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Chapter Sixty Two-Justin

It’s Our Wedding Day

I’ve been awake since the early hours, not being able to sleep without my girl and just the fact today, I get to make my girl, mine. Deciding to get out of bed, I make my way into Russ’s kitchen, I stayed here last night, Cos of them stupid wedding traditions, I spent the night away from Eva. Russ is my best man—my best friend.

But It’s Today—Today, I’ll be getting married to my fiancée, my world, my everything

“Good Fucking Morning Fucker” Russ grins at me as he drinks his coffee

“Morning” I reply helping myself to a cup of coffee

Russ frowns at me “What the fuck dude, you’re getting married today—What’s with the doom ’n’gloom face?” He says

“Listen fucker, I have literally just woke up, I just miss Eva that’s all, and these hours are gonna drag till I can see her again” I groan

“Fuck man, I get what you mean, I’ve had Amber staying here with me for a while, It’s hard to sleep without her” he admits

I smile at him, I rung a florist earlier, ordering my girl a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers, and a few words from me, so she knows I’m thinking of her. I won’t text her, cos that’ll lead to ringing, then I’ll wanna see her, not giving zero fucks about traditions

The flowers should be there by now, I think to myself—Russ had some breakfast ordered for us to be delivered, whilst eating, I text Marcus to make sure everything is in place with the press and security detail. With that done and sorted, I start getting myself ready.

Forty five minutes later, I’m showered and dressed in my black fitted Valentino suit and royal blue cravat

I’m about to shout to ask Russ if the flowers have been, but I find them on the table in the hallway. Pinning my corsage to my suit jacket, I smile looking in the mirror at myself. Looking Good Justin!!

Walking into the kitchen, I see Russ is on the phone, he’s talking low and frantic “Baby, what the fuck am I meant to tell him? They’re meant to be getting married, for fucksake” he whispers

What the fuck is going on? Where is Eva? Is she okay?

I don’t bother asking Russ, I haul arse out his apartment, and get in my car making my way to Eva. I speed through Liverpool not giving any fucks at all, I need to get to my Eva, I can’t help but feel that something is wrong. I get to our house, and there is an ambulance outside Eva!!! I run inside

“Eva” I shout looking around for her, I see holly and Abbie sitting in the living room dressed in their pretty dresses. Not saying anything to Abbie or Holly, I run straight upstairs and our bedroom door is open with paramedics bags and stretcher by the door

Amber sees me and gasps, coming over to me stopping me from coming in further “Justin” she whispers “you can’t be here! It’s bad luck—What the fuck is russ thinking? Letting you come over here? I Swear to god” she growls

“What’s going on? Russ doesn’t even know am here. I heard him on the phone to you, Now what’s going on? if Eva’s hurt, I wanna be here. Fuck tradition, I need to see her amber, please!” I plead

“Rome, This is important to Eva, I will tell you she’s not hurt, she fainted” she says

I gasp “Is she?” I ask wondering if she got hurt

“Dude she’s fine, she just didn’t eat anything today and she’s been vomiting most of the morning. We phoned an ambulance as a precaution, the paramedics are giving her the once over. The wedding should still be okay to go ahead” she says trying to calm me

“Amber, please—I need to see her” I plead trying to keep myself fucking calm

She sighs looking at my face “Okay, I’ll talk to her, see what she says” she says

I sigh in relief “Thankyou amber” She smiles at me as she disappears into mine and Eva’s bedroom

Paddy comes out then decked out in his suit “Son, You do know your breaking tradition by being here, don’t you?” He says with an arched eyebrow

“Paddy, I mean no disrespect here. But in there” I point to my room “Is my world, and she’s not well! Do you really think I give a fuck about tradition? I’m marrying that woman regardless!” I growl “What would you if done if Ava was sick on your wedding day?” I add

“Probably same thing your doing son” he sighs leaning against the wall

“What’s going on paddy? Amber wouldn’t tell me much, just that she’d been vomiting and hadn’t ate anything” I ask “Is there something I should know?”

Paddy takes a deep breath in and out and he goes to say something just as Ava comes out then dressed in a silver pant suit “Paddy” she warns “Don’t you dare” Paddy closes his mouth, smiling at his wife.

“Justin” She smiles “Don’t you look handsome?” She says fixing my cravat for me

Paddy clears his throat, Ava tuts at her husband “Yes paddy, you too babe” she says rolling her eyes at him. Then looks back to me, smiling warmly

“Right, Eva wants to see you, but not for long, okay? she still needs to get dressed. She’s been given the OK from the paramedics, just said if she feels dizzy again that she’s to come straight to A & E” she says to me

I nod “Is she okay though, ava?” I ask nervously

“Oh, she’s just fine love, go on in! You’ll see for yourself” she nudges me

I walk in and Eva is talking to one of the paramedics as the other is packing the medical supplies away. Amber is sat next to Eva, Cat is sat at Eva’s dressing table. Looking back at Eva, she looks pale, paler than she normally does—but fuck, she’s just as beautiful

“Eva” I croak

All eyes turn to me, Eva smiles brightly at me. Fuck that smile makes my heart do fucking summersaults. Fuck that, just being near here has me so fucking tied up.

“Justin” Eva whispers

We’re both just staring at each other, when Amber breaks through our connection “Don’t worry, they do this shit all the time, it’s kinda sickening watching it” amber teases

Eva blushes but then glares playfully at her “What’s all the shit you and Russy Wuzzy do then? She jokes

“We’ll let you get on with the rest of your day Eva, remember what we said, any signs of dizziness, straight to A & E, yeah?” The paramedics says as she leaves

“I’ll make sure she does, Thankyou for your help ladies” I grin

Their eyes light up widening when they realise who I am. “You’re welcome, Mmmmmr. Casey” the paramedics stutters as they leave

“Fucking Jesus Christ, guess it’s not just Russ who gets this shit then? Amber says to Eva

“Girl, that’s fucking tame compared to the shit I’ve had to beat off this man” Eva growls

I look to Eva and sit down on the bed next to her “Are you okay baby? What’s wrong? Amber said you’d fainted” I ask her

Amber gets up “I’ll give you guys a minute, come on cat” she calls catherine over and leaves the room closing the door behind them

“Baby?” I ask stroking her face “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

She sighs, leaning her face into my palm “I’ve been vomiting all morning, and I haven’t had anything to eat yet, I got some exciting news but then I started to feel dizzy and fainted. The paramedics said it was lack of food and the fact I’d been vomiting all morning” she says sheepishly looking at me like she wants to tell me something else.

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask holding her hand

God, if she doesn’t wanna get married now.

“I’m pregnant” she blurts

Am sorry, what? Did she say pregnant?

“What did you just say?” I ask again

She sighs “I’m pregnant Justin, that’s why I—she says before I cut her off with a kiss.

And que the waterworks—fuck I’m such a fucking pussy.

“Really? You’re pregnant? We’re having a baby?”

I croak happily, Eva’s in tears now grinning with a nod

“Mum went an got a test for me, said she’d been noticing little signs—and then when amber told her I’d been vomiting, she went and got a test” she shrugs still smiling at me

Fuck, her tits, I knew they were getting bigger

“I knew your tits we’re getting bigger, I just didn’t know why” I grin

“Where the fuck, is that fucker?” We hear Russ shout angrily

“Shhh Russ, He’s with Eva, baby, calm down” Amber says softly

“Calm down? Calm down he— Russ’s voice is cut off with a moan

Me and Justin laugh at Amber and Russ

“God, A baby—this is the best day, EVER” I say happily “Do you know what we’re having?” I ask

Eva giggles “I’ve only just found out babe, it’s early days yet, I’ve gotta make an appointment with my doctor to get it all confirmed and stuff” she explains

Amber comes in wiping around her mouth “Right come on Rome, time to get gone, so I can get our blushing bride ready in time for the wedding” she says

Russ comes in with a shit eating grin on his face pulling up the zip on his trousers

Fuckin hell really?

“Really you two? In our house?” I growl

Russ frowns “What? we didn’t fuck, she just went dow— he says before getting cut off by amber

“Baby, I love you, but if you say another word" Amber growls

“Got it babe, Right come on fucker, might aswell go to your mum’s and dad’s house now, rather than going back to mine” he says to me “I love you, baby” he says to amber giving her a kiss

“I love you, too—I’ll see you soon, babe” She says softly

“I love you, baby—I can’t wait to see you walking down that aisle, fuck, I’m so happy” I say to her as I kiss her

“I love you, me too” she grins

“I’ll see you in a bit baby, I love you” I say to her again

“Yeah, yeah! You love her, she loves you—we’re all a bunch of Lovey-Dovey Fuckers aren’t we?” Russ growls “Come on, lover boy—let’s go” he says to me as he pushes me out my bedroom

Saying goodbye to everyone, we leave and make our way to my mum and dad’s house. I sigh happily, grinning like a fool....

I’m gonna be a Daddy!

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