Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Three-Eva

We arrive home, Russ’s car is outside our house “Looks like Amber and Russ are at ours” I say as Justin parks his car in his driveway shutting off the engine. He gets out the car and comes around to my side, to help me out the passenger seat, wrapping his arms around my waist hugging me close to him, my arms instantly wrap around his neck as he kisses me briefly “Are you ready to do this thing?” He asks as he puts his forehead to mine

“Yeah” I whisper smiling at him

“Me and You, remember,” he says kissing me again “I love you, baby” he adds

I smile “I know, I love you too”

Then we hear “Hey come on now, Romeo, let my girl go, you’ve had her all weekend” Amber teases

“Shall we go back?” Justin jokes through clenched teeth

I laugh, hiding my face in his neck

“Eh, I heard that. She ain’t go nowhere, now get your fine arse over her, missus” Amber squeals

I pull myself from Justin’s arms but grab hold of his hand pulling him with me “Did you say yes? Did she say yes?” She asks us in excitement “Don’t fuck with me Rome, tell me” she growls

“You better hurry up, and tell my girl, dude—before she goes all scrappy doo on your arse, you don’t want that, trust me,” Russ says holding his palms up

Amber grins at him “You weren’t complaining last night” she says innocently, Russ growls as he steps towards her, pressing his body against hers.

“Now, before we get a fucking preview of this Amber and Russ Porn Special, Eva said YES!” Justin says getting Amber and Russ’s attention “Now, we’re going in to tell everyone else, you keep doing what you’re doing, by all means,” Justin teases

“She said YES?” Amber squeals happily “You said YES?” she beams at me. I nod, showing her my ring

"FUCK ME! The size of that beauty” she says in awe “Rome, you did good boy” she says give him a hi-five

“Where’s my baby girl? Amber, stop hogging her will ya!” Dad says at the door as mum runs out frantically

“What did you say? What did she say???” She asks us all as I hold up my ring in response, grinning like a fool. I feel Justin behind me, as he wraps’s his arms around my waist. Mum starts screaming and shouts “Oh My God! She said, yes" as she runs back in the house when we hear ”Barbara! She said YES!” She squeals down the phone to Amber’s mum, I look at Amber laughing, Amber’s already laughing her arse off.

“Girl, it’s just your amber, now” Mum squeals down the phone

“What the fuck, Ma Ava? One wedding at a time” Amber shouts

Dad grins at me with tears brimming in his eyes “Congratulations to you both, am so happy for you baby girl” he corals holding his arms out for me to hug him

My arms go around his waist, hugging him “Thank you daddy”I whisper

“That’s not the only news,” Justin says behind me

“Why? What else is there?” Amber asks in excitement “Oh my God, you’re pregnant?” she gasps “Fucking hell Rome, what you got in them, Irish swimmers?” she jokes

“I’m not pregnant,” I say

“We don’t think” Justin finishes for me

“What the fuck?” Dad says behind me

“Fucking hell, can we at least go inside, instead of having a debate over my love life in the street please?” I huff “Thanks” I add sarcastically

“Go Ed, son” Russ whoops behind me fist bumping Justin which he accepts

I scowl at him, and he mouths an innocent ”What?” At me, I shake my head Men...

“Where are the girls?” I ask dad as we walk into the kitchen

“Cat’s took Holly to the park around the corner,” dad says “Ava, You better get off that phone, now. Eva’s got something else she wants to tell us” Dad shouts as his eyes narrow in suspicion at us

“Girl, Hang on a minute, Eva’s got something else she needs to tell us” She Squeals

“Fucking hell woman, will you hurry the fuck up so I can find out what’s happening with our daughter, please?” Dad growls

“Okay, okay, calm ya arse will you, Am here,” Mum says coming into the kitchen Everyone looks to us waiting for us to tell them the news. Justin squeezes my hand in encouragement, I smile at him

“Right well, as you know, I said yes to Justin’s proposal,” I say “I—also said yes to getting married on my 21st birthday,” I say quickly

Mum and Amber gasp, squealing and clapping their hands excitedly, like fucking seals

Justin coughs “And” He adds

Fuck me, He’s really going to make say this isn’t he?

“And, I could be pregnant. I forgot to take my pill whilst we were away, and I only realised this morning” I say sheepishly stunning everyone silent

“But” Justin adds

I groan “What Eva is trying to say, is that if she isn’t pregnant, she will end up pregnant, soon,” Justin says “Oh, we’re moving in together soon, as we find a place” he adds with a grin

“How come you didn’t use any Johnnies?” Russ frowns at Justin

“Cos we didn’t want to use any!” he says through gritted teeth “We decided we wanted to try for a baby soon as possible,” he says whilst smiling brightly at me

“Shut your fucking face!” Amber gasps at me

“Fuck me Rome, you only had her the weekend, and you’ve got your ring on her finger. Popped your cherry bombs, possibly got her pregnant AND you’re getting married in three months time, I mean—Shit!!" Amber says in awe

Russ snorts laughing “Popped their cherry bombs”

“Holy fuck, paddy. We’re gonna be grandparents—Am gonna be a Fucking, Nanny!” Mum cries happily

“Mum I don’t even kno—” I say before she cuts me off

“Oh behave, Eva, look at the man” She scoffs

gesturing to Justin, he grins proudly at that comment puffing his chest out

“I need to make an appointment first, to see the doctor about it all,” I say

“Dude, you the man,” Russ says fist bumping Justin again

I look to dad and he’s just staring at me looking, lost

“Dad? are you okay?” I ask

He’s still staring “Dad?” I shake him

And he blinks furiously at me “My life has literally just flashed before my eyes, it’s like you were only born yesterday, and now you’re saying—you’re saying, fuck me....” he groans as mum legs it from the kitchen to the living room again

"Barb! You’ll never guess what our Eva’s just told us” she squeals

I look to Amber grinning “You’re next” I tease her

“Nun-uh! Nope, not happening!” Amber shakes her head

Suddenly, Russ’s signature grin on his face drops, but quickly masks it “Baby, I just remembered, I gotta do this thing, for my mum, I’ll call you later” he says kissing her on the cheek.

Amber frowns “Russ, baby, what??” She asks confused. I look to Justin and see he’s also looking concerned at Russ’s sudden departure.

“I’ll call you later,” he says to amber quickly “Congrats, you guys” he smiles sadly to us, then leaves our house, shutting the front door behind him.

“What the actual fuck, was That about?” Amber frowns

Nobody saw Russ’s face when Amber got upset over her reaction to marriage and babies, but I did...

Poor Russ...

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