Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty One-Eva

We reach back to the hotel in less than half the time it took to get us there, we didn’t even using the sat nav either. We get out the car, I’m laughing “Gotta say baby, I’m impressed you got us back so fast, and with out the sat nav, too” I praise

“You can thank me properly, by showing me this sexy lingerie you’ve got hiding in our suite” he growls kissing me hard on the lips then grabs my hand pulling me fast towards our hotel, I giggle walking faster, giddy as fuck, trying catching up to him. Entering our suite, he growls “Baby, I need to see this, please, indulge your man!” He groans palming his hard cock

I grin wickedly, stroking my fingers down his chest “Why don’t you, order us some drinks, while I change” I purr

He growls, grabbing my arse cheek squeezing it “Fuck me, woman!” He groans spanking it before letting me go. I giggle as I run to the bedroom, picking the red lingerie with the red stockings, I’m getting changed quickly careful not to tear my stockings, I clip them to the suspenders. Dressed, I quickly fluff my already curly hair, before adding some mascara and lip gloss, finishing it with a spray of perfume. I open the door, walking into the sound of music being played. Justin must be using my Spotify app—where is he? Chris Brown- Back to sleep is playing

Come and ride on me like the waves

I flip the pages cause I wrote the book on the way how to sex you up, sex you up—

I feel Justin behind me, as goosebumps come out all over my skin, my body reacts to him

I gotta say baby, you’re quite the naughty girl aren’t you? All those songs about sex,

this ones more appropriate though, don’t you think?” he growls licking my earlobe, making me moan.

“Turn around baby, slowly” he groans, I smile biting my lip, as I start turning slowly around to him. I’m Facing him now, and he’s gloriously naked, his cock hard, his eyes glide slowly down my body as he takes in what I’m wearing “Fuck me, gotta say baby, I don’t normally like the colour red, but on you?” he groans “Fucking hell, it may change to being my favourite” He growls as his eyes make there way back up, his eyes connect with mine “Jesus, I’ve said it many times already, but I’ll keep on saying it. I am one lucky fucking bastard, holy shit, Eva—fuck baby, you look sexy as fucking sin” he growls “Lemme see that arse again, baby” he growls, I turn, my back now facing him, I feel him lick my arse cheek, spanking it, I moan loudly “What’s this?” he growls pulling on the g-string snapping it lightly back on the skin of my arse

I gasp “It’s called a g-string” I whisper “It’s basically a thong, but with a thinner elastic”

"I like these, baby” he growls spanking my arse again

I gasp again “You do?” I moan

“Fuck yeah, I do baby, I love how they make your arse look” he growls “Fucking spankable” he spanks both my arse cheeks, rubbing them soothingly

Fuck am gonna end up coming just from him spanking me, holy shit...

Without warning he rips the g-string from my body, pushes me against the wall as he lowers himself to the floor “Hold on tight, baby” he growls throwing my legs over his shoulders, standing us up

I squeal “Oh, shit, Justin, what are you?” I say grabbing hold of his head, though my protest is cut off by his tongue licking my clit ”Oh fuck, Justin” I groan as my back hits the wall again. He licks and kisses my pussy, circling my clit “Fuck baby, you taste so fucking good, so fucking sweet” he growls licking faster in circles

I moan “Oh, Oh Yes, fuck yes, baby. Just like that, yes” I cry

He growls “I want you to come on my face, baby. You’re gonna come for me, aren’t you baby? Come on my tongue, give me them sweet juices” he groans with a hard suck of my clit

“Oh fuck baby, am gonna come, am gonna...Ohhhhh, fuck Justin!” I groan, as I come all over his face

“Fuck yes, baby” he growls lapping up my juices

“Mmmhmmm” he moans sucking at my lowers lips, letting me go with a pop sound.

My eyes are still closed from the intensity of the orgasm, I’ve just felt Jesus Christ, that was hot...

“Eva, open your eyes, baby,” He asks hoarsely

I open my eyes, and around his mouth is shiny with my release “I love you” he croons

“I love you too” I say softly, he walks us over to our bed, lowering me down gently whilst removing my legs from his shoulders. He settles himself on top of me gently, his bottom half in-between my thighs, he kisses me then, his tongue caressing mine, I can taste myself on his lips “I love you, Eva Murphy” he whispers before thrusting inside me, groaning “So. Fucking. Good, I will never tire of this feeling, Eva. You wrapped so tightly around my cock, fucking strangling me so fucking good baby, Fuck, I love you” he growls as he quickens his pace, I move my hips, as I meet him thrust for thrust “I love you too, Justin” I moan “Fuck baby...” I cry

He grabs one of my legs, throwing it over his shoulder, grinding his cock into me “Holy Fuck, Baby, it’s so fucking deep, am gonna come, are you with me baby? You gonna soak me with your juices? Squeeze me so good?” he growls

“Yes baby, am there Justin, am there, Baby” I cry as I explode

He growls loudly “Fuck, YES. EVA BABY, Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” he groans as we convulse around each other

“So fucking good, baby...” he pants “I vote for more fucking lingerie, baby. A nice little trip to Ann summers, for us two” he grins winking at me

I snort laugh “Sure, baby” I giggle

He grins at me, wiggling his eyebrows then kisses me passionately “How about we have a little nap, recharge our fuck bunny batteries, and then you can show me your other outfit, eh? What dya say?” He asks stroking my cheek.

I giggle “Fuck bunny batteries? you really have been friends with Russ for too long, think he’s rubbed off on you!!” I joke

Justin lies down, bringing my body flush with his. I lay my head down on his chest as his arms wrap around me, he scoffs “Fuck, don’t tell him that baby, I won’t hear the fucking last of it” he groans

I laugh “My lips are sealed, baby” I purr, as I place a chaste kiss on the lips “I love you Justin” I whisper.

He smiles brightly at me ” I love you too, baby” he says softly. I sigh happily, resting my head against his chest again, Closing my eyes as I drift off to sleep.

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