Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty-Eva

We arrive at club circo in town, Circo is the club where Me and Justin first danced together and where he first asked me out. It’s also where Amber met Russ too, so it’s an extra special place for us. Jenny and her uncle Colin hooked us up with exclusive use of the club, so only us and our specially invited guests can gain access. Walking into the club, me and Amber are met at the door by two waitresses in suits holding a tray with a glass of champagne on. “Hello ladies, If you would like to follow us please, we have specially reserved seats just for you” she winks

What the fuck? Where’s Justin?

Walking into the room there is people sat down at the tables, drinking and laughing. The whole venue has changed. It’s all open space, with projector screens lighting up the walls, the dj’s booth now up on the stage, rather than on the floor.

“Girl, what the actual fuck is going on here?” Amber growls “And where the ever loving fuck, are our men??” She asks. I’m about to tell her to come look for them when the waitresses guide us to two seats on the dance floor.

"Please take a seat, Mr Casey and Mr Berkeley said they wouldn’t be long” she smiles “Enjoy” she adds winking as she walks away

What the actual fuck is goin on ere?

But we sit down regardless “What the fuck dya think she meant? Enjoy? I swear to god, Eva, if those men don’t show themselves soon, am gonna go look for them myself” Amber growls

"I’ll come with ya girl” I growl

Where the fuck are you Justin?

Ginuwine-Pony, Starts Booming through the speakers, then six men appear wearing black suits and hats start coming out on to the dance floor where me and Amber are sat, the women behind us start screaming excitedly. Four of the men separate to the women behind us, leaving two of the men prowling towards us. I panic looking around for justin but then my panic ceases, as they get to us they lift their hats together. I gasp it’s Justin and Russ Oh my god!!!

Amber squeals “Wooooooo!” Clapping her hands “Yeah, baby!” She whoops, but my eyes are only for justin. They take their jackets off in sync, and throwing them at us. I catch his jacket, smell the glorious scent that is, my man. As they rip open their shirt’s in time with the song and each other. Around us we can hear the women behind us, screaming. I don’t have time to look because Justin straddles my legs, Russ is doing the same to Amber.

Justin grabs my hands so I can run my fingers down his unbelievable toned, sexy as fuck body. Then he hovers over and grinding on me, like he’s fucking me on the chair Holy shit—

I clutch Justin’s biceps, hungry for a touch of my perfect man, when he mouths Trust Me? I nod instantly, not questioning my trust in him. And, before I can even blink, I’m in the air wrapping my legs round Justin’s waist, I squeal, giggling my arse off as he squeezes my arse, spanking it. A moan slips from my lips, as he grinds himself into me, letting me feel every delicious inch of his hard cock through his pants. He’s gyrating his hips, his cock brushes against my clit, making me moan again. Jesus Christ, he’s gonna make me come if he doesn’t stop this...

Before I know it, I’m on the floor and before I can gasp at the coldness of the floor, I’m rolled over on to my front and positioned so that I’m on all fours. I hear more women scream around us, some men are laughing and shouting. Are they laughing at me? I don’t have time to worry, because Justin grinds on my arse, his hands pulling at my hips. Then I feel his hand gently cup the front of my neck wanting me to pull up, so I do, I’m now kneeling “Damn baby, You look sexy as fuck! Are you naked under this dress?” He growls in my ear, nipping at the lobe, then soothes the sting with his tongue as he grinds his cock into my arse, I moan. Then he’s up, helping me up to stand, he places me back in the chair as Russ does to Amber. Both Justin and Russ do a back flip “Woooooo!” Me and Amber squeal clapping. As the song comes to a finish, they both rip their pants off, revealing Mine and Amber’s names on their underwear.

I’m clapping, laughing my arse off, as is Amber “At least I know what he was doing in the bathroom all those times listening to ginuwine. Oh my god, girl—my hoohaa is gonna be all up on That!” she fans herself pointing to Russ

I giggle at my girl’s words

"Holy fuck, girl, who would of thought our men could move like that? I mean, fuck! I’ll be taking full advantage of my baby dancing like that for me on the fuckin daily.” she cackles wiggling her eyebrows. I laugh as I realise justin and Russ are leaving again, as does Amber ”Where the fuck are they going now?” Amber growls “I need my Russ fix, damn it!” She pouts

The waitress brings us another glass of champagne “That was Quite the performance from your men there, you lucky ladies” she says as she places the glasses down

“Girl, don’t I know it! My man needs to hurry his fine arse up, cos mammas got a fire that needs to be put out” she sasses with a grin

The waitress and I laugh our arses off at her “Well, Enjoy your other surprise” she winks as she walks off

Me and Amber gasp “Another surprise?!? Oh, shit, I’ve just remembered Justin texting me, saying that they’ll be another surprise” I say

Then I feel hands come over my eyes, I gasp “It’s me, baby, Sshh!” Justin croons pulling me up from the chair into his arms

Next-Wifey comes blasting through the speakers as Russ comes out on the dance floor, he’s walking slowly towards Amber dressed in a different coloured suit. He stands before her, and pulls her up to stand. He then takes her in his arms and spins her, twirling her out, he pulls her so she can spin back into him, he starts grinding on her arse slowly, moving his lips to her ear saying the words to the song in her, she smiles brightly, her eyes wide

“What’s going on?” I say to Justin

The next thing I know, Russ is in front of her down on one knee, holding a small box open Amber is looking down at him her hand over her mouth Oh my god, he’s proposing??? Suddenly, I hear Russ voice in the song

“Will you be my wifey?” He sings holding the mic between them both

“Yes I’ll be your wifey!!" she squeals happily with tears in her eyes

Russ grins happily “Say you’ll be my wifey?” He croons

Who the fuck, would of thought Russ Berkeley could sing? Not me, that’s for sure

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,YEAH, YEAH!!!” Amber squeals jumping excitedly

“Amber Rose Dooley, Will you be my wifey?” Russ asks in his normal voice

“Fucking, yes, Russ” Amber squeals as she throws herself into him giggling, kissing him senseless. Russ loses his footing for a second and I gasp, Incase they hurt themselves. But Russ is quick to manoeuvre himself, so he saves them both

“I love you, baby” Russ growls over the mic “You’re really gonna marry me?” he asks

“You bet that fucking fine arse of yours, I am—I love you, too! And just so you know, you can dance like that for me on the daily, god damn Russ!” She purrs earning a growl from russ

Okay, am best stepping in here before they end up fucking on the dance floor, for fucksake

I walk over pulling Justin behind me

“Okay, guys—remember we’re in a room full of people” I scold as I point between them “No fucking on dance floors” I say sternly

Russ, Amber and Justin start laughing at my outburst, as Amber and Russ stands up.

Once they’re both Standing up, Amber throws herself at Russ again. Catching her, Russ grins at her. Wrapping his arms round her waist so her legs dangle, And she kisses him senseless “I love you,I love you, I LOVE you” she shouts between kisses

Russ grins ” I love you too, baby—god, you’ve made me so happy” he says softly “Mrs Amber Berkeley” he growls nipping her ear making her moan

“Fuck, that’s sexy coming from your mouth” amber moans “Say it again” she purrs. Russ goes to say it again, but I interrupt them “Alright, okay, excuse me russ, but can you put my girl down, so I can congratulate you both please?” I tease

“Shit, This is your fault this, being all fucking Russitifying with your sexy self. I keep forgetting we’re in a room full of people ” she groans as Russ lowers her to the floor

He grins saucily “The feeling is fucking mutual baby, I mean fuck my life, look at my fiancée. You’re looking finer than fuck, baby! Damn, am lost for words” he growls in her ear

I look at Justin and he’s looking at me with hooded eyes as he licks his lips, I moan kissing him briefly promising him with a mouthed Later, I grin saucily at him before turning back to Amber and Russ again

They’re kissing again Jesus Christ—

“Hey guys, AMBER!!! Hello ooooh?” I say impatiently

They break apart breathless “Sorry girl” Amber blushes

I laugh shaking my head “Congratulations you guys!!” I squeal as I hug them both

Justin fist bumps Russ “Nice proposal, my man”

Russ grins winking “Told I could sing,” he boasts

“Lemme see the ring then?” I squeal, she shows me her ring finger. I gasp

“Oh my god, It’s stunning, girl. I am so happy for you both” I squeal

It is, it’s beautiful, the diamond itself is shaped in a sort of flower shape, and the band is a platinum criss crossing at the front by the diamond, little diamonds encrusted inside. “Thanks babe, I can’t believe it” she says happily “I can’t believe you did a striptease and this” she says to Russ

Russ laughs “Well that idea was my boy Justin’s, I can’t take all the credit, we wanted to surprise our girls”

I look to Justin “You did this for me?” I grin at him putting myself flush against his body, he nods “And I’ll do again anytime you want” he growls “Maybe not in front of other people though” he adds

“I’ll take you up on that then, eh?” I purr kissing him

“Hang on, who were the other dudes? ” Amber frowns

“They’re actual strippers, they taught us some moves and we hired them cos we only wanted our women’s attention on us” Justin says

“Yeah, cos my kitten turns into a fierce lioness when it comes to other women looking at me, don’t you baby?” He croons “The nails come out rawr" he growls nipping her neck

Amber snorts “Fuck yes, claws come out to play, shit get’s real if anyone messes with what’s mine” she growls “Good thinking, baby” she croons kissing his jaw

“Shall we get this party started then?” Justin says

I nod smiling, Justin looks at Russ

He grins as he takes the mic from the DJ and speaks into the mic “Attention all you fucker’s and fuckette’s, did y’all like the show?” He grins, he gets boo’s from the men and catcalls from the women

He laughs into the mic “The fuck you booing for? Y’all just jealous, cos you can’t move like me” he cackles whilst gyrating his body. The men start booing again, whilst the women laugh and whoop

“Aw, Fuck off, you miserable bunch of fucks” He says as he waves them off ”Anyway, tonight is Justin and Eva’s joint stag ‘n’ hen do, our boy is getting married next week” he shouts “Seriously, you still got time to get out Eva” he jokes winking at me

Justin glares at him “I’m kidding, am kidding, your my boy, chill dude” he laughs as he holds his hands up “Right, as I was saying—this is Justin and Eva’s shindig tonight, but tonight, I also asked this beautiful goddess here” Russ gestures to Amber kissing her briefly “To marry me, And she only went and said yes. So, ladies The RussMeister is off the market as a One woman man. This woman, so how about we get this party started, peace out FUCKERRRRR’S" he hollers down the mic as the people in the room shout whooping happily.

“You wanna dance, baby?” Justin croons in my ear

As Russ does the same, I grin at amber and she grins back

“Love ya girl, go get ya freak on” she shouts

“Love ya too, babe” I wink at her

As Another Level- Freak Me comes on over the speakers What the fuck? How?

Justin growls in my ear “How the fuck did she know this was coming on?” He asks as he starts pulling me to the dance floor, I giggle as he puts his hands on my arse grabbing it, pulling me flush against him and grinds into me letting me feel how fucking hard he is for me, I moan Fuck me!!!

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop,

Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot

“God, damn, baby—you are looking hella fine” he groans “I just wanna lift this sexy as sin dress up and fuck you senseless” he growls

’I love the taste of whipped cream, Spread it on top of me

“How long do you wanna stay, baby? Cos you in this dress—looking like a walking fucking wet dream, this song talking about licking whipped cream and fucking dripping bodies. I gotta say baby, I’m so fucking hard, Eva. I just wanna take you home, rip this dress from your body, and ruin you” he growls licking at my neck

Fuck me, I’m soaked, am about to tell him we shouldn’t leave Amber and Russ Where are they?

“They’ve already gone, baby, lets just go, no-one will even notice. I’ve put a tab on at the bar, so the waitresses know. Colin’s boys have got the door, lets just go home, where I can pleasure you in all the ways I want to—ALL NIGHT LONG!” he growls

Before I can even respond, we’re leaving the club and in a cab on our way home.

And I cannot fucking wait!!

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