Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Seven-Eva

I look to Justin, he’s got the biggest grin on his face “Come on then, I kept my promise” I say, he chuckles in response.

Fuck, he’s so fucking gorgeous...

He kisses me softly “I know, I know—and we will be revisiting that fantasy of yours, soon” he growls “I promise” he grins wiggling his eyebrows

I smile shyly, the bastard knows what he’s doing, but am giddy as fuck on the inside from his promise

I slap him playfully “Come on, what’s the surprise?” I ask excitedly

He grins “I don’t know which one to tell you?” He teases

"Baaaaaabe! Come on” I moan

"Alright! Alright!” He chuckles “Right, well while you were sleeping I made an appointment with a housing agency to go view some houses that are for sale for us to have a look at, we go on Thursday”

Holy shit—it’s getting real now

I grin brightly at him “I can’t wait” I squeal

“Me neither, baby—It’s the start of forever for us, You and Me, yeah?” He says softly whilst stroking my cheek. I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of his touch, I sigh happily nodding ”You and Me" He grins, kissing me once softly.

“The erm—next surprise, I had to quiz Amber to get the answers, I needed” he smiles at me

I frown in confusion why the fuck would he need to quiz amber?

“I got us a wedding date” he says quickly

What the ever loving fuck is he talking about?

“What? Where? How?” I ask excitedly

“At St.Chad’s Church, baby” he grins

I gasp “You better not be lying, Cos I will kick your arse, Really” I say holding my hand over my mouth in shock

He nods slowly, grinning from ear to ear ”You—Miss Eva Murphy, will be walking down the aisle to Me at St.Chad’s church on Saturday 31st March at 1pm” He says proudly

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my fucking GOD! Am getting married....

“And that’s not all though, baby” he adds

I gasp, looking at him with wide eyes There’s more?

He grinning at me “I also booked the wedding reception” he says

Oh. My. God!!!

I look at him waiting for him to tell me where our wedding reception will be, I raise my eyebrows at him “Well? Where? Come on, Don’t keep me in suspense, babe” I groan

He chuckles “We’ve got an appointment with the event’s coordinator at The Manor Hall, on Friday” he admits

Holy shit, THE Manor Hall?

“Really?” I say excitedly

He grins “Really, Really, baby—you excited? We’ve got a wedding date now. In just three months time, you’ll be be my wife, Mrs Eva Casey!!” He says happily “All, Mine!!” He growls

I giggle “You’re crazy you” I tease “I’m already yours, baby” I croon kissing his lips

“Yeah and now you’ll be legally mine. My name...Mine!” He winks at me

“I can’t believe it, you planned all this while I was asleep? was I asleep for long?” I frown

He shrugs “About an hour, something like that”

I grin at him—sitting up, I straddle him, both of us still naked

“You’re amazing you are” I purr

He groans squeezing my arse cheeks “Baby, I just wanted to do this for you—for us, if you are pregnant, stress can’t be good for you—and even if you’re not” he shrugs “Well we’ve got the ball rolling now haven’t we?” He says Squeezing my arse cheeks again

"Now, i think you’d be best ringing your mum,

tell her the news, they’re still not home” he grins

I gasp giddily, picking up my phone from the floor and dial my mum’s number

Her phone rings out a few times, before she answers on a giggle

“Hey babe, you okay?” She asks

“Yeah mum, you?” I reply

“Oh yeah, am out with your dad, Beth, John and Brandon, Barbara and Brian are with us too, we’re at The Gayme Bird on the east lancs, you know that one with that soft play area? Our holly and Brandon are having a brilliant time...” she says happily

“That’s great—listen ma, I’ve got some news. Is dad there with you?” I ask

“No babe, he’s playing pool with Brian and John in the other room” she replies

“Oh, Well, anyway, you never guess what?” I ask mum

“What?” She asks

“We’ve got a wedding date” I say excitedly

“You have? When? Where??” She squeals “Oh my god, Beth, Barb—our Eva and Justin have set a date” she squeals louder

“Mum, calm ya farm—you’re in public remember?” I tease “Justin booked it all while I was sleeping” I smile lovingly at Justin

“Awwww, I knew he was a good’n Eh, Beth—your Justin booked the wedding date while our lazy arse was sleeping. It’s good that he’s got common sense like, Eva. If it was left to you, we’d be waiting forever” she jokes

"Mum!!” I gasp

“Am only messing with you, ya daft cow—be happy your man took the reigns, he’s a nice lad your Justin is Beth. It’s good to know he can think for himself..” she cackles “God, knows not many men can do”

I hear female laughter then I hear Beth’s Irish accent “Girl, I tell you, My Brian hasn’t got a fucking ounce of common sense” she snort laughs “I’ve gotta nag that man till am blue in the fucking face, girl” she adds with a huff “And Eva, just so you know, Justin gets his common sense and whit’s from me—you’re welcome” she cackles

I snort laugh, hearing my mum and barb, laughing

“Oh my god, girl” mum cackles “Fucking funny you, girl. Eh, Barb, she’s gonna fit right in isn’t she?” She giggles

“Oh eye, Welcome to the family, girl. Beware though, we’re a bunch of cranks” she claps cackling her arse off. I look to Justin, he’s looking at me wide eyed, in horror or shock I don’t know and I burst out into a fit of giggles

“Oh fuck girl’s, I needed that laugh then”she sighs “So, Come on, tell us? Where and When?” Mum asks “I’ve got you on speakerphone”

I grin “St.Chad’s Church, on Saturday 31st March” I squeal

“Oh, that’s fabulous. Well done Justin” mum praises “Me and Paddy got married there”

“I can’t take all the credit Ava, Amber helped me a lot” Justin shouts “But I’ll take some of it” he chuckles

“Awwww, our amber? I would of thought you two would of had a joint wedding, I seen how serious she was about Russ” Barbara said “She’s been sulking in her room since yesterday, don’t know what’s wrong with her, haven’t seen Russ either” she adds

“Aaah, He’s probably busy with training and stuff. she’ll have to get used to that shit, dating a footballer, saying that WAG’s have their privileges don’t they?” Mum says

“Dunno girl, I tried talking to her, but she doesn’t wanna talk, just leave her to it” Barb says sadly

“I’ve got more news” I say taking the focus from Amber and Russ

“Go on then babe, don’t keep us waiting” mum huffs

“Ma, He’s only gone an booked the Manor Hall for our wedding reception, we go to speak to the events coordinator on Friday to go over everything” I say happily

“Awww, that’s a gorgeous place that, You’ve always loved it there haven’t you Eva? Should of seen her face when she was oh, about eight year’s old. She was on a school trip, oh, she lit up,” Mum says to Beth and Barb “Said it looked just like the house on Beauty and The Beast, bless her” Mum coos down the phone

“Alright mum” I say in embarrassment

She laughs at me “Well babe, you got your wish didn’t you? All you need is your dress” she squeals

“I know, I know what I want. I’ve just gotta find it, can you tell me dad the news please for me?” I ask mum

Justin fake coughs—house viewings

“Oh yeah, me and Justin are going to view some houses for sale aswell” I say giddy with excitement

“Bloody hell, You have been a busy boy, haven’t you Justin” mum jokes as Justin blushes

Before I hang up the phone with mum, she promises to tell dad and John our news, I sigh happily in Justin’s arms

“I swear, I couldn’t love you more than I do right now. And yet I know I will tomorrow” he whispers in my ear “I didn’t believe the words of that quote when I first read it, but now, Being with you, having you in my life, in my arms, Now, I believe them with every fibre of my being”

God, he’s just so perfect

“I can’t wait to marry you!” I whisper

“I can’t wait either, baby” he croons “Eh, I’ll have to get the ole ball and chain ordered, eh?” he teases winking

I slap him playfully “Oi, Cheeky, I’ll give you a ball and chain”I growl kissing him passionately, I shut him up

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