Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Five-Eva

We end up at F & B’s on the east lancs, for a full breakfast “Russ got me on to this place, the scran is meant to be delicious” Justin says getting out of the car coming around to me to help me out the passenger seat. The mention of Russ’s name has me wondering if he’s okay—

“Have you heard from Russ at all?” I ask justin as he walks us into the restaurant “Nah, I texted him this morning, but he’s still not replied. I’ll see him tomorrow though cos we’ve got training, I still don’t know why he just took off like that? It was weird, even for him” he says as he asks the waitress for a table for two

The waitress escorts us to our seats, and we sit down at the table, looking at the menu “I’ve been here before, but I never knew they did breakfasts though, must be new thing” I smile “What are you getting baby?” I ask him

“Hmmmm, I’m thinking—the papa grande breakfast” he grins

I laugh “Aren’t you meant to be careful with what you eat?” I tease “That looks like a lot” I add

He chuckles shaking his head “Baby, you of all people should know I don’t need to watch what I eat” he purrs lifting his t-shirt up revealing his glorious defined sexy body “Besides, we could always burn off some calories, a certain way” He says wiggling his brows suggestively

Damn, I lick my lips wanting to taste every inch of his body, with my tongue...

“Baby” he groans “You keep looking at me like that, we’ll be getting out of here, so I can feast somewhere else” he growls as his eyes darken

“Erm, excuse me” The waitress stutters

Shit, I didn’t even realise she was there. I look to Justin with wide eyes, he’s just grinning at me—not fazed at all, the fucker

“I was, erm” The waitress blushes fumbling with her words “I was wondering if you have decided with what you would like to eat yet? Maybe I could get you some drinks, while you still decide?”

“What I want isn’t on your menu, love” Justin growls through gritted teeth, staring at me with hooded eyes

Me and the waitress gasp, I blush furiously Oh my god, Justin...

“I’ll erm, give you some more time” the waitress stutters as she walks away

“Excuse me” I ask after the waitress “Is there any possibility, we can order two full breakfast to go please?” I ask blushing like mad

Fucking hell, am amazed I could even get those words out

“Sure, won’t be long” she sighs in relief as she turns running away

Justin’s chuckling away facing me

“Do you think that was funny” I growl “The poor woman’s face, then” I hiss

“You started it” he chuckles pointing at me “If you weren’t looking at me like I was your favourite fucking ice-cream or something...” he chuckles shaking with laughter

“No, You started it—lifting up your shirt showing me your body...” I argue

“So you’re blaming me cos you like my body?” he asks

I shrug

“I’m glad we’re getting this to go” he growls “I’m not sure I even want it now, I’m dying to get my lips on something else” he adds licking his lips

I moan thinking about his lips on me, and someone clears their throat next to us

Fuck my life, this is fucking embarrassing

I shut my eyes

“Erm, I have your food...” she whispers handing Justin a large paper bag “You can, erm—pay at the bar, please” she adds before she runs away

Justin chuckles “Come on baby, lets go” he says holding his hand out for me and I grasp it smiling shaking my head at him

Going to the bar Justin hands the waitress his credit card and she looks at the card and up to Justin with wide eyes and gasps “You’re—You’re Justin Casey” she purrs holding his card out to him

“Yeah, he is, and he’s mine, okay?” I growl snatching the card out of her hand and grab Justin’s hand pulling him behind me.

Leaving the building, I feel Justin pulling on my hand as he growls in my ear “Baby” he whispers biting my earlobe “That was so, fucking hot, shit baby—am hard as fuck now” he growls “I need you, baby” he groans “fuck, I need you, Now!!” He growls grinding his cock into my arse.

I moan loudly and turn to face him “HOME NOW!!” I growl kissing him passionately. Breaking the kiss, Justin growls, we walk fast to the car and he drives us home

We get into our street, seeing mum and dad’s car isn’t on the drive. Empty house...

I grin at Justin, wiggling my eyebrows “Bedroom, now!” He growls kissing me hard on the lips

Getting out the car, we hurry to our front door. Opening it, Justin throws the bag with our breakfast in on the floor and picks me up, running up the stairs. In my room, he kicks the door shut lowering me down to the floor, so I can stand and he locks my door “Strip” he growls licking his lips “Lie down on the bed”

I moan “What about you? I want to see you, too” I purr

His eyes darken as he strips down to his boxers

Grabbing his hard cock through his boxers “Strip baby, Now!” He growls “I want you naked”

My mouth waters at the sight of my sexy fiancé, biting my lip. Stripping all my clothes off, I stand before him naked, blushing under his lustful stare “Lie down on the bed baby” he croons “And spread those beautiful thighs” Lying down on my bed, Justin walks over to me and lowers himself down on the foot of the bed. He licks his lips with a predatory gleam in his eyes, I open my legs and he groans “God, baby, you look so fucking beautiful, lying there with your legs wide open” he growls making me blush “Your pretty pussy’s glistening,

all swollen and wet for me” he groans “Fucking sexy...” he growls as he glides his fingers through my folds, pushing two fingers inside my pussy, moving them in and out.

I moan, arching my back “Now, baby” he croons “How many times should I make you come, hmmm??” He asks as he removes his fingers from me licking them clean. He groans “So fucking sweet, delicious, I’ll tell you what beautiful fiancée of mine. I’m going to lick, kiss, suck and finger this gorgeous pussy until you can’t take anymore” I moan Yes...

“And when you can’t take any more of that, am going to fuck you so hard and deep” he growls “When I drive to the point when you can’t take any more, I’m going make love to you, so fucking tantalisingly slow” he murmurs licking my clit “That you’ll be begging me to stop” he grins wickedly as he pushes two fingers inside me again, licking and sucking on my clit

“H-O-L-Y shit...” I moan loudly

“I promise you, baby, I’ll make you feel so good. You can take it, Baby. Let me take care of you” he coos licking and sucking at my clit

“Oh, fuck, Justin" I moan

“Baby, just lie there and let me worship you” he growls “I promise you won’t be disappointed”

Justin kept his promise, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed, not by a fucking long shot. After our sex marathon, we’re lying naked in each other’s arms, gasping for our breath

“We need to get our own place” He says breathlessly

“I know” I agree

“We’ll start looking later...“he smiles

“We also need to start planning the wedding, too” I add

“I know baby, don’t worry about it, we’ll do it, Whatever you want” he says softly

I yawn “Okay,” I whisper

“You tired baby?” He whispers

I nod “A little” I sigh

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me

lately, don’t think my body is used to all this exercise yet”I wink with a giggle

“Don’t worry baby, your body will get used to the exercise very soon, I promise” he grins kissing me “Sleep baby, I’ll be here when you wake up” he promises

Sighing happily in his arms, I drift off to sleep.....

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