Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Six

We get to my house and it’s pitch black, we’re up in my room...Amber’s taking her makeup off with my baby wipes

“Eva’s gotta daaaate... Eva’s gotta daaaaaate" she whispers sing songs whilst doing a jig

I laugh at her a whisper “Actually I haven’t got one yet... He’s asked me out, yeah, but we haven’t set a date... So technically it’s not a date” I say stubbornly

Amber frowns at me “What the fuck Eva?... He’s asked you out, therefore, it’s a date, ” she states lifting her eyebrows daring me to argue with her

Oh, fuck she’s got her attitude head on, we won’t get any sleep if I don’t agree with her... I tut “Fine, you’re right, it’s a date” I concede

And she looks at me with a smug smile... Bitch

The next morning, I hear a knock on my door “Eva” Catherine sings at my door

“What cat? I’m trying to sleep” I moan

“Fuck off Catherine” Amber moans from under the quilt

“Eeee, well fuck you too bitch, “She fumes “Okay, fine then, I’ll just tell Justin to come up here, then seen as though you’s are up,” she says sweetly


“You better get your arse in here now sis!!” I growl

She comes in with two coffee’s and a big arse grin on her face “I knew you’d see it my way” she teases

I flip her the bird

“What Times it Cat?” I ask, rubbing my eyes with a yawn

“It’s Just gone 11.30am, Justin and Russ are with dad in the kitchen discussing football tactics from the olden days” she laughs rolling her eyes

“Is she shitting me right now... Justin AND Russ are here?” Amber says frantically

The fucks up with her? I frown

“Yep” Cat grins “I could get used to this, Everton players come around all the time” she laughs

“SHIT!! I can’t let Russ see me like this, Why the fuck, aren’t you panicking bitch? Justin’s here too, It’s a good job I got some clothes around here too, otherwise I’d be fucked” She chokes

Why the fuck is she panicking for? I frown at amber who’s going through her drawers looking for clothes...

“Shall I tell them you’ll be down soon?” Cat asks

“Erm?” I say looking at Amber as she’s tossing clothes everywhere whilst talking to herself

My phone vibrates... I’d gotten a text

Justin: Come down here my sleeping beauty, We’re waiting x

Amber see’s my text “Urrrgh, it’s too early for sweet text messages, How the fuck are they not in bed right now?” She Moans

Catherine butts in “Errrr, Helloooo, they’re football players... They’re not allowed to drink that much,They’ve Gotta eat healthy too, ” she states

Am replying to Justin.....

“Be down in a few, Just getting dressed, Amber’s having a panic attack because you brought Russ lol x”

I finish getting dressed spray some perfume on which is Issey Miyake... I wonder if Justin knows’s I’m wearing it? Be another fate thing... I sigh

“Alright babe calm ya tits... you’ll see Romeo in a Sec” I giggle at her frown

“Says you, You’ve been panicking like fuck over your lover boy too,” I say

She’s got a cheesy grin on her face... I knew it!!

Am looking at her with my ah-ha face

“What?” She says with her hands on hips

“Am not saying nothing” I tease

And we walk down the stairs to the kitchen

Dad comes over to kiss me on the cheek “Good morning baby girl”

“Morning dad” I beam at him

“Where’s Mum and Holly gone?” Looking for them

“They’ve gone to star swim at the leisure centre” dad explains

Star swim is a swimming club especially for special needs & physically disabled children

“Just been giving Justin and Russ some pointers from back in the old days” he boasts

Dad used to a footballer when he was younger, had a few scouts watching him... Everyone had heard about him... Even Everton came to see him, but he wasn’t there on that date as came down with pleurisy... He missed his shot

“Old days, eh pops? When was that 1912?” Amber jokes coming in behind me

“Eh, you, I’ll have you know I still get I.D’d at the shops” he tugs on his shirt collar with a smug smile

“Fuck is the person blind as a bat or what?” Amber mutters under her breath

“I heard that you little shit” dad laughs

He puts amber in a headlock and rubs her hair like he used to do when she was younger.


Me, Justin & Russ start laughing at my dad and amber...

“What were you saying then?” He taunts still rubbing her hair

“Fuck Pops, You’re not old... You’re not old, “She concedes

“Damn straight... Ok... Am going to let go now Amber...That’s it now.... We’re even, Okay,” He asks Amber

Dad even sounds a bit worried to let her go

“Oh, Suuuuure Pops.... We’re even,” she says calmly and innocent...

Oh, shit Dad, you better run when you let go of her...

Dad lets her go and runs for his life with Amber running after him...

“You’ve had it pops” she shouts after him

“Run for your life dad” I shout after them “And may the odds be ever in your favour,” I shout quoting the hunger games in Effie Trinkets voice

I’m laughing my arse off still, until I feel him staring... I turn around, Justin and Russ are looking at me and to were Amber’s still chasing my dad round the house Amber’s shouting at dad that she’s gonna shave his head and his eyebrows in his sleep, I shake my head with a grin at the sound

Justin stands up coming over to me “Good morning beautiful” He says, giving me a chaste kiss

“Morning,” I beam

“So how about that date? You still up for coming out with me?” He asks

“Um, sure, What were you thinking?” I ask

Amber comes in then, smiling, still fixing her hair “Your dad is a grade A pain in my fuckin arse, it’s gonna take me ages to get this frizz out, ” she moans “He’s lucky I love him, girl” She huffs

I laugh at her

“I think you look fuckin beautiful” We hear from behind us

Amber gasps when she hears him, Russ is looking at Amber with a smile on his face, he motions for her to come to him with his index finger... Amber blushes and walks up to him, Russ whispers something in her ear, smiling, she nods “I’ll see you later, Eva... Later Rome, ” she sings walking out with Russ

I’m speechless.. The fucks just happened here?

I look at Justin with a stunned expression and he’s laughing his arse off at me “What the fuck has just happened? What did I miss?” I question

“Relax baby, that all happened last night while we were talking,” he says in my ear

I get all butterflies over him calling me baby

“Really? Well, I’ll be having words with her later, she didn’t say fuck all to me,” I frown sadly

Amber normally tells me everything

Justin interrupts my worry of Amber “I don’t doubt, So, are you ready?” He asks as he gives me his elbow

“Sure.” I blush taking his elbow

“Dad... Am going out I’ll see you later” I shout

Catherine’s sitting on the stairs singing

“Eva and Justin sitting in a tree K-I-S”

“Walk faster...” I say to Justin

Just before being out the door, I turn and say to Cat “I’ll get you later” I hiss

She flips me the bird... The Little cow, I laugh at her flip her the bird back and shut the door

He’s waiting for me next to a black Audi A3, he’s got the door open with a smile “Milady” he winks

We drive for a little bit, Talking about our likes and dislikes

He parks up, by which looks like Sefton park... It’s beautiful here, the sun is out as well, which is a plus. He gets something out the boot of his car, It’s A basket and blanket

God, can this man get any more perfect? He’s looking at me with a shy smile, “I um, I thought we could maybe take a walk, and have a picnic for dinner” he sounds nervous.

Bless him

“That sounds perfect” I smile, giving him a peck on the lips

He sighs in relief and rubs his neck whilst smiling at me “Thank fuck, God Eva, I haven’t got a clue what am doing... I’ve never done this before, ” He says nervously

I giggle at his nervousness, but I need to reassure him “Neither have I Justin, This is a first for me too” I say holding his hand squeezing it gently

“Shall we have something to eat first or would you rather walk?” He asks

“Oh, eat please, I’m starving,” I say as my belly rumbles and I blush furiously “Sorry, It’s got a mind of its own” I laugh loud at my stomach

He laughs as he sets out the blanket on the grass so we’re under the tree, but still facing the lake, It’s a beautiful view

Justin lays the blanket out for us to sit on “I love coming here, I haven’t been here for ages” I sigh, “It’s so beautiful, I could look at it all day” I smile

“So could I,” He says, I look to him, rather than looking at the scenery, He’s looking at me with such intensity that I know he’s not talking about the scenery... I blush again, smiling shyly

“So, it must be so exciting to play for Everton? What position do you play in?” I ask

Shaking his head, he smiles “Honest to god Eva, I shit myself when I got the call from the Everton scouts, It feels like a dream still, “He laughs “Oh, I’m a striker by the way, or a forward whichever way you wanna look at it” He shrugs

“And your mum and dad were okay with the move?” I ask curiously as Justin’s getting the contents out of the basket...

“Well, obviously it was hard... Especially for our Brandon.. But me Ma and Da wasn’t getting much help, support wise and stuff where we were anyway, so we figured a fresh start somewhere new” He smiles

“I’m glad you got the call?” I tell him shyly looking down, embarrassed

I feel his fingertip touch my chin, tilting my head back up to look at him, he smiles “So am I baby” He says softly as he kisses me

Justin slows our kiss, breaking it with a chaste kiss, we stare at each for beat, I blush furiously under his intense stare and he smiles gesturing to the food for me to dig in. We start eating, Justin had bought some sandwiches, fruit and a load of other things, He told me he wasn’t sure what to bring so he just brought everything that was edible, I smile, reaching for a bottle of water... We go quiet again, eating our food... I break the silence by asking questions which he answers, until I ask him one that’s bothering me “So, Um, did you leave anyone... Special behind?” I ask and mentally chastise myself, Subtle Eva... Real subtle

“No baby, I told you I’ve never done this before” He says, motioning between us to the Picnic and the scenery... “Just you,” He adds, smiling shyly

I smile back and inwardly sigh with relief

“What about you? Anyone?” He asks nervously

“No, Actually... Ummm.. You were my first kiss” I flush in embarrassment

Justin’s quiet... Real quiet... Shit, why did I tell him that? God, he’s probably thinking you were a little tease or something.... Should I say something...

“Um, Justin... Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?” I ask worriedly, Justin lunges at me, kissing me, whilst laying me down on the blanket... He breaks the kiss and smiles down at me happily “God Baby, You have no fucking idea how happy you’ve just made me!” He groans

I laugh blushing furiously “I think I have an idea” I say, as I feel his hard on against my belly

Sitting up, he blushes “Sorry, I can’t seem to help myself when am around you,” Justin says adjusting himself, grinning at me.

I giggle as we sit up and cuddle up against the tree... We’re silent for a while, just enjoying being in each other’s arms, I break the silence

“So, when’s your first game?” I ask

“I know it’s a Saturday, ” He laughs “We play Man U,” he says stroking my head

“Are you starting?” I ask

“Why? You want to watch your man in action?, “He jokes

I still in his arms, Is he my man? Is that what this is? Are we in a relationship? I don’t know?

“Eva, Baby, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asks, his beautiful face is looking at me with concern

I sit up and look at him... I fiddle with the grass plains “Um, It’s just that... Erm... Am I?.... I mean are you?... Are we?......” I Stutter

“What? What’s the matter?” He says “Tell me beautiful,” He says looking into my eyes

I blow out a breath

“Are you... Are you... My man?” I ask stuttering like a fool whilst flushing red

He grins shaking his head “Oh Baby, you were mine the first day we met, ” He says putting his forehead against mine, then leans forward kissing me passionately...

Well, that’s that then, I have a boyfriend and his name is “Justin Casey”

FUCK...I HAVE MY FIRST BOYFRIEND... He’s my man!! Holy fuck!

God, could this really be real?

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