Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Seven-Eva

It’s been two weeks, since I got married and became Mrs Casey. We got back from our honeymoon in Barbados yesterday, Oh it was amazing. We had our very own private villa on the island, when we weren’t having sex—which was like constantly not that I’m complaining, I mean these pregnancy hormones have made me so fucking horny. God, I only have to smell my man and I get all riled up, Not that Justin was complaining either, I laugh to myself...

We did get to do some sightseeing. We Went for walks along the beach, which always ended up me jumping Justin’s bones, cos my husband with no top on, seeing that delicious, deep, sensual V that I just want to lick, bite and suck on every time I see it on display. Fuck, am getting turned on just visualising it. I moan to myself.

We went dolphin watching, which was my favourite part. I love dolphins, they’re so beautiful, so smart and protective, they kept coming over by me making weird buzzing noises, our guide told me it’s because they can sense that I’m pregnant. The buzzing sound they’re making is called echolocation...

When we asked him what echolocation meant he explained it to us so we’d understand. He told us “Dolphins produce sounds in their environment and listen to the echoes that return— a process that helps them identify the shapes and locations of objects. Doctors use a similar technique to be able to see a developing human baby. Both involve ultrasound— high-pitched pulses of sound above the range of human hearing.“I’m kind of jealous of those dolphin’s right now” Justin moans

I frown laughing “Why?”

“Because they can see our baby, and I can’t. We should have booked one of them 4D scans before we left to come here” he moans

I chuckle “Baby, behave, we’ll see our baby soon enough. Anyway, we left the day after the wedding to come here. I asked mum to book me in with Dr.Winterburn the day after we come back, as I need a doctor’s confirmation before we can have any scans” I tell him. I laugh at the memory of Justin sulking at the fact the dolphins could sense and probably see our baby.

“What are you laughing at baby?” Justin croons from beside me

I look at him and my gorgeous husband is now owning a gorgeous tan, making him looking extra sexy, my clit tingles. fucking SEE!! Hormones!! Did I get a tan though? Nag, Am still as pale as fucking Casper the ghost. “I was thinking about you and your jealousy of the dolphins..” I chuckle, keeping quiet about my tingling clit

We’re sat in the doctor’s waiting room, waiting to be called in. Justin again donned in his cap and sunglasses, to hide his identity. “Laugh all you want baby, I admit I was jealous” he shrugs “Not arsed now though, once we get the confirmation from Dr W. We’re going to the nearest ultrasound place, I need to see our baby” he states

I sigh happily “Okay, I can’t wait—I wonder what we’re having? I mean, am not arsed either way like, as long as it’s healthy. But I wanna find out the gender if that’s okay with you, babe?” I ask

“Fuck yeah, we’ll ask about that when we go to the scan place” he grins excitedly at me

I giggle “I think you have to be at least 16-20wks before you can find out the gender, I don’t know how far along I am,” I tell him

“It’s okay baby, we’ll get everything confirmed here first, then I’ll book us at the first available scanning place” he croons

Just then that annoying robotic voice comes on over the speaker “Mrs—Eva—Casey, to see Dr—Winterburn—Room Number—2 please” Justin grins at me in excitement

“Mum must have told them I got married” I grin at him

Justin growls pulling me to him “I fucking love hearing your married name. My name, you’re mine!” He growls kissing me

The robotic voice comes over the speaker again

“Mrs—Eva—Casey—To see Dr—Winterburn—room number—2 please” I grin pulling myself from my husband arms “I love hearing it too, baby” I purr “Now let’s go before that fucking annoying robotic voice comes back on” I growl pulling him behind me towards the doctor’s room

I knock once entering the doctor’s room, Dr Winterburn stands, giving me an unexpected hug, and shakes Justin’s hand “I believe congratulations are in order, Mrs Casey” she smiles

I blush and thank her as does Justin “So what can I do for you, both? The last time you were here—you were trying for a baby, are we still trying?” She asks us

I blush “I actually found out I was pregnant the day of our wedding. I just don’t know how far along I am” I inform her “You know with my periods being so irregular” I add blushing

“That’s okay Eva, just tell me when your last menstrual period was?” She asks

“Erm, the end of February, I think—am sorry, I’m not actually sure of the date,” I tell her sheepishly

She smiles warmly at me “Don’t worry Eva, You’re not the first woman to not remember when her period was” she tells me as she takes this circular chart thing out of her drawer

I blush and smile graciously “I’ll put it to the end of February,” she tells me and writes down 29th February on my notes

Adjusting the chart, I look to Justin and he’s sitting there with a confused look on his face...

“Sorry doc, but how is that gonna tell us how far along Eva is?” He asks

“Justin, may I call you Justin?” She asks and he nods “This is called a pregnancy wheel, the date Eva gave me from her last period enables me to line up the dates” she explains as she adjusts the wheel to the date she’d written down “By your date Eva, it would make you around 6-7wks pregnant. Have you been vomiting at all or any other symptoms?” She asks me

“I actually started vomiting on my wedding day, I couldn’t eat and keep anything down. Once I found out I was pregnant, I fainted. The paramedics told me it was due to not eating and vomiting, but they gave me the okay to get married” I tell her

“And when was this?” She asks her eyebrows lifting up

“31st match, doc,” Justin says proudly

The doctor frowns “Can you come up on to the bed please, Eva, so I can examine you?” She asks standing up

“Is everything okay, doc? What do you need to examine her for?” Justin panics

“It’s fine Justin, I just wanna have a little feel around her tummy—and then maybe listen to the baby’s heartbeat. As I am suspecting you’re farther along” she says in thought

Doing as the doctor asks, I lay down and she lifts my top pulling it up until it sits under my bra. I gasp her cold hands on my skin, shock me “Sorry Eva, I should have warmed my hands first, I apologise” she smiles and prods around my stomach satisfied she get’s out this handheld device “I’m just going to put some gel on your stomach, Eva. This will be cold” she informs me

I nod as she squirts the gel on, getting the handheld device again she turns it on and places the microphone-shaped object on my stomach smearing the gel as she moves it. She increases the volume on the device and moves the instrument across my stomach until we hear thrumming noises coming through the speaker of the device. Dr Winterburn smiles at us.

“What’s that noise?” Justin asks in awe as I lay there hearing that beautiful sound

"That, Justin, are your babies heartbeats” Dr Winterburn grins at us

What the fuck? Babies??

“Babies? What do you mean? There’s more than one? How do you know? You can’t see anything?” Justin asks frantically am just lying there in shock

“I can hear two heartbeats, Justin” she explains “Congratulations you two, you’re having twins” she smiles. I just stare at her in shock, As does Justin

What the actual fuck? Twins!!!

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