Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Five-Eva

We drive towards The Manor Hall, where our wedding reception will take place. “How is everyone else getting to the venue?” I ask Justin as he keeps his hand on my stomach rubbing it tenderly, as he smiles at me “Don’t you worry about a thing, Mrs Casey, everything is sorted” he croons kissing my cheek

I sigh in relief god, I love this man

“Have I told you lately, how much I love you, Husband of mine?” I purr

He grins at me “I love hearing those words coming from your pretty lips!” He growls

“Which ones” I tease

“All of them” he grins “I love you too, my beautiful wifey” he croons

“This is our start of forever baby. You, Me and our little one here” he croons pressing a kiss to my stomach. My throat thickens with emotion as my eyes start to brim with tears again

“Oh baby, I didn’t mean to make you cry” he coos

“These are happy tears, babe,” I say pointing to my now leaking eyes “Thank fuck for waterproof mascara” I snort laugh

Justin chuckles at me then sighs “I swear baby, I’ve never felt so happy in all my life, you and our baby have literally made my world complete” he says seriously

I love how fucking sweet he is with words...

I sob “Me too—I mean, fuck—You know what I mean” I groan

He chuckles “I Do, baby”

We arrive at The Manor Hall. It’s just stunning, Everywhere is either covered with flowers or statues—and then there is the huge water fountain.

“It’s so beautiful, this place....” I whisper in awe

“I don’t know, my eyes have witnessed a better sight,” Justin says softly

I laugh “I suppose Ireland, does have a more beautiful scenery” I sigh I’d love to go to Ireland...

“I wasn’t talking about Ireland, or the scenery, baby,” he says softly. I look to him, and he’s just staring at me with such love and devotion, that I have no words—the man can render me speechless.

I smile shyly at his comment, blushing furiously “Fuck, I love it when you blush” he groans

Before I can ask him why the driver announces that we’ve arrived at the entrance. Smiling at each other, Justin gets out the car running around my side of the car to open the door for me. I love it when he opens doors for me, I sigh my perfect gentleman

Justin opens my door, giving me his hand he helps me out, as I stand, I smile at him, giving him a chaste kiss “Thank you, husband, of mine” I purr

“Anytime wifey” he winks chuckling, as he takes my hand in his, we walk up to the doorway to the large grand house where there is a waiter holding a tray with two flute glasses on them. Shit, I forgot to make sure there were non-alcoholic beverages there for me, I know we sorted the children’s drinks out.

“Baby, I forgot to let the caterer know about me being pregnant” I panic

“Don’t worry that beautiful head of yours wife of mine, I already sorted it baby” he croons kissing my lips briefly

He did? “You did? When?” I ask

“Soon as I left our house after you telling me you were carrying our baby, I made sure everything that was being served today was safe for you to eat and drink” he grins winking at me

God, he’s so amazing...

“You’re amazing, you know that?“I purr

He grins “Come on, let’s get you a glass of orange juice—might as well start with some vitamin c, and then you can finish tonight, on some calcium” he grins wiggling his eyebrows

I frown in confusion, but then I click, I gasp and slap him playfully the dirty— “And you kiss your mother with that mouth” I admonish him playfully grinning at him

The dirty fucker was talking about me swallowing his come I shake my head. He grins wickedly “I kiss a lot of things with this mouth baby, I’ll be doing things with this mouth to your beautiful body, later” he growls

I giggle “Promises, promises” I purr

He growls “Oh, it’s not a promise, baby—it’s a fucking fact.” He groans “Have I told you how fucking beautiful you look, baby? You had me in tears watching you walk down that aisle” he croons kissing me

We hear Russ’s teasing laugh then “He did as well you know baby, my boy is a pussy” he chuckles at amber

Justin groans “Where the fuck did you come from?”

Russ holds his hands up “Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t hear us coming” he chuckles

“Ain’t nothing wrong with a man showing emotion anyway, baby,” Amber says as she stands beside me

Russ starts chuckling again

“I mean, I made you cry the other night” she grins wickedly

Russ gasps growling “What the fuck, baby? you said you wouldn’t mention me doing that, babe” he says through gritted teeth

She chuckles “Aaaah, No, I said I wouldn’t mention How!" She grins mischievously

“Oh, do tell amber?” Justin chuckles

Russ glares at Justin “Fuck you” he growls

I step in chuckling “Now, now ladies, that’s quite enough—like my girl said, there ain’t nothing wrong when a man show’s his emotions, I made Justin cry, amber made Russ cry—am guessing in a whole different way to how I did like” I chuckle as Amber winks at me. Russ glares at amber and she glares back, then suddenly she says “Girl, I’ll be back in a minute—I just need to show Russ something” she blurts as she grabs Russ by the lapel of his jacket pulling him behind her while Russ is grinning like he’s just won the lottery, raising his fist’s in the air. Fucking match made in heaven them two...

“Yeah babe, you go show him something” I chuckle shaking my head. Amber looks back at me, throwing me a wink and a cheeky grin pulling a now more than willing Russ, behind her

“Crazy fuckers” Me and Justin just say in unison

Justin grins, kissing me “Come on Mrs Casey, let’s get you inside” he croons as he walks to the waiter and gets a glass of orange juice for me and a glass of champagne for himself.

“Where is everyone else if Russ and Amber are here?” I ask puzzled as I accept the orange juice

“Probably in the marquee, baby” he croons “Remember we asked to have a look around inside before we went to the marquee, we didn’t really get to look round properly when we booked this place” he adds

Oh yeah...I grin taking his hand kissing him once on the lips “Lead the way then, Mr Casey” I purr

He grins as he pulls me into the house, we walk past the grand staircase, walking around the rooms that didn’t have the red velvet ropes across the doors—the red velvet ropes were put on rooms that either held priceless objects or they were the master bedrooms/private chambers, and we make our way upstairs, again looking around where we are allowed

“Nothing’s really changed” I murmur to myself but I know Justin can hear me “It’s weird how different things look to you when you’re a child, everything seems....bigger...” I say looking around

I smile at a memory that hits me “I remember at the end of beauty and beast, when belle kisses the prince, the castle changed, I remember talking to my mum about it after I came home all excited from being here on a school trip, I remember telling her that this place looked so much like the castle in beauty and the beast, when belle had kissed the prince, that I wanna be somebody’s princess and have my wedding here” I smile at the memory as we walk down the grand stairs holding my husband’s hand.

“Well, My princess—you got what you wanted, baby...” Justin croons

I smile shyly “I did, all thanks to you” I purr kissing him

“And amber” he murmurs against my lips

I chuckle “And amber, but I can’t kiss amber like I kiss you, can I?” I tease

We hear a male groan “Now That I’d love to see “Russ growls

Amber smacks him lightly upside the head

“Ow—fuck baby, I was joking” Russ groans rubbing his head

Well, I thought it was lightly I chuckle

“Thanks, amber” Justin growls

Me and Amber giggle linking each other’s arms

“You’re welcome Rome” Amber grins as we leave the house to walk towards the large white marquee where our families and friends are waiting for us...

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