Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Six-Justin

We reach the marquee, Amber and Russ go in ahead of us as we wait to be announced to our wedding reception as Mr and Mrs Casey by the MC....

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy’s and Girl’s May I have you attention, please....” The MC Calls “Please be upstanding as we welcome The Bride and Groom... Mr and Mrs Casey”

Eva smiles as we hear our now married names being announced, as we walk in the marquee we hear claps and cheers from our families and friends. We walk in, the Everton team and their partner’s are sat on the tables Clapping and Cheering. Duncan throws something at me, catching it. It’s something plastic, I get a good look at it—The fucker...

It’s plastic ball and chain, People start laughing. Duncan winks at us, and his wife slaps him on the chest lightly, to which he kisses her. We hear Russ’s teasing chuckle laugh again. I look to him “You can’t say nothing, you” I scoff gesturing to amber

Amber’s looking at him with her eyebrows up, daring him to say differently. I look to my wife, and she’s blushing furiously. Leaning into her, I whisper in her ear “There’s no one else I’d rather have my balls chained up by either, baby” I tease

She elbows me playfully grinning God, I love this woman...

Taking her hand that has her engagement ring and now her wedding ring I kiss them both Mine...

“I love you, Mrs Casey..” I croon

Eva sighs happily “I love you, too” she whispers kissing me briefly on the lips

“Eva! Eva!” Holly shouts holding her social story book with a picture of Eva and me on it, Eva gasps and her eyes well up with tears smiling, walking fast through the tables to get to where Holly is sat with her parents and Cat.

Eva stands before Holly, Clasping her cheeks in her palms “Holly, looking at me, beautiful” she croons. Holly looks Eva in the eyes long enough for Eva to have that contact with her little sister. It’s amazing how she can have that connection with her.

“Hey beautiful, What’s this you got, hmmm? Who’s this?” she asks pointing to the picture of Eva and Me. Holly grins rocking herself, flapping her hands excitedly grunting.

“Eva, be careful, baby girl” Paddy says to Eva

Eva looks confused at her dad “Watch Holly doesn’t hit you in the stomach” he adds

She glares at him “I’m fine dad, I’m pregnant not made of glass—Holly would never hurt me” she growls

“You’re PREGNANT!!” we hear someone squeal, Looking around the tables I see on the table that hold’s Eva’s workmates, I see Nikki and Tracy holding their hands over their mouths with wide eyes... They Mouth a ‘Sorry’ to us....

Eva giggles “Yeah girl’s, am pregnant” she rolls her eyes at them

Eva turns back to her dad scowling at him “I know Holly would never hurt you, baby girl, but I’m talking about when she flaps too hard and hits you, am just asking you to be careful around her that’s all” Paddy pleads

“I’ll be fine daddy” she says softly kissing his cheek

Eva strokes Holly’s hair as she walks past her, Kissing Cat on her cheek “You did fab today cat, I left a present for you in your room when you get back home, and don’t bother asking me what it is cos am staying shtum” she chuckles doing a zip motion across her lips winking at her.

“Thanks sis, Thanks Justin” Cat says getting up to hug us both. Eva gets around to her mum and her eyes well up again “Thankyou for this morning mum, for being there for me!” She croaks

Ava get’s up and hugs Eva closely “You never have thank me for being your mum Eva—it’s been a blessing to have three such beautiful daughters, I will always be there for you” Ava croaks “You take care of my baby now Justin, you hear? She’s carrying precious cargo now” she winks

I chuckle “I will Ava, I promise...”

I’m about to say something else, but Russ beats me to it “Ma Ava, you’re funny you, Of course he know’s she’s carrying precious cargo—he put it there, HA! Yeah he did!!” he chuckles a dirty laugh putting his fist out to me, for me to bump it.

I look at him as if he’s crazy, well he is if he thinks am gonna fist bump him, after saying that in front of Ava and Paddy... yeah, no thanks Russ

“Russ, no” Amber groans “You know the way I told you to think about what your going to say, before Actually saying it?” She asks and He nods

“Why babe? Why do you think?” She asks him

He looks confused at first, but then it’s like he has a lightbulb moment and looks at Eva’s mum and dad sheepishly

“My bad, Mr and Mrs M” he chuckles nervously

“It’s a good job were used to your sense of humour, isn’t love?” Ava teases him patting him on the cheek making Russ blush.

Going round all our families and friends, I go over to our Brandon to see if he’ll interact with me, as he didn’t the first time.“Hey Bud, how you doin?” I ask him “Brandon looking at me” I ask. He’s on his iPad, so it’ll probably be difficult to get his attention, but I don’t wanna upset him by taking it from him.

He side eyes me, well that’s better than nothing “Are you okay little man?” I ask him

He nods

“You having fun?” I ask him

Brandon starts rocking back and forth clapping his hands excitedly all of a sudden. I smile “I’ll take that as a yes, eh little man?” I croon “I love you dude” I say standing up rubbing his hair

Mum and dad are looking at me, with smiles on their faces...

“We’re proud of you love, What you’ve achieved, who you’ve become—We’re so happy for you and Eva” mum sniffs wiping her tears

Dad chuckles “Yeah, what she said” pointing to my mum

Then I feel her before she even touches me....fuck, I love how attuned we are to each other, I feel her arm wrapping round my waist...

Smiling, I look down at the love of my life “Hey baby, how are you? I croon kissing her lips

“Hungry” she groans “I only found out about our baby today, and it’s like a switch. As soon as you see that word. Your body instantly switches to pregnancy mode!” She chuckles “I’m really horny too” she whisper moans

Fuck!! I groan “Baby, you can’t say shit like that to me”

“I can’t help it babe, everywhere is Tingly” she purrs. I’m like three fucking seconds from dragging her to the nearest private space to fuck her senseless, when I hear from the MC “Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girl’s please be seated, Dinner is served” he shout’s and bows as he leaves the marquee

I groan as does Eva, Our need for one another will have to be put on hold for now

Eating our three course meal, we cut the cake and have the speeches. Amber and Russ fought over who would go first, to which they seemed to come to a compromise, and did a joint one—it was the shortest, yet sweetest, funniest speech I’d ever heard, they’d disappeared again straight after—Fuck the way they were going they’d be pregnant aswell, I chuckle to myself. Paddy and Ava did a joint speech that had Eva and everyone in tears of joy and laughter.

Then it was My mum and dad’s turn, fuck, they had everyone in a fit of tears with their stories of me—I was thankful as fuck that Russ wasn’t here for that bit. My speech came up, Amber and Russ had came back from their activities, My nerves were getting the best of me standing in front of our families and friends.

Eva must of sensed it, Cos my beautiful girl sat in a chair right in front of me—Smiling at me encouragingly

I took a deep breath “Hey people—First off, I’d like to thank everyone of you, for coming today to celebrate mine and my beautiful wife—Eva’s special day—It means a lot to us, I’d like to thank Amber for giving me an insight to my girl’s childhood wedding dreams, without you I’d of been...fudged" I chuckle at my mum and mum in law knowing their dislike of swear words “You see what I did there?” I chuckle winking at them, to which they returned my chuckle-wink with a scowl “My boy Russ, I want to thank—Even though he’s a crazy fucker” I cringe “Sorry” I say to mum and ava “He’s my best friend, he had my back when I first signed for the team, I’ll be forever grateful” I say

“Eh, Don’t forget that striptease you asked me to do” Russ chuckles Fucking hell, WHY???

The whole place goes silent until we hear a

“What the fuck?” from Paddy, Dad and Brian

“Ahem” Mum and Ava say together

“See, This is what I mean babe” Amber groans chuckling “What the fuck Russ?”

Russ realises his mishap and groans “No—NO! not like that, you dirty minded Fuc...ges” he catches himself, before he swears in front of mine and Eva’s mum. “It was a surprise for our girls on Eva-Tin’s joint hen ‘n’ stag do actually—and it worked out really well too, cos my girl said yes to marrying me—so there” he pulls a tongue at people

“Right, yeah—anyway, Thanks for that Russ” I growl “I’d like to thank my mum and dad, just for being them—being amazing parents, I only hope I can be as amazing for my baby as you were for yours” I croak, as I see my mum wipe her tears away with a tissue

“Next, my in-laws’s” I chuckle “That’s funny, saying it out loud” I chuckle nervously fixing my tie as I Clear my throat “Paddy, Ava—Girls, I wanna Thankyou for giving me your blessing for marrying your daughter—your sister, I will Cherish and love her now and for always with everything that I am, Thankyou” I croak Paddy, Ava and Cat raise their glasses at me, acknowledging my Thanks —Taking a deep breath in and closing my eyes in the process, I exhale and open my eyes looking at wife, my love, my light, my life...

“Finally—this beautiful woman” I croak gesturing to Eva...“The day I met Eva, was actually the day we first moved to Liverpool from Ireland—I was helping dad take stuff from the lorry at the time, but realised I was running late for a meet and greet at blue Saint park school, which Eva works at and our Brandon and holly attend—aswell as Abbie and Kieran” I add careful not to forget them...“I got lost trying to find the school, me and this beauty ended up bumping into each other literally and she was kind enough to guide me the way—after spending the morning with Eva and U6, she was on my mind all day from then” I say “She was the explosive you told me about, dad” I add looking at dad and he nods in understanding wrapping his arm around my mum “Later that day, I found out that she was my neighbour, well if didn’t wanna do an Irish jig at that point” I chuckle “It was fate that we bumped into each other that day, and then being neighbours—we were meant to be, baby!” I croak, she smiles at me brightly with tears in her eyes...

Fuck, am gonna cry! Hold it together for fucksake ....

“Today, I stand in front of you now as your husband, and now the father of our child—Mrs Eva Casey, My wife, the mother of our child—today and for always, I will love and cherish you with everything and all that I am, I love you, baby” I sob

Fuck am crying now.....am waiting for Russ or someone from the team to say I’m a fucking pussy....

Eva takes the mic from me, but kisses me ”I loved that speech, baby and I love you” she says against.my lips

My girl is talking now, so I stand by her side holding her hand, and she grins at me

“Hey everyone—Hope you’re enjoying yourselves?” She coughs “I just wanna add to what Justin had said before” she smiles “Today—Today, was one of The most amazing days of my life—Marrying my one” she smiles lovingly at me “In front of all our families and friends today—then I find out we are going to be parents ourselves” she shakes her head her throat thick with emotion “I never—ever thought, that I would find my soul mate, my love, my everything, that day. But I did—we’ve been through a lot over the last few months, but here we are, and now—we are expecting our first baby—forgive me. I only found out this morning, so I don’t know how far along I am. I still need to see the doctor or just book an ultrasound or something” she giggles “What I’m trying to say is” she grins taking a deep breath, and I squeeze her hand in support “This man here, I am forever grateful that he was put on my path, I am so in love with him now and will be forever more be in love with him” she croaks “I Love You, Justin” she smiles at me with tears in her eyes

“I love you, baby” I croon kissing her lips. Everyone stands applauding us, Eva blushes hiding her face in my chest, I chuckle at her shyness. Then the MC announced our first dance as Husband and Wife. We chose ′Mr Probz—Nothing really matters’

We dance by ourselves, getting our photos and videos done before we ask people to join us. I look to Eva and kiss her passionately “I love you, Mrs Casey” I croak pressing my forehead to her’s, she smiles replying “And I love you too, Mr Casey” I sigh happily, This has been The Best day EVER…

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