Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifty Nine-Eva

It’s the Saturday before the wedding, and tonight it’s Mine and Justin’s joint stag and hen do. Amber being my maid of honour has gone fucking crazy on the theme, what the fuck did she call it again? Oh, yeah, fucking Black ‘N’ Bling, or some shit. I just let her do her thing, no point trying to restrain her from doing crazy shit cos if you do that? Fuck, You don’t even wanna know what gets unleashed, I’ll tell you.

I’m sat in my bedroom with Amber, as she’s doing my hair and make up for tonight. Justin is with Russ, he told me he’d meet me there. I remember our talk before he left this morning. “I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby” he growls “Has Amber told you what outfit she’s got for you? Cos I gotta admit, it’s making me fucking crazy not knowing” He groans

I giggle “Awww, Don’t worry baby, am sure it won’t be too naughty” I purr

Am lying, am totally lying. Amber hasn’t told me what my outfit is, but she told me that Justin will probably lock me up and never let me leave the bedroom—I laugh at her description of my sexy Irish alpha-caveman. Thinking of how he’ll react when he sees me, I won’t mind that at all—and fuck, the honeymoon

“By the look on your face, you’re thinking of something very naughty, aren’t you?” He growls “You’re making it very hard for me to leave here, baby” he says pulling me to him

At that point Amber came strolling in, pulling a very large suitcase behind her “Well Rome, I’ll make it very easy for you to leave, go on, get gone. Russ is waiting for you in his car, we’ll see you later ,okay? Ta Ta, bye now, au revoir, adios, Auf Wiedersehen. You get me point now don’t you, pretty boy? Now vamoose" she says gesturing to the door.

Justin glares at her, then looks back to me, he kisses me passionately “I’ll miss you, baby” he croons

“Oh for fucksake, you’ll see each other again in a couple of hours, what the fuck?” Amber huffs

Me and Justin laugh at her outburst “Jesus, I bet Russ feels so loved" Justin says sarcastically

“Erm, ex-fucking-scuse you fuckface, my baby get’s plenty of lovin, Thankyou very much..” Amber sasses

We roll our eyes at her ”Anyway, as I was sayin—I’ll miss you, I’ll see you soon, okay?” Justin says softly

I smile brightly “I’ll miss you too, baby—I’ll see you soon, I love you”

“I love you too, baby—see you soon” he says picking his bag up, he gives me one last kiss on the lips grinning “Later’s baby” he winks “See ya amber” he salutes as he leaves, But then stops at the front door “Oh, by the way, I got a surprise for you later” he winks “Bye, baby” blowing me a kiss before shutting the door

What the fuck? What kinda surprise could he be talking about?

“What do you think it is?” I ask amber

“Beats me babe, Russ hasn’t said nothing to me about it” she shrugs “Tell you what though, he’s been acting real strange, locking himself in the bathroom with Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ blasting. I asked him what he was doing, and he got all fucking defensive telling me he likes the song, and not to judge...” she mimics his voice while she rants “Girl, You know me...I don’t judge” She says innocently but I know she does “All I wanted to know was what he was doin that’s all! I mean, god knows he’s been acting weird for a while. And there was that time he did a runner with some bullshit excuse about helping his mum. I don’t know, something is bugging me, I feel like he’s hiding something babe, I just don’t know what—I, I just love him so much, you know” she sighs. I think back to that day of how disappointed Russ had looked when Amber said she didn’t wanna get married, I decide to bite the bullet “How do you see yourself, with you and Russ, I mean? Can you see yourself wanting to marry him? Have kids??” I ask as she’s braiding my hair

She stops and blushes smiling “I do, I mean, I admit I got a bit scared when me mum and ma ava started planning shit, but you know a lot can change in time. I mean being a mum, do you think I’d make a good mum?” She bites her lips nervously

Is she shitting me?

“Are you shitting me? You’d be the best mum, you and Russ would make boss parents” I smile

She blushes again “Thanks babe, how about you and Rome? I mean, I know you’ve been trying...” she trails

I sigh “Yeah, I thought I was pregnant when I came back from the lakes, but with me having irregular periods it kinda messes with my body. Stress doesn’t help either, with the move and the wedding planning within three months with everything else. I mean it’s been a while since my last period, but I can go up to being three weeks late. It’s a pain in the arse having such a fucked up body” I moan

“The joys of being female, eh babe?” Amber sasses

I snort laugh “Fuck, don’t I know, men get off way too easily” I huff

Amber Finishes my hair, have my hair in an up-do with Braids to the sides, and a high bouffant finished with a pony tail

“What dya think, babe? Gotta say, You rock the rock chick look” she praises clasping her hands excitedly. It’s different to what styles am used to her doing to my hair but, I like it!

“I like it. Reckon I could give that Hayley Williams from Paramore a run for her money” I joke laughing

She nods “Don’t think you’d suit that sort of red hair though babe” She grimaces

“Nah, me neither” I laugh

As she applies my makeup, I get a text “If that’s your boy, tell him am gonna kick his arse”Amber growls

I laugh “Calm your tits woman” I roll my eyes

As I look at my phone

Justin: “Missing you fierce, baby. Got an added surprise when you get to the club Xx”

I show amber

“Girl, I fucking love surprises, just not the ones you have to wait ages to find out about..” she moans

I laugh “I’m excited” I squeal as I text him back

Me: “Can’t wait! Missing you too baby Xx ”

Amber Finishes my makeup, and she’s squeals “Girl! You ready to see what you look like? have to say am damn proud of myself” she says as she turns me to my mirror

Oh my god, I look good! It’s awesome!

I gasp “Wow!” I whisper as I examine my makeup

“Is that a good Wow? Or a bad Wow?” She says nervously

“Girl! I love it” I grin hugging her

“Shit myself then, you bitch” she sighs in relief “but am glad you like it”

My eye makeup is heavy, black with silver eyeshadow, she’s done some sort of glitter effect to that makes my blues stand out more. She’s added false lashes to give it that added, oomph

My cheeks have a blush to them, but it’s my eyes and lips that are the focal point, my lips a dark red almost burgundy looking make my lips look fuller, more plump.

“I love it, babe!” I grin “I’m actually looking forward to my outfit now, dare I say” I laugh

“Babe. What I got you, is simple, yet sexy—close your eyes, I’ll get it” She squeals excitedly

I close my eyes, butterflies swarming in my stomach, in anticipation “Ok girl, open them for me” She says, I open them, she’s holding some sort of dress thing. I frown “What is it?” I ask feeling it It’s leather...

“It’s a dress, duh!” Amber says sarcastically

“Is it?” I say nervously

“Girl, have I ever steered you wrong?” She asks

I shake my head “Good, now go put it on, holler if you need help putting it on” she says shooing me to the bathroom

I shut the door as I hear amber shouting

“Don’t wear a bra babe, that dress needs your girls loose” she shouts

“Can you not shout shit like that everywhere, I’d prefer my neighbours not knowing the fact that I won’t be wearing a bra, Thankyou very much” I say

“What the fuck you talking about? your neighbours are down the street” she says

“Exactly” I sass

“Bitch are you saying I got a big mouth?” She growls

“Now would I say a thing like that about my girl?” I tease

“Bitch, you lucky I love you” she sasses “Hurry your arse up, I wanna see” she squeals

I roll my eyes and finish getting dressed careful not to mess my hair or makeup in the process

“Your heels are in there already girl” she says through the door

Dressed with my heels on I look in the mirror examining myself in the dress

The leather wraps round my neck and leaves a sort of keyhole showing my girls slightly, then it sort of opens at my sides and goes into a spandex material skirt....

"Evaaaaa” Amber sings “I can practically hear your nerves girl, stop freakin your freak, woman and get your arse out here”she growls

Taking a deep breath in and out, I step out my bathroom. Amber’s there with her phone taking a picture

"Guuuuurl, You look fucking amazin, I mean not to big myself up or anything, but Damn, am good! I swear girl, Rome is gonna hyperventilate or some shit, when he sees you! Do you like it?” She says

I walk to my floor length mirror, taking myself in doing a slow 360• turn and I notice the deep V in the back of the dress making it look that much sexier as it stops at the top of my arse, I fucking love it. I Do, I love it, I don’t know why I get all nervous when she picks my dresses for me, this girl knows me better than I know myself sometimes—I laugh to myself

“I love it babe!” I grin at her

“Good, cos now it’s time for the bling” she says

She hands me clip on earrings that are very bling with matching bracelet’s. She clips a bride to be veil on to my pony tail and gives me a sash that reads in diamanté’s Mrs Casey To Be

“Right girl, you are officially done” she smiles proudly ”

“Babe. You are fucking amazing, You know that? Thankyou” I tell my best friend

“Girl, don’t! you’ll have me crying and then you’ll start crying and then I’ll have to do your makeup all over again” she croaks “but you’re welcome babe, I love you girl” she says squeezing me to her

“I love you too babe, I’d be lost without you” I croak

“You’ll never be without me babe Doolphy Sisters are permanent, or should I say Doolsey Sister’s as of next week!” She winks “Now get your arse a glass of bubbles, while I get I changed, yeah? We have a surprise to get to” she squeaks excitedly

I laugh at my girl, getting my arse a glass of champagne, whilst Amber gets ready. Whilst I’m waiting for her I put my iPhone on my docking station to play some music, I press shuffle on my Spotify playlist, and B2K Bump Bump Bump comes on. I listen to the intro to the song as I drink my champagne.

I like your lil sexy style

I love it when you getting wil’ (uh, i see you)

Girl in the club wit me

I’m nodding my head to the music and then Amber comes out when it goes to the chorus of the song, body grinding, rolling her hips singing along with the song “Baby, turn around and let me see that sexy body go bump bump bump" wiggling her arse

“Oh my god girl, I haven’t heard this song in ages—God, remember when I had it bad for that Omarion lad?” She giggles

She’s not messing either, her room was covered with the lads picture “Yeah every inch was an Omarion shrine ” I laugh at her

“Girl, that boy was fine don’t lie, he’s got nothing on my Russ though” she grins with a wink. She spins a 360• circle “So, what dya think?” She asks

She’s dressed in a mini strapless leather dress, it sits mid thigh. Her makeup is similar to mine, minus the glitter on the eyes and she’s wearing red lipstick, she’s wearing all her bling jewellery. And the sash that’s similar to mine, only with Maid Of Honour on, She looks stunning as always

“Gorgeous babe” I say handing her glass of bubbly whilst drinking some of mine

“Thanks babes” She grins blowing me a kiss

I get a text, It’s probably Justin, I look to my phone, Justin: “Hey beautiful, am at the club. There should be transport already waiting outside for you, see you soon, with your surprise Xx

I look outside my window and there is a blue hummer limo outside

“Oh my god, my fiancé is a crank. Look at this, girl” I wave amber over to me

“What’s that crazy arse done now?” She teases then gasps as she sees the limo outside “What the actual fuck, Rome? He does know it’s just us two in the limo, doesn’t he?” She asks

I nod, smiling. She shakes her head, grinning from ear to ear “That lad is crazy” she scoffs, I smile as I text him back

Me: “Baby, you are a crank. There’s only me and amber Xx

“I know” I laugh “I can’t believe him”

“Right, let’s get us to off to our men then, eh?” Amber grins excitedly

I smile brightly “Let’s” as we hold hands, leaving the house walking towards the limo. The driver gets out “Mrs Casey—Miss Dooley” he says bowing his head slightly taking his drivers hat off . I grin at my him using my married name, I don’t bother correcting him, I like it.

“Hey” Me and Amber say in unison

The driver open our door for us and we get in “There is drinks in the fridge, if you would like to help yourselves ladies” the driver says as he shuts the door

“I’ll have a bottle of water, I’ve already two glasses of champagne, I wanna last the night” I joke

Amber laughs at me “Lightweight” she scoffs at me as she hands me a bottle of water whilst having a glass of champagne for herself.

I text Justin telling me we’re on our way, Me: “We’re on our way, see you soon. Love you Xx

I get an instant reply, Justin: “Love you too, baby. See you soon Xx

I sigh happily, enjoying the limo ride with my girl on our way to see our men....

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