Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Four-Justin

I arrive at the church, half an hour before it’s meant to start. I spot the press to the side of the church, the added security there, keeping them in place.

“Fucking vultures” Russ growls next to me

“Fucking tell me about it” I growl back “As long as they keep their shit in check, they can stay, if not? Well, then they can get to fuck!” I say simply

“Boys, would you mind watching your language around Brandon and Kieron, please. They can hear you, you know” mum growls

“Sorry mum” “Sorry Mrs C” Russ and I Say Sheepishly

Dad smirks at me “You’ll have to watch that language around your own kid soon, they pick shiii—I mean, stuff up fast you know?” he says to us whilst smiling innocently at me mum

Mum narrows her eyes, at him but grins shaking her head “I still can’t believe am gonna be a nanny, am so happy” mum croaks as tears brim in her eyes

“Beth baby, don’t let Brandon see you upset, you know how he get’s,” Dad says softly to mum

“I know, am being a soppy cow” she sniffs

Our Brandon doesn’t cope very well when he see’s people upset, especially my mum. Brandon is sitting next to Kieran in the limo, they’re reading their social stories that Eva had created especially for them for today. Holly and Abbie both have one also, social stories are a godsend for my parents, we didn’t hear of them until Brandon started Blue Saints. They are used help people with autism for different aspects of their life, like today, for instance, the book contains a visual step by step of how the day will unfold. Brandon keeps looking at his, so he knows what comes next, at the minute he’s looking at the picture of the limo he is in. He now know’s that the church will be next. Eva has already been given the okay by Father Lee for the kids to have their iPads if they wear their headphones, which is good for him to be so understanding. Usually, you’d find it to be disrespectful, but Father Lee has watched Holly grow, he’s seen the struggles Paddy and Ava went through with her over the years. So anything to ease the children’s anxiety.

Apparently, Father Lee has been the priest at St.Chads for years. He’s not only baptised Eva and her sisters, He has married Paddy and Ava and their parents. It is a really fucking old building like, I mean apparently it’s been here since fucking 1871. Eva told me its even still got the original baptism font. “There’s Marcus,” Russ says pointing to Marcus, who is talking to the security guards

Getting out the car, mum and dad walk our Brandon and Kieran into the church to get them settled.

There is still families and friends arriving,

I smile politely, waving, saying hi—as Me and Russ walk over to Marcus.

“Is everything under control?” I ask as we approach him

“Yeah, no problem” he grins “You better get inside, Eva will be here any minute,” he says shooing me away. Looking at my watch it’s already 12.50pm, I grin, slapping Marcus on the back as does Russ before we turn to walk into the church

As we walk into the church I dip my fingers in the holy water bowl, starting from my forehead I do the sign of the cross. Russ and Marcus follow suit.

The church pews are decorated with blue and white flower garlands, and a deep red carpet runs down the aisle. Walking down the aisle, I say hi as I pass our families and friends. As I get to the altar, it’s covered with large blue and white flower arrangements on either side of the aisles. Father Lee is there waiting sitting on a chair.

He smiles at me as we approach and winks “The big day, eh?”

I chuckle “I know father, took long enough like”

“What the fuck, is that meant to be?” Russ whispers he points at something

“Dude, you do know you’re in church!! You’re lucky me ma hasn’t heard you” I admonish him

“Yeah, but look at it? What is that?” Russ says pointing to something

I look and frown What the fuck IS that thing?

“Father Lee, what’s that?” I say pointing to the weird brick thing

Father Lee Chuckles “That, my boy, is our baptism font. Your soon to be wife has been baptised in this, as did her parents, and theirs before them” He smiles fondly patting the font

The font was large, it looked to have been hand carved, it had people in what looked to be robes carved into it with large diagonal lines through the base and stand. I start thinking of our baby being baptised in the same font. “Eva’s here lad” Russ whispers showing me a text from amber

My Amberlicious: We’re Outside Baby x

P.S I’m naked under this dress ssshh! Xx

“Dude, you didn’t need to show me that!” I growl

“What?” He frowns confused

Fuck my life I roll my eyes

“Dude, did you read the whole text” I growl

He looks at his phone, suddenly his face lights up like fucking Christmas, grinning from ear to ear.

“Fuck” he groans as the pianist starts to play

Everything I Do by Bryan Adams

Eva’s mum walks in first, with Abbie and Holly, holding both their hands she walks them down the altar to their seats.

Fuck, this is it, calm your farm Justin, you’re about to marry the love of your life.

Catherine walks down the aisle first, looking beautiful. Followed by amber, and I’m now fucking uncomfortable knowing the fact she’s naked under that dress. And of course hearing Russ whisper—chanting ”Fuck me" over and over as she walks down the aisle and smirks at Russ, as she takes her place on the altar.

Fuck, the pair haven’t got sensible bone in their fucking bodies

The Wedding March is played as the doors open revealing Eva on the arm of her dad Jesus Christ—

Fuck me, She looks like an angel—my angel

My throat thickens with emotion, as she walks closer towards me. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkle with joy, her smile. Fuck me, Don’t cry Justin—Don’t Cry.

Fuck—am crying, god, she’s fucking stunning

“Dude, are you crying” Russ chuckles “Pussy” he whispers

“I don’t give a fuck” I whisper “Look at her, she’s breathtaking,” I say as she reaches me with paddy by her side.

“You look beautiful, Evangeline” Father Lee grins using her Catholic name

“Thank you, Father” Eva smiles brightly at the priest

Now, who gives this woman, to this man?” Father Lee says

“I Do” Paddy croaks placing her left hand into my right, he then kisses her on the cheek and whispers “I love you, baby girl” then he looks to me with such happiness “Look after my baby, Justin”

I nod “Always” I reply shaking his hand paddy turns and walks away sitting next to Ava.

Father Lee starts the ceremony “I call upon these persons here present, to witness these two people be joined in holy matrimony”

“You look beautiful, baby” I whisper to Eva as father lee talks

She blushes “You too, I mean you look gorgeous” she blushes again

During the ceremony our Brandon got restless,

so my mum had to take him outside to calm him.

We say our vows and exchange our rings

Father Lee announced us ”Husband and Wife—You may now, kiss your bride” he chuckles

“Thank fuck” I whisper, Eva giggles at my outburst as I kiss her. I kiss her not giving two fucks that the church is full of our families and friends, cheering and whooping.

“Alright alright, take a fucking breather, fuck” Russ growls loudly

"RUSSELL BERKELEY, you are in the house of the lord. Watch that mouth of yours, otherwise, I’ll have you drinking holy water for a week” mum growls

Fuck, where the fuck did she come from? I didn’t even know she was back.

She doesn’t mind anyone swearing, but if it’s in front of children or the elderly—or in this case, church, shit hits the fan.

“Sorry Mrs C,” Russ says guiltily “Sorry Father Lee, Sorry Big Man,” he says to the ceiling of the church speaking to god

Me and Eva walk out the church hand in hand, the press shouting our names. The sounds of camera’s clicking. We stop at the top of the concrete steps as our families and friends throw confetti over us. I hold Eva carefully, as we walk down the stairs, Amber holds the train of Eva’s dress.

We get to the bottom of the stairs and then get in our car, we sigh happily “I love you, Mrs Casey” I croon

“And I love you, Mr Casey” she whispers back

I place my palm gently across Eva’s stomach, leaning down to say “And I love you, too—Daddy loves you so very much, I can’t wait to see you, Hold you” I say as my voice catches fuck, am gonna cry again.

I look up to my beautiful wife, she has tears falling down her face, god, even with tears running down her face—she’s so beautiful “You are so beautiful baby, so fucking beautiful” I croon

She gasps tutting at me “You said a naughty word, Mr Casey” she grins

“Aaaah, but we’re not IN church now, are we baby?” I chuckle

She giggles at my response

I clasp my hand with hers, lifting her hand up still joined with mine and press my lips to her hand “Shall we go to our reception then, baby? Sooner we go there, sooner we can go on our honeymoon” I say wiggling my eyebrows

She giggles again—fuck, I love that sound

“Let’s go, husband of mine” she grins

I grin, kissing her briefly, before telling the driver to move off.

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