? Have you not just told Russ not to do that shit?” I growl

“Holy shit!” Russ whoops as he realises why amber’s singing the song to us, then he joins in with her, singing along to Missy Elliott

“They got their freak on YES their freak on YES.... They got their, got their, got their—freak”

Me and Justin look at each other, not knowing what to think, we don’t know whether to be angry or laugh our arses off at the shit our best friends are doing down the phone. Reaching for my phone, Justin disconnects their call, hanging up on them “What in the actual fuck, was that?” I say in shock

“I guess they know we’ve lost virginity’s” lJustin says shaking his head

“Did they honestly make a song of us losing our virginity’s to missy Elliott’s getcha freak on?” I laugh

“Fucking Russ and Amber” Justin growls

“They’re our best friends, we’d be lost without them” I shrug giggling

“Lucky fucking us” he groans “By the way, What are these outfits she’s talking about? Is she talking about lingerie?” He asks excitedly then sees my blushing face and groans “Baby, have you got more fucking sexy lingerie?” he growls, I nod slowly licking my lips seductively. He groans again grabs hold of his cock squeezing it and then grabs me, throwing me over his shoulder “Eeeek, Where’re we going? I thought we were going on a walk?” I ask

“Nah, I’d rather see you in lingerie you’ve got” he growls

“But I’ve got two” I purr

“Well, it’s a very good fucking thing, we’re skipping the walk then isn’t it?” He growls spanking my arse

I moan “Hurry baby” I plead

“Don’t baby, otherwise I’ll fuck you right here, right now” he warns putting me down as he opens his car door kissing me hard “In,” He growls gesturing to the open car door. Getting in, I’ve barely got my seat belt on before he puts his foot on the gas skidding out of the car park, and drives us back the hotel.

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