Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Eight-Justin

It’s Monday morning, and I’m At Everton’s Training ground. Coach has been pushing us hard these few sessions. We have The Derby on Wednesday, so we’ve been putting in extra days here.

The months have flown by, I mean am getting fucking married next week—married to my Eva, the news of our upcoming marriage has been in all the paper’s and news channels. I spoke with my agent Marcus, to arrange for there to be security at both the church and the venue. He tried suggesting selling our wedding pictures to the press “It would mean, you wouldn’t have so many press standing outside the church, think about it, dya really think Eva would wanna get out of her wedding car. Then to have to walk through a mass of photographer’s to get to the church?”

No, Eva wouldn’t want that, but she’d also wouldn’t want our wedding pictures in the tabloids hands either

“Nah Marcus, I don’t want that, Eva wouldn’t want that. Up the security detail around the church, tell them to keep the press away from the entrance of the church. I don’t want anything spoiling this for us” I growled

Marcus sighed “Okay, but why didn’t you just have the whole wedding at The Manor Hall? Everything would of been a hell of a lot more easier to control, and kept the press away”

He didn’t understand how important the church was to Eva, but I did, and that’s all that mattered. I want to give Eva Everything she’s ever Dreamed so My answer was simple...

“It’s For Eva”

Eva has been in planning mode since we first booked the wedding, getting everything ready with our parents and amber. Even though she’s been working in school and planning our wedding, she’s still been making time to come to my games, supporting me, being her amazing selfless self.

And fuck me, My girl has become naughtier and more experimental in the bedroom, after her little confession to me—she’s also reading new books getting new ideas from there and Fuck Me—If I could ever meet these authors, I would fucking bow down at their feet worshipping them, telling them that they fucking rock. I mean fucking hell, am getting hard just thinking about how we was last night, and how fucking hard she rode my cock this morning, my little vixen! I groan

And Russ and Amber are Russ and Amber again, we never did find out why Russ left when he did though, Speaking of Russ...

“What up, fucker, You shitting your pants yet?” Russ jokes breathlessly, as he sits down next to me on the bench

I smirk “Nah, mate, Next week can’t come fast enough to be honest—shit. I’d marry her To-Fucking-Day, if I could. Eva’s the one mate, call me a fucking pussy, I won’t care, I’ll wear the fucking t-shirt” I tell him

He snorts slapping me on my back “I know mate, you’re a lucky fucker, to have her” he grins

I grin smugly “Fuck yeah, I am, my girl is crazy beautiful and sexy as fuck. But she’s also fucking stunning inside too mate. So fucking pure and selfless, kind and funny. Fuck Russ, She’s everything and more to me” I say honestly

“I know la, I know how you feel, trust me” he sighs

Fuck, my boy looks miserable “How are you and Amber then? You good?” I ask him

“Sound mate, she’s amazing, my girl. She challenges me in the best ways, you know? And fuck, she’s a freak in the bedroom” he chuckles “I fucking love her man, She’s my Eva” he shrugs

I nod cos I do understand that, fuck just thinking of her is making me crazy, missing her, needing her

“Fuck look at us two, pair of pussywhipped, lovesick fuckers—pinning for our girls” he chuckles shaking his head

I chuckle nodding “Fuck yeah, we are”I say holding my hand out for a fist bump

He laughs at me and returns my fist bump

“You looking forward to your Fuckfestamoon, dude?” He asks wiggling his eyebrows

I chuckle at Russ’s choice of words “What? you can’t just called it a honeymoon? No??” I grin

Me and Eva are going to Barbados for our honeymoon—It was a wedding gift from my mum and dad

“Nag, Just call it for what it is” he chuckles “I bet Eva comes back walking funny” he cackles

I slap him over the head “Hey—That’s my wife you’re talking about there.” I growl

“Fuck man, it was a joke” he hisses rubbing his head “And she’s not your wife, yet. God, that’s nothing, compared to what they’ll be talking about at the hen do. You do remember Amber’s the maid of honour right? You know Amber? Eva’s best friend, My girl, basically the fucking female version of me” he chuckles

I groan cos I know he’s right “Me and Eva were talking, actually” I say to Russ “We was talking about having a joint do, instead of separate ones”

Russ nods “If that’s what you want, but you do know the hen do is themed? Shit, What did Amber call it again?” he thinks to himself then clicks his fingers as he remembers “Fucking Black ‘N’ Bling she’s gone and ordered some outfits for her and Eva, I don’t know what it is, but knowing Amber, it’ll be some sort of mini skirt leather spandex or some shit. We’re not doing that are we? Cos am I fuck walking round like Mr Fucking T” he moans

I chuckle at him ” I actually have an idea, if you’re up for it?” I ask him

“What?” He frowns

“How are you at dancin?” I arch a brow with smirk

“Dude” Russ says looking at me with a what the fuck face.

For fucksake, really?

“Fucking Hell, I mean so you can help with a surprise” I explain

“Still not making this sound any better, lad” he says looking scared

Fuck me, have I gotta fucking write it out for him to get what I mean?!?

“Right, listen closely twatwaffle, yeah? Did you know Eva and Amber’s favourite film besides fifty shades, is magic mike?” I enunciate every word so he can understand me.

“What the fuck is a magic mike?” He frowns

Fuck me, am gonna have to google this shit

“Right, Am gonna google it, so you can see what am talking about. Now, if you tell anyone I showed you it, I’ll kick your arse” I warn

He scoffs “Yeah sure, pretty boy you can try, but do go on” he smirks

I google magic mike dance video’s and press search

“So let me get this right? You wanna do a striptease dance thing, for your girl, like this shit here?” He says pointing to the video

“And you’ll be doing one for Amber, remember she likes this shit too” I add

He grins “Fuck it, Am in, you asking the lads aswell? Our girls won’t want other woman looking at our junk” he chuckles ” I can just imagine my kitten, the claws will be out” he chuckles

I formulate a plan with Russ for our joint stag ‘n’ hen do, making sure it’ll stay Top Secret will be hard as fuck. Saying goodbye to Russ and the lads, I make my way home to my girl, Home. Fuck, I love saying that knowing that she’s there waiting for me, in our home...

We ended up buying the first house we viewed, which was a four bed detached house in melling on the outskirts of Kirkby, Eva fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. Arriving home, I get out the car and let myself in “Baby, Am home” I shout

No answer— What the fuck?

I walk around the house not finding her, walking up the stairs and I enter our room, It’s there that I her beautiful voice coming from the ensuite bathroom and she’s singing Barry White, I frown laughing quietly, making sure she can’t hear me— Barry White?!?

Cos your my first, my last my Everything

Your my sun, my moooon, my guiding star

My kinda wonderful, That’s what you are

Walking up to the ensuite door, I take my shoes off and slip through the ajar door careful not to make a noise. I groan inwardly at the sight before me

Eva, naked, all slippery wet with soapy suds cascading down her body, and she’s singing into a loofah.

Fuck, Just when I think she can’t shock me with her voice anymore than she has, she sings like that...

I strip from my training kit quickly, leaving me naked. Eva notices a movement and jumps fearfully, but then notices it’s me “Fuck, Justin, You scared the ever loving shit out of me then, how fucking long have you been there for you, fucker” she pants angrily.

Ignoring her, I Open the shower door and climb in behind her. I grab her wet tits, pinching her nipples, I grin “Long enough to know you fuckin sound awesome singing Barry White, baby” I growl “And to see that you look sexy as sin, all slippery wet”

She blushes furiously, I lift her up pressing her against the shower wall, and thrust inside her, we moan in unison.

Fuck me, she feels fucking amazing

“That feel good, baby?” I growl as I fuck her against the wall “You love it when I fuck you deep, hmmmm? Tell me baby?” I groan nibbling up her neck

“Oh fuck” she pants

“Tell me” I growl nipping her neck again, grinding my cock so deep, so fucking good in her pussy—fuck me, this woman, I can never get enough of her, she’s my drug, Fuck.

She moans “I love it when you fuck me so hard, and deep up the wall, I love it when you make me bounce on your fucking cock that it. Oh, fuck, baby just like that, I love it cos you hit that sweet spot every time, that it has me screaming like a banshee”

Fuck yeah, I love it when she bounces on my cock

“Fuck baby, I love it when bounce on my cock, take me so fucking good, don’t you baby?” I croon “Do it, baby, bounce on my cock” I growl

And fuck me, does she, my woman, she’s a saint outside the bedroom—but in it, she’s the fucking sinner, and I love it. I Love Her.

And Fuck, I love shower sex.....

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