Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Two-Eva

We ended up sleeping through till late in the morning, missing check out. The manager was understanding as Justin explained he was knackered after our long walk yesterday. I’m laughing my arse off at him, he’s trying to keep a straight face as he talks to the manager whilst he checks us out. Justin’s throwing mock glares at me “Stop it” he mouths grinning at me. I shake my head, pulling tongues at him “Make me” I mouth at him, earning me a look that makes me squirm in need.

Outside Justin packs our luggage away in the boot of the car huffing “I can’t believe we slept through the night, and I never got to see you in the last outfit” he moans pouting at me

“Awwww, Don’t worry baby. You’ll see it soon enough, I promise” I purr rubbing my thumb against his pouting lip

His eyes darken “I’ll hold you to that, baby” he growls nipping my thumb gently, I giggle, shaking my head as we both get in the car.

Getting my phone out, I send a text off to mum and amber telling them we’re on our way home. I don’t have to wait long before I get replies off both of them.

Mum: “See you soon babe x”

Amber: “See you bitch face, still haven’t forgiven you for putting the phone down on us! That was cold x”

“Amber got a cob on with you, has she?” Justin asks in amusement

“Nah! She can never stay mad at me, she loves me too much” I wink

He smiles at me “I can understand that” He smiles

I smile shyly at him “So,!do you think you’ll need the sat nav to get us back home? Or would you be okay?” I ask him

“I reckon I’ll be okay, I can just follow the sign’s to Liverpool, should be easy enough” he grins “Why don’t you put some music on, baby?”

“Oh okay,” I smile getting my Spotify app up on my phone

Justin presses a button on the steering wheel, and I hear a robotic Spotify Connected I gasp as he grins at me

“Brilliant that, eh?” He grins winking at me

I snort “You boys and their toys” I tease “That’s handy that, though” I say as I look through my Spotify playlist, I stop on a song pressing play

Taio Cruz- Fast Car plays

“What’s this baby?” Justin asks

“Listen” I smile, he listens to the lyrics of the song, his head bopping to the beat

I’ll drive you like a fast car....

Justin grins at me “I like this” he growls

I wink smiling at him “I thought you might” I laugh

“I’ve got one,” Justin says as he presses the Spotify app on the LCD screen, and scrolls through the songs

I gasp “That’s just fucking awesome, fuck. This car is like the knight rider or some shit” I say in awe

He grins at me “I loved that program, dad used to let me watch it on....”

“Oh my god me too, on LivingTV or something like that weren’t it?” I smile

“Haven’t got a clue baby, once that came on nothing existed around me” he laughs “I had a knight rider car too as a kid, you know one of them ones you sit in? Or was that the thunder cats car?” He thinks to himself and shrugs “Doesn’t matter, but I loved that program, I even named this car KITT” he winks

I scoff and roll my eyes “Figures,”

He grins at my response, He puts one hand over the LCD screen, pressing the play button on the steering wheel

“Reckon you’d know who this is” he teases

Just then I hear Justin Timberlake voice coming through the speakers— I recognise the song That girl—

“JT” I say smugly, I lay my head back listening to JT’s voice

Didn’t have to run, I knew it was love from a mile away

But I had to catch you, been running through my mind all day, baby

I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve never actually listened to the words of the song, the meaning behind it.

"I love this song” I smile listening to the words of the song

"I love you” he whispers kissing my hand “This makes me think of that day, when we first met, I think it’s speaks volumes. Of how I felt, and how I feel now” he smiles shyly

"I love you too, baby. I think music helps you express yourself better— So Yeah, I understand, baby” I smile squeezing his hand

He smiles sighing happily as he focuses back on the road “Are you looking forward to seeing everyone?” He asks

“As much as I didn’t wanna come home, I have missed everyone, think that’s the longest I’ve ever been away from everyone, apart from the hospital times” I smile sadly

“Hey, No sad faces. Not today, baby. Today is when we tell everyone our news” he smiles brightly “I can’t wait to tell everyone, I swear baby, you have made me that happiest man on the planet, 2018 is going to be an exciting year.” He grins

What?!? is he wanting to be married soon? Am I ready for that?

“Why? when are you wanting to be married?” I ask biting my lip

He frowns at me “Well, sooner rather than later baby. Call me a selfish fucker, but I wanna have you living with me, have my name and have my baby growing in your belly like, Now!” He growls

Fuck, I love it when he growls at me, so fucking sexy, fuck. No, Focus, Eva.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit too soon though, baby? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love you, with all my heart— and I want all that with you too, but don’t you wanna be engaged for a bit first?” I ask

He gives me a puzzled look looking at the road and back to me ”Hell no baby! I don’t wanna wait, you told me yourself your mum and dad were engaged within four months of being with each other. You were born not long after?!? Why can’t we have the same? I’ve seen your mum and dad’s love, that’s how I see us in 20 years time, please baby” he croons kissing my hand “Please say yes” he pouts with puppy dog eyes

Fuck, how can I say no to that? To that gorgeous face? I sigh grinning “Okay, but we’ll plan it all, yeah?” I say giving in to this beautiful man

“I reckon we should get married on your 21st! On our birthday’s!” He grins

“But that’s a Wednesday” I frown

“Fine, either the Saturday before or the Saturday after, you choose. Have you gotten off the pill yet?” He asks all giddy

I’m about to respond, when I realise the last time I took my pill was on Friday morning, I gasp

“What’s the matter baby? You okay?” he asks squeezing my hand

I smile brightly “I’m fine baby, I’ve actually just realised, the last time I took my pill was Friday morning so—” I say sheepishly as I look to him, he looks at me with a confused face until it downs on him Lightbulb...

I laugh at his face, as it lights up with a smile so big, looking at me then to the road “Does this mean you could be?” he asks excitedly

“Well it’s early days yet babe, but it’s possible. I haven’t long had my period, but I don’t know how the pill works, you know whether it was still in my system when we had sex”I blush

“Phone the doctors baby, make an appointment, I wanna know if it’s possible” he smiles excitedly, his eyes darken then “And if not, we’ll be having lots and lots of fun. I wanna be so fucking deep inside, coming so hard for you, whenever we get the chance” he growls “Fuck” He groans “Am fucking hard as fuck now”

He’s so fucking hot, I love it when he gets all caveman over me...

I undo my seatbelt, turning my body to reach over to his jeans, undo the button and zip, as I lick my lips in anticipation. He looks at me wide eyed, shocked with what I’m about to do “What are you doing baby?” He growls as his hands tighten around the wheel

“What does it look like?” I say innocently as I take his hard cock out, grasping it

He groans “Fuck, You only have to touch me, and it makes me crazy” he growls

“Concentrate on the road, Mr Casey” I tease licking at the tip, tasting him “Mmmmmm" I moan

“Baby” he groans as I Move my hand up and down, licking around the head of his cock, taking him fully in my mouth, moving my head up and down until I hear “Oh FUCK EVAAAA! Holy shit baby, that’s it. Suck it, fuck baby, you suck me so fucking good. Shit, Eva I can’t, am gonna have to pull over!” He groans “I can’t fucking concentrate when you’re doing that to me” he growls

He pulls the car over at the next Lay By,

my mouth is still around his cock sucking

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck—FUCK!” He chants, stopping the car, then I feel his hand grasp the back of my head, grabbing my pony tail, he wraps it around his hand then starts moving my head with his hand. Faster and faster my movements quicken, I hear him growl loudly

Fuck, This is so hot—god am so fucking turned on right now

I moan

“Fuck baby, am gonna come, am gonna come—HOLY fuck, Eva” He groans as he comes in my mouth. I swallow it all, licking him clean, squeezing Every. Last. Drop from his body, releasing him with a pop. I wipe around my mouth, and tuck his still hard cock away carefully, then fasten his jeans back up, I look to him, and he’s got his eyes shut, but he’s got the biggest grin ever to grace his gorgeous face.

I smile “So, shall we make a move?” I tease.

Opening his eyes, he grasps the back of my neck and pulls me to him kissing me, tasting himself on my lips

“You are” he shakes his head in awe “You are fucking amazing, baby. And as much as I’d love to return the favour, nobody sees this pussy but me” he growls kissing me once again


“Let’s go home shall we? The sooner we’ve announced our news” he grins “The sooner I can go to town on this pussy” he growls, I moan in need “Are you already wet, baby?” He croons

“Soaked” I moan

“Awwww, my poor baby” he pouts “But I think i remember someone saying not so long ago The longer the anticipation, the better the outcome” he teases “I wonder who said that?” he asks grinning wickedly, he starts his car again chuckling his arse off

The little bastard...

“You bastard” I moan, he winks at me chuckling to himself as he drives us home.

The utter, bastard...

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