Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Four-Eva

Justin goes home to his mum and dad to tell them our news, promising to be back once he’s told them and seen Brandon giving him his gifts from our trip

Amber went home still confused as to why Russ made his sudden departure...but managed to still get her opinion in about our upcoming wedding

“I better had be you maid of honour! Your my girl...it only seems right” she winks leaving before I can even respond

Me mum had told the girls of our announcements and gave them my gifts for me...I was too exhausted so I went to bed

Dad too, had gone to bed still stunned from our news...he surprised me to be honest,I had actually expected him to be upset or at least something more than quiet and in shock... I suppose he’ll come around in his own time

I manage to get an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow morning to which Justin was adamant to come along with me for...

Justin comes back and get’s in the lying down behind me his hand instantly goes to my stomach cradling my belly “Mum and dad are really happy for us baby” he murmurs with a smile in his voice “they were surprised we didn’t tell them our news together, I told them that you were tired from the trip and everything” he says stroking my stomach

“God they probably think am a right bitch” I gasp “I should of went with you” I shake my head

Justin chuckles “Nah baby...they understood, they’ve asked us to come for tea one day this week, is that okay?”

“Yeah, Thank God, I don’t wanna piss of my in-law’s before they become my In-law’s” I snort “So, are they excited about the wedding?” I ask

He snorts “You couldn’t possibly piss them off baby. They love you too much, Ma especially, God, you should of seen her. She was as bad as your mum, squealing everywhere, I’m surprised you didn’t hear her” he chuckles “Ma’s already made plans with your mum and Barbara to talk about the wedding”

“Oh God, help us” I chuckle as Justin cup’s my stomach “I really hope our baby is growing in there already” he whispers

“As much as I want there to be a baby, we need to be prepared, just Incase” I whisper

“I know baby, I just” he murmurs

“Babe, I don’t wanna get our hopes up if it’s not possible to be pregnant Ban, I don’t know how the pill works babe!” I say

“It’s okay baby, we’ll see what the doc says, then go from there, Okay?” he murmurs

“Okay, I love you” I whisper, then I feel Justin kissing the back of my head as he whispers “I love you too, baby” before I fall asleep

The next day, we drive to St.Chad’s Medical Centre were my doctor’s are based, my appointment was for 9.45am with Dr.Winterburn.We’re waiting in the waiting room to be called in “Are you sure you’re okay being here with me? What if the press find out where you are? Or if someone in here recognises you?” I whisper

“I don’t give two fucks to be honest baby, Nothing was going to stop me from being here with you. Besides, am wearing a cap and sunglasses” he whispers pulling the sunglasses down to the edge of his nose to wink at me “Anyway, Marcus knows am here with you, he’ll give me a heads up if he hears anything”

Suddenly a bell chimes and a robotic voice comes on over the speaker Miss Eva Murphy, to see Dr.Winterburn, room number two, please

I sigh stand up “Right then, here we go” I say as we make our way to dr.winterburn’s room, standing outside room two, I knock once and enter the room, dr.winterburn is pre-occupied looking at the computer as I walk in. Eva, it’s been a while, please take a seat, I’ll be right with you” she says, her focus still on the screen. As we sit down, dr.winterburn sighs, turning to me “Right, Eva, what can I—Oh, I didn’t know you had company with you” she giggles “And who may you be?” She purrs

What the actual fuck? Is there fucking no where we can go without me having to see this shit happening? She’s fucking old enough to be his fucking nan for fucksake...

I roll my eyes “This is Justin Casey, Doc. My Fiancé, my soon to be husband and my possible fucking baby daddy” I huff

Justin sits there trying to keep a straight face from bursting out laughing at my outburst

“O—Oh!” She stutters “Well, Congratulations...”

“Thanks Doc” Justin winks at her making her blush,

She actually fucking blushes

What the fuck is he playing at? Fucking winking at my doctor?

“You alright there, Love? You got something in your eye or something?” I growl at Justin

“Am good baby” He says happily kissing my cheek as he entwines my hand with his

“So, How can I help you today, Eva?” Dr Winterburn asks

“Well, what it is. I’ve been away for the weekend and I forgot to take my birth control over that weekend, I’ve been sexually active in that period,

and I was wondering is it possible for me to be pregnant?” I blush

Fucking hell, why the fuck was that so fucking embarrassing to admit out loud? I laugh to myself

“Okay, so when did you last take your birth control?” Doc asks

“Friday morning” I say

“And you’ve been sexually active a lot in that time?” She queries as I blush furiously

Justin chuckles, I slap him lightly on the leg to shut him up

“Erm, I— Well, we” I stutter

“We did doc, we had sex ALOT!” Justin answers for me

I gasp at his answer my eyes widening, Justin just shrugs at me “What? we did” he says innocently

“Yeah, but you didn’t need to say it like that though did you?” I growl

Fuck me, this woman has been my doctor since I was a fucking baby. She’s basically watched me grow up and now she know’s I’ve had sex. fucking lots of sex now that Justin’s told her, am gonna kill him when we get out of here.

“Eva, its fine. I needed to know, there’s no need to be embarrassed here” she smiles at me

“So is it possible for her to be pregnant already doc? Cos if not, we wanna start trying straight away” he tells the doc bluntly

What the fuck is wrong with this man? Why not tell her how I sound when I fucking come next, fucking hell

The doctor coughs, looking at me like she just wants to burst out laughing

“Oh fuck” I groan realising that I said that out loud Justin chuckles

“That won’t be necessary, Eva” she cough chuckles “But to answer your question, Mr.Casey—it is possible, when was your last period, Eva?” She asks me

“Erm, it finished last Friday, if I remember rightly” I answer

“Right, okay, so you were probably at the start of ovulating when you had sex, it is early days, but it’s possible—what I suggest is, is your period normally on time, Eva?” She asks

I shake my head trying to find my words “No, it’s pretty irregular” I blush

“Right, okay, so what I suggest is, in two weeks time, take a pregnancy test then come see me again—whatever the result, is that okay?” She asks, I nod again

Justin speaks up again “So, doc what are the chances of Eva being pregnant?”

“Well, Mr Casey, I can’t give a definite answer, all I can say is that it’s possible— I suppose it depends on your swimmers too” she winks as Justin blushes

“Oh there ain’t no issues with my swimmers doc, believe” he chuckles

Fucking hell, should I just leave them to it?

I stand wanting to leave “Right, so I take a test when my period is due, yeah doc?” I ask flustered

Not waiting for her answer “Sound” I add turning to leave the room, leaving Justin with her as I start to cry.

What the fuck are you crying for Eva? Be fucking mad, your fiancé’s sitting there, flirting to your doctor who’s old enough to be his nan. Fucking talking about how fucking good his swimmers are.

I huff angrily, leaving the building, before I hear Justin shout my name “Eva, what the fuck, baby? Wait for me” he shouts

“Fuck off, you bastard, leave me alone” I growl

He gently grabs my arm, stilling my movements “Hey” he says softly “What’s wrong?” he frowns confused he panics when he sees the tears in my eyes.

“What’s wrong? What the fuck was that in there?” I snarl pointing to the building we’ve just came out of “Fucking flirting with another woman, while am right fucking there, she’s old enough to be your nan, for fucksake” I growl

“Baby—I wasn’t flirting, I was just been nice. I know she’s old enough to be my nan, that’s why this outburst of yours is un-called for,” He growls

“Nice? Nice? Being nice doesn’t mean you talk about How effective your swimmers are?” I growl

“Baby, Come on now, she basically implied my fella’s were shit. So, I just set her straight, ain’t nothing wrong with my guys, I can’t believe you’re upset over that.” He chuckles “I only want you,

ya daft arse, I love you” he smiles kissing me and pulls me close, wrapping his arms around me as he wipes my tears away “I love you” he murmurs kissing the tip of my nose

I sniffle “I love you too, I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, I think am just overwhelmed with everything” I sigh suddenly feeling exhausted

“How about I take you somewhere for breakfast? Are You hungry baby?” He asks stroking my cheek

I nod “Starved,” I murmur

“Come on then, I know just the place” he winks holding my hand in his, pulling me towards his car.

Now, I just feel like a stupid arse...

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