Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Three-Eva

Justin’s just left, after finding out we’re having a baby... A baby! I still can’t believe it

I put my hand on my stomach in awe, stroking and caressing it.

“Hey you, I don’t know if you can hear me in there yet, But this is your mummy speaking. Today has been quite an exciting day, one that will be forever cherished in my heart and in my mind! Me and your daddy are getting married today, and then I find out I’m carrying you! I have never been so happy, I love you, daddy loves you—everyone will love you! I can’t wait for you to arrive, so we can become a family” I sniffle as tears brim in my eyes

I hear a sniffle, I look up and see my mum, amber and cat are standing there with tears brimming in their eyes “Oh Eva!” Mum croaks coming over to me “Oh, My baby is having a baby, am gonna be a nanny” she grins happily

Mum whispers to my stomach “Oh, little one—you are going to be loved, so loved, and you have got the best mummy in the world waiting to hold you” she sniffles

I carry on speaking to my stomach “And you’ve got the most amazing aunties and uncles waiting for you too” I whisper stroking my stomach “God mum, how is it possible to love something so fierce without even seeing it?” I croak

“Baby, that’s just you being a mummy, I am so happy for you babe” she croaks hugging me

“Thanks, mum,” I say

“Babe, am gonna need to get my makeup done again!” Mum croaks wiping her tears “You reckon Kathryn wouldn’t mind doing it again for me?” She asks s

“Ask her, I Don’t see why not though, how much longer have we got?” I ask mum

“Cars will be here by 12.30pm, so we’ve got just over an hour to get you ready, it’s just your makeup and then getting you into your dress,” She says

I look to my wedding dress now hanging in the window, Thankful amber didn’t bring it out the bathroom till after Justin left

Amber and Kathryn the makeup artist finish doing my hair and makeup...

Amber hands me a large gift bag

“This baby is to go under that dress, babe “she winks at me “Go and put it on, then come back out once you’re done. Me and your mum will be here to put you in your dress”

I lock myself in the bathroom, thankfully my stomach is under control now. I take the items out the bag what amber gave me. I shake my head grinning at the thought of my best friend

It’s a white strapless corset, similar to the one I worn at the lakes only difference is. The words Mrs Casey in beautiful royal blue writing is embroidered into the back of the corset, with it is matching underwear, garter belt and stockings. Putting it all on, careful not to snag the stockings, I add some deodorant to my body. Taking a deep breath in and out, I walk out of the bathroom, into mine and Justin’s bedroom. Amber is now dressed in her gown matching our catherine’s, her hair is styled and her makeup is flawless, mum’s makeup has now been re-done too, she’s wearing a silver pant suit, she looks beautiful.

“Looking sexy as ever baby mama” Amber says looking at me through the mirror as she fixes her hair.

I grin at her nickname for me Baby Mama!

“You’ll have to tell me where you get these things from” I say gesturing to my lingerie

“Aaaah, Now that will be telling now, wouldn’t it babe?” She teases winking at me “I’ll text her info to you in a bit girl, okay?”

I nod and look to the floor, There my dress is on the floor prepped for me to stand in. Mum comes over with my shoes, there silver glitter high heels and hands them to me

“Turn them over” She says grinning. I frown at her, but I turn them over, on the red soles is the words I Do in little diamanté crystals with a little diamanté love heart underneath, smiling, I put my shoes on

“Lisa loved them” Amber says as she puts her hair comb in her hair

Shit, I forgot all about the photographer Lisa a friend of the family, offered to do our wedding photography for us as she’s a professional photographer

“Don’t worry, lisa’s took a shit ton of pics babe, including ones of you getting your hair and makeup done” Amber says

I don’t remember seeing her take pics? I frown

“She’s like a cat, lisa is. She’s been everywhere taking pics of the girls and everyone too”Mum laughs

“Right, come on girl, step in your dress. The cars will be here in half an hour” Amber says

Stepping in my dress, mum lifts it up my body and I slot my hands through the lace straps as mum and Amber work the bodice “We’ll have to make it looser around her stomach, don’t want it tight around there” mum says

“Right we’re done, go and have a fucking look” Amber squeals happily

I walk over to the floor length mirror and look at my reflection, I gasp Oh my god, how is that me?

My dress was a floor length white lace fishtail dress with thick white lace straps, the lace train was long.

My makeup was stunning, Kathryn made my makeup look natural yet kept a blush to my face. My eyes were wide, keeping to the theme she used blues and silver, making my eyes seem wider and brighter, the false eyelashes giving my eyes that added shape to them. My lips were bare but with gloss, amber had put my hair in an up do, it’s been curled and pinned up with hair pins and added diamanté pins

Amber had brought in three floor length mirrors. One for the middle, and the other two were slanted so I could behind me

“Oh my god, how the hell is that me?” I said looking at myself

“Girl, you look stunning—got two things to add though, babe” Amber says as mum appears holding a veil and a tiara I know that veil...

I start welling with tears “Bitch, don’t you start crying, cos you’ll start us off crying. And Kathryn will be pissed!” Amber jokes

“Okay, okay, I am In control, I am IN control” I mutter to myself taking a deep breath in and out

I look to mum and she’s trying to keep herself in check “Am trying to keep my shit together here, it’s so fucking hard babe. I mean fuck, my little girl is getting herself married, she’s gonna be a mum—and now am about to do what my mum did to me on my wedding day. Fuck, I think am in sympathy with you, babe—bloody hormones" mum sniffles laughing

I laugh at her as she composes herself

“Right! This” she says as she holds up a long veil “Was your great great nan’s veil, it’s been passed down from daughter to daughter, and now I’m giving it to you” She sniffles “Fuck me, How did me mum do this for me without sobbing like I am?” She cries as she pins the veil in my hair

Someone knocks on the door “Baby girl, the cars are here! Are You decent?” Dad says through the door

“Yeah dad” I shout back, he walks in with a box in his arms. He steps falter as his eyes look at me, his eyes widen, his adams apple bobs up and down, as his eyes start to well with tears “You look beautiful baby girl, I love you” he croaks

I smile “I love you too, daddy”

“Right, so you got your something old, something borrowed can be my tiara” Mum croaks giving it to amber to put on me

“She’s got her something new and blue” Amber says with a wink

“Here’s your flowers ladies” Mum says handing us our bouquets

My flowers are a teardrop bouquet with stargazer lilies and blue roses, Amber’s and girls are white and blue roses in a tied bouquet

“You both look beautiful” I croak looking at my mum and best friend

They blush, smiling with tears in their eyes

“Fuck, Right lets go get you married, eh?” Amber “Before we start a Scouse Niagara falls” She grins winking at me as she walks behind me holding train

We all laugh at Amber’s ability to always make light of any situation. My dad comes over and holds my hand, leading me down the stairs were cat, holly and Abbie are already sat in the cars. As I get in my car with my dad by my side, the butterflies in my stomach flutter in excitement.

I’m going to the chapel and am gonna get married Am coming Justin!!....

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