Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Six-Justin

Eva’s been asleep for about twenty minutes now, I love watching her sleep, she has the cutest little pout, and she does this little thing with her nose, like a little bunny. I stroke her hair watching her dream “Justin” she moans, her eyes still closed

Fuck, I’ll never tire of hearing my name fall from her beautiful lips

She’s so fucking gorgeous and real, so down to earth and funny. Fuck, just being in her presence has me grinning like a lovesick fool.

My teammates tease me and Russ saying we’re Pussywhipped, Am not arse at all, being pussywhipped by Eva for the rest of my life, sounds fucking amazing actually, so fucking good I groan

Fuck me, am hard as fuck now, but my baby is asleep. I try to concentrate on something else to calm my wood down. Picking up my boxers, I put them on and get up off the bed, reaching for my phone I google

Three bedroom houses for sale Knowsley

I stop and think, how many kids would Eva want? I know she loves children, just as much as I do. My cock twitches at the thought of all the long Fuck-Athon’s we’d be having

Shaking my head, focus Justin, think what would Eva want? I look at my beautiful fiancée asleep naked, in her bed. Her gorgeous plump arse peaking from the duvet, teasing me begging me to spank it. I groan again, Fucking hell Justin Concentrate!! I chastise myself.

I change Three bed to a Four bed and press, search. If Eva wants more than three kids, then we can extend the house, no problem. I grin to myself, putting a plan together. I make an appointment with a housing agency for Myself and Eva to go a have a look at some houses that we could see us bringing our children up in. Excited, I call Amber to start the ball rolling with our wedding.

Her phone rings out a few times before she answers

“Sup Rome, How’s my girl?” She asks

“Sleeping,” I say looking at my beautiful fiancée “Listen, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me with something?” I ask

“Sure, If I can help...What dya need, stud muffin?” she teases

“Don’t let Russ hear you call me that,” I joke. I’m waiting on a sassy remark but Amber’s quiet, too quiet, have we been disconnected?

“Amber? You there?” I ask

“Yeah, ” Sniffs “I haven’t seen or heard from Russ since yesterday when he ran off from Eva’s” she croaks “Have you heard from him, Justin? He hasn’t replied to my calls or texts either, am worried”

I haven’t actually, come to think of it, but I figured he’d be too busy with Amber...

“I haven’t love, I actually thought he’d be too busy spending time with you” I tell her “We’ve got training tomorrow, so I’ll see what’s going on, okay?” I add

“Sure” she croaks “Sorry, was it you needed my help with?” she asks

I grin happily, and begin to ask her questions about what she thinks Eva would want for our wedding...

If Eva is pregnant, I wanna minimise as much stress humanly possible. Twenty minutes later, I end my call with Amber with all the info I need to give Eva the perfect wedding. I quickly shoot a text to Russ hopefully he’ll get this message and pull his finger out his arse

Me: “Hey man, call your girl, she’s worried about you!! Are you coming to training tomorrow?”

His reply is instant, Russ: “I’ll be there”

Nothing about Amber, what the fuck is going on with him?

Not letting that dampen my mood, I use all the information given to me by Amber and book our wedding date at the church—According to Amber, Eva has said she wanted to marry her love at St.Chad’s Church.

So, After speaking with Father Lee on the phone—I have secured the day of our wedding.

On Saturday 31st March at 1 pm, Eva will become my wife, Mrs Casey...

I also book the registrar for the church, get that legal and binding. That done, I go to the next thing on the list, The Wedding Reception Venue...

Googling the name Amber gave had me, I click on the website of the venue, The Manor Hall. Looking through the pictures of the grounds and the inside of The Manor hall, I can see the appeal, it’s a beautiful location, show’s elegance in the decor inside and has acres of beautiful gardens outside. I click on wedding hire, and the page floods with pictures of the venue, some with brides and grooms who have had their wedding there previously. I read the about section in the wedding hire section.

’With the grandeur of the Hall, 5* gold awarded accommodation, great on-site facilities and magnificent tipis – your guests will be sure to have an incredible experience – one that will leave lasting impressions. There are different land hire options depending on your event which the team would be delighted to talk through with you.

The Safari park is just minutes away offering your corporate away day that something a little different, with the opportunity to see the animals with a private tour from the Park Ranger.

Hmmm, sounds good I ring the event’s coordinator booking our date and tell them that myself and Eva will be in on Friday, to view and talk about what we want, on our day. To be honest, I couldn’t give two fucks about me, I look to my girl, her beautiful naked body calling to me. As long as she is happy, am good!

Eva starts to move in her sleep “Justin, please" she moans

Holy fuck,Yes!!!

Walking over to the bed, I glide my fingers down her spine, she moans again, wiggling her body

I grin, putting my hands between her already open legs, sliding my fingers through her folds. Shit, she’s fucking soaked I groan as I glide my fingers in and out of her folds. Adding two of my fingers into her pussy, I slowly push them in and out of her. I hear her gasp “Justin” she says lifting her head, her eyes are blinking furiously

“Nice dream, baby?” I croon taking my fingers from her wet heat, sucking them clean. She blushes

God, she’s so fucking adorable, when she blushes...

“Lie on your back, baby” I purr

Faster than lightening, she’s on her back, her eyes wide—her cheeks flushed, smiling brightly at me

“What were you dreaming of, baby?” I ask her as I kneel on the bed “Was you dreaming of me?” I croon

“I...” she stutters

I put my fingers back inside her pussy, moving my fingers in and out

“I must of been doing something good to you baby, You were moaning my name. Tell me? What was I doing, Baby?” I growl as I press my thumb to her clit, rubbing it in circles

“It’s embarrassing” She cries hiding her face in her pillow, I still my fingers inside her, what the fuck could be so embarrassing? I’ll be seeing a lot more embarrassing shit when we’re married...

“Baby, we’re going to married in three months time, Reckon, I’ll be seeing Alot more embarrassing things I’ll be seeing and hearing over the years and vice versa” I scoff ”believe” I add chuckling as I move my fingers again.

That’s if we get the date, we haven’t even booked a date yet or anything” She moans

Taking my fingers from her pussy, hearing her little moans of protest and suck my fingers clean

I sigh grinning doing a I know something you don’t know face.

She frowns at me suspiciously, narrowing her eyes “What?” She asks cautiously

“I’ve got a surprise...” I grin “I’ve got a few surprises, actually” I wink her eyes widen in surprise

She’s gonna shit-a-brick once she hears the news

“What?” She gasps

I grin, saying nothing

“Oh please baby, tell me” she moans with a pout, sticking her bottom lip out Fuck, Why does everything she does look, so fucking sexy? Even her little pout is sexy I mentally groan

“Tell you what, I’ll make you a deal, you tell me what happened in your dream, and I’ll tell you what the surprises are” I purr grinning wickedly

She glares at me, crossing her arms over her perfect tits

“Aww, Come on, baby” I croon “How can you be embarrassed? It’s just me. After all, look what we did at the weekend, not to mention over the past couple of months, you shouldn’t be embarrassed”

She huffs “Okay, but promise me you won’t laugh”

“Of course babe, I promise” I promise

She looks at me like she’s trying to decide whether or not, I’m telling the truth. I smile encouraging, she huffs again “Youtiedmeuponthebedfacedownspankingmewithabuttplugin” She blurts out quickly hiding her face in her pillow.

Has she just said what I thought she said?

“So, You dreamt that tied you up? I ask “With your face, down?” She nods behind her pillow, I grin “And that I spanked you while you had a butt plug in your arse?” I ask again, She nods again behind the pillow Holy shit—Anal play wasn’t something I thought about whilst we were having sex, but the thought of claiming her virgin arse, Is making me hard as fuck. No doubt, she’s got these ideas from them fifty shades books, but she wants it with me, fuck. She’s fucking magnificent FUCK ME!

“And what else” I ask softly “Tell me slowly, baby” I croon “I wanna hear the words coming from your pretty mouth”

“You erm, fucking hell, this is embarrassing admitting this to you, you know that?” She growls

I shrug “Well, think of it this way, if you tell me, I may just do it to you” I grin licking my lips. She gasps, and her eyes darken with lust, but quickly hides it Yeah, she wants it, my naughty little minx

She sighs, blushing furiously “You put a vibrator on my clit, kept it there until I was to the edge, but never giving me the permission to come, it wasn’t until you fucked me with the butt plug still in my arse and the vibrator on my clit—it sort of heighten everything, it was weird” she blushes

“But good?” I grin wickedly

She grins back “Very” she growls. So goddamn sexy—I take my boxers off, showing her just how fucking hard her little fantasy has just made me. She licks her lips, I groan Jesus, she’s trying to kill me...

“Spread your legs, baby” I growl

She does instantly and I thrust home, making us both moan out loudly. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I move in and out of her, quickening my pace. She moans, her pussy’s fucking drenched, so fucking wet, I can hear the slippery sounds as my cock pounds into her slick heat Jesus, she’s so fucking tight...

I groan, Circling my thumb on her clit as I fuck her harder, faster—deeper, until I feel her starting to quiver around me “Oh yeah, my naughty girl, you’re gonna come aren’t you, baby? Gonna squeeze me good, hmmmm? God, baby, you feel fucking amazing" I groan as I fuck her, the squeaking of the bed and the banging of the headboard against And our moans is all I can hear.

“Justin” She cries in pleasure “Fuck, am gonna come, baby—fuck, fuck me harder” she growls “I want you to come with me” she groans

Fuck me, this woman is fucking Everything!

Like fucking Ludacris himself, quoted in a song

I wanna lady in the street, but a freak in the bed’

Fucking her harder, I only pump twice more, inside her “FUCK, Justin!” She’s cries as she explodes coming hard, she sets off my own orgasm moaning each other’s names in ecstasy as I collapse on top of her. Jesus fucking Christ almighty—

Giggling underneath me, she’s pushes me up off of her. I slowly take my cock out of her gorgeous soaked pussy, and fall next to her. “So, what are the surprises?” she purrs gliding her fingers up and down my chest. I grin

Here we go......

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