Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty One-Eva

It’s Our Wedding Day—It’s here! It’s finally here

It’s my wedding Day, And I’ve spent most of the morning with my head in the toilet. Just my fucking Luck—

“Eva, girl, are you okay?” Amber asks knocking on the door to my bathroom

“Yeah babe, just nerves, I think” I shout Or I’ve caught that bug that’s goin round!!

“Babe, can you ask me mum to do me some dry toast or something please?” I ask her lifting my head out the toilet

“Sure babe, be right back” she says

Satisfied that my stomach is empty “Urrrgh” I groan as I stand up and flush the toilet. I look at my reflection and I look like shit, I swill my face with water and brush my teeth to get the vile taste off of my mouth

I hear a knock on the bathroom door

“Baby girl? You okay? Amber told me you’ve been vomiting this morning? You Comin down with a bug or something?” Dad asks through the door

Washing my mouth out so am able to answer him

“Nah dad, think it’s just the nerves—I’ll be fine once I’ve had something to eat” I say drying my face I hope

I open the door and there my dad stands looking handsome in his suit “Aww dad, you look great!” I say with a big grin on my face

“Damn straight, I make this shit look good" he winks grinning at me “Plus, your mum hasn’t been able to keep her hands off me” he grins wiggling his eyebrows

I roll my eyes “Dad, too much info” I groan

Dad’s wearing fitted black suit, with a white shirt and a silver cravat. “Have you not ate anything yet Eva? You don’t wanna be collapsing at the altar do ya? Dad jokes, but I can the worry in his eyes.

“Where is mum?” I ask “She getting Holly ready?” I add

“Nah, baby girl! She said she had to pop to the shops for something, amber’s getting our Holly dressed. Then she’s gonna do her hair—tell you what, it’s a good job Amber’s known our holly all her life, cos she won’t let anyone who isn’t family touch her hair” dad says

“I know dad, I made sure I hired another hairdresser to do the other’s and Amber’s going to be doing Me and our Holly” I say

He nods “You heard from him yet?” He asks

“Yeah, I got a delivery of flowers from him this morning, with a note” I say pointing to the giant bouquet of flowers on my dressing table. His note read...

To my beautiful fiancée

Today is the day you become my wife

My life, my everything! I can’t wait to begin our life together and always!!

I love you Eva, see you at the altar’



“Soppy bastard” dad teases as he stops reading the note justin wrote me. I hit him playfully

“How is our Holly and Cat? Is everyone alright?” I ask nervously

“Calm yourself baby girl, everyone is fine, everyone here is fine” dad assures me I nod sighing in relief “Have the flowers arrived yet? The florist said she and her team were decorating the church, and the venue, then dropping off the flowers to us and Justin, is there no sign of her?” I ask frantically

“Baby girl, calm your farm! The florist are on their way here as we speak, they rang just before I came to check on you” dad say rubbing his hands up my arms

A knock on my bedroom door interrupts my freak and our catherine walks in dressed her bridesmaid dress. It’s a royal blue, one shouldered floor length gown. Her hair is in loose curls pinned to the side, finished with a diamanté hair comb—her makeup is perfect, not too much She looks beautiful

I gasp, as the tears just stream down my face, dad and Catherine’s face morph into a look of concern

“Don’t ask me why am crying! Am fucking happy” I say waving their concern off grinning “Awwww Cat, little sis, you look beautiful” I sob hugging her tightly

Cat hugs me back “You sure?” She asks nervously “I mean you’re cryin, I can get the makeup artist to cha..” I cut her off

“What the fuck Cat? You’re stunning, I don’t have a fuck all of a clue as to why am crying? I think am just so fucking overwhelmed with everything” I sigh. “But, please, don’t change anything, you look amazing sis— I’m just being weird, is all” I laugh

“Right, okay well, the makeup artist is here for you, and the florist is downstairs. Everyone else is dressed and ready, just waiting on mum to get back from the shop, so she can get her makeup done. Amber’s already done her hair” Cat says

“What did she go for?” I ask dad

He shrugs “Dunno baby girl, she just said she needed to pop out to the shops” he says, Just as mum walks in my room carrying a paper bag.

“Okay guys, am back, can you give me an Eva a few minutes alone, please. I need to speak with her” mum says as she and dad have a sort of mental discussion using their eyes, until he nods escorting our cat out the room with him.

Okay, what’s going on?

Mum turns to look at me and sighs, she hands me the paper bag “You need to use this babe, I know you’ve always been irregular—but I’ve noticed the little things over the last week or so” mum smiles

What the fuck is she trying to tell me? What things?

I look into the bag, it’s a pregnancy test Oh my god!

I gasp “Mum, I can’t be—I” I say I’m about to say I’m getting married, but how fucking stupid of an answer is that?

I start to get that watery metallic taste on my mouth again, and I know I’m going to vomit all over myself, if I don’t hurry the toilet. Holding my hand against my mouth, I run to the toilet and empty everything what’s left in my stomach Which is nothing but bile

I hear mum sigh again “Babe, just take the test, it’s what you and Justin wanted anyway, wasn’t it?” She asks

I lift my head from the toilet “Yeah, but it’s just still a shock to hear, you know?” I say as my eyes well up with tears

“Babe, Look, You’re really emotional lately, your boobs have gotten bigger, You’re eating more” she explains. I gasp My dress! What if it doesn’t fit me?

“Mum, what if my dress doesn’t fit me now?”

I cry panicking like fuck

“Babe, lets just do one thing at a time. You’ve still got time to get dressed, we’ll sort something out if need be—don’t you worry, I’m here” she says calmly as she hands me the pregnancy test.

"Have I got time? I don’t wanna be late, justin will panic” I explain taking the package from her

“You’ll be fine babe, I’ll call Amber in here and as soon as you’re finished, she can start on your hair” mum says with a smile as she goes to my door “Amber we need you in her when you get a sec, love” mum shouts

“Am Comin, am Comin, am Comin.” Amber shouts running up the stairs. Still in her pj’s, Amber enters my bedroom looking at me sadly “Oh babe, you got sick again? Have you had anything to eat yet?“she says and she notices me waving the test around. She gasps loudly “Holy sh—”

“Amber” Mum scolds her

“Sorry” she says sheepishly “Have you took it yet?” She whispers

“No, am just going to now, but I needed you up here first ready to do my hair, then you can get ready yourself then” I say

“It’s okay girl. We got plenty of time, Everything will be fine!” Amber assures me

I take the test, setting the timer on my phone for five minutes. And Amber gets to work on my hair while we wait. The makeup artist starts on my mums makeup.

My phone alarm goes off, alerting me that it’s time “You want me to get it babe?” Amber asks as she puts the curling iron down safely. I nod, not being able to speak.

We left the test upside down, so we couldn’t see the result. Amber picks it up and hands it to me still faced down. I take a deep calming breath in and out as I flip it. Seeing the result, I gasp, I put my hands over my mouth, as happy tears are coming down my Face, I look at the test window again


I nod to my mum and amber, they both squeal with delight

I stand, smiling at them brightly, but then suddenly feel dizzy, I see Amber’s look of panic as she runs towards me, shouting my name, before I faint.

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