Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Eight-Justin

Holy shit, Twins—Fucking TWINS, I laugh to myself and look to my wife, she’s still got that stunned look on her face as the doctor is talking to her. “Am sorry doc, am still in shock” she laughs nervously

Doc smiles “I can understand Eva, I’d like to arrange an ultrasound, as soon as possible to determine your dates.” She says as she reaches for her phone

“How long before she can get a scan, doc?” I ask her as Eva sits beside me

“Tomorrow maybe? It depends on how busy they are” she says holding the phone

“Can we get an ultrasound done privately? I’ll pay? I wanna do it today, can you suggest one to us?” I ask her excitedly

I wanna see my babies today, like fucking Now!

Dr Winterburn looks to me grinning, happy at my excitement, Eva’s chuckling at me “I take it you’re eager to see your babies, Justin?” Doc teases

“Yeah, I wanna see them, like Now” I grin

She smiles warmly at me putting the phone down “Well, I can certainly point you in the right direction” she says looking at her bulletin board, she takes a leaflet off it and hands it to Eva

“Hello Baba,” I ask looking over Eva’s shoulder

“Best place I know, well, besides the hospitals,

that is,” she tells us with a wink

We leave the surgery, making an appointment to see Dr Winterburn again some time this week.

I ring Hello Baba arranging for us to be fitted in for an appointment today, I managed to get us one in half an hours time.

Driving, Eva is on the phone, she has my mum and her mum on a group call, they’re on speaker.

"TWINS?” They screech through the speaker

“Yeah,” Eva giggles “Dr Winterburn picked up two heartbeats, were on our way for a scan now,” she tells them

“Oh my god—Are hearing this paddy? Fucking twins” Ava squeals “Must have got it from your side, you were a twin weren’t you babe?” She croons

“Yeah baby” Paddy croons as we hear kissing noises

Urrrgh, This is So fucking uncomfortable, especially with me mum on the line too...

“Ex-fucking-scuse-me, guys. One, Beth is still on the line” Eva growls “Two—You were a TWIN, dad! What the fuck?” She shouts

“Oh my god, Beth, I am So sorry” Ava gasps

My mum chuckles down the phone “Girl, don’t you worry about a thing. I’d be doing the same thing, if John was here” she cackles

“Fuck me, ma, I am still here, you know” I groan

Eva giggles beside me “We’re gonna have to go, cos we’re here now, see you’s later, bye” I hang up on them before they can say anything

“Are we really here?” Eva asks

“Nope, not yet, phone Amber—am sure your girl will wanna know our news” I grin “And No doubt Russ will be with her, too” I add

Eva smiles excitedly and calls amber, switching it to speakerphone

“Hey girl, how did it go at the docs?” Amber asks

"Good, we got to listen to the heartbeat’s today,” Eva says happily winking at me

I grin at her “Heartbeats? You mean heartbeat, don’t you?” Amber asks

Eva stays quiet, letting amber figured it out for herself. Eva put’s her hand up and starts to mouth ‘Five, Four, Three, Two—One’ counting down the fingers as she goes until we hear “Bitch, are you saying you heard more than one heartbeat?” She asks excitedly

“Yup” Eva confirms “Twins”

“Shut your face—Shut your fucking face, Russ baby, Eva and Rome are having twins” she squeals

Russ dirty laughs “Twin’s, fucking hell Rome, you overachieving bastard” he chuckles

I chuckle “Don’t be jealous of my boys now Russ” I tease

"Anyway! We’re off to a place Called Hello Baba to get a scan, we need to determine how far along I am, and Justin here didn’t wanna wait till the hospital gave me an appointment” Eva chuckles “He had Dr Winterburn giggling” She adds

“Well I didn’t wanna wait to see our babies, especially when I could pay to see them today,” I say placing a kiss to her hand as I stop outside Hello Baba “We’re here baby, tell amber and twatwaffle that we’ll talk to them later,” I say softly

“Hey, I heard that you Cuntasaurus” Russ growls

“Amber girl, I’ll text you once we’re finished babe” Eva giggles

“I Swear you two” Amber groans “I’ll speak to you soon girl, love ya” she adds

“Love ya too, babe,” Eva says happily as she hangs up the phone

I Step out the car to open the door for my girl, and help her out. “You ready to see our babies, baby?” I croon

“So excited” she squeaks

Looking at the building of Hello Baba It’s painted blue and pink, with storks holding babies wrapped up in a blanket on the walls. “Let’s go in, shall we baby? They’re expecting us” I croon to her

She nods her head excitedly, as we enter there is a young woman stood at the counter as we walk in. “Mr and Mrs Casey?” She asks

“That’s us” I grin gesturing to us

“Pleased to meet you both” she smiles shaking our hands “My name is Sarah, I have just gotten off the phone with rose and—Oh, forgive me, dr Winterburn.” She smiles sheepishly “Once I had gotten off the phone with you Mr.Casey, I had phoned Dr.Winterburn—She told me of your fabulous news, that you are expecting twin’s?” She adds warmly

“That’s right love, Eva needs to know how far along she is as well. We didn’t wanna wait till the hospital gave us an appointment” I tell her

“Oh yes, rose told me how eager you were to get the scan done today” she giggles

I blush “Aww, Don’t worry Hun, you’re not the first daddy to be overexcited to see their baby” Sarah smiles warmly at me “Shall we go through, then?” she asks us

Me and Eva nod eagerly, excited as fuck to see our babies. Sarah guides us into one of the rooms, where she asks Eva to make herself comfortable on the bed that’s next to the large Machine with a screen attached to it. Lying down, Eva looks to me and holds her hand out for me to hold it. I Kiss her briefly on the lips, as I sit down in the chair next to her. Sarah is setting up the machine ready to be used “Right—Eva, can you lift your top up for me and tuck it under your bra, just so it doesn’t keep falling please” she smiles at Eva warmly

As Eva tucks her top under her bra as Sarah starts to talk to us. “So I take your first-time parents?” She asks

Me and Eva nod “Yeah, we found out we were pregnant on our wedding day 2wks ago, didn’t we baby?” I smile at Eva. She smiles at me with so much love in her eyes. I really am a lucky fucker...

“Awww, newlyweds too, how fab,” Sarah says affectionately, Me and Eva smile at her

“Let’s get started, shall we? Right, I’m going to squeeze some gel onto your stomach lovely, okay? It’ll be a little cold, just so you know” she tells Eva as she holds the bottle and squeezes on a tablespoon measure of gel on Eva’s stomach, She then reaches for what looks like, the same instrument Dr W has only bigger. Then suddenly, we hear our babies heartbeats again, thwumping sounds echoes around the room.

“Awww there they are” Sarah coos at the screen

I gasp at the sight of my babies, there they are in black and white—two circular shaped sac and then there is my babies, they aren’t sharing the same sacs which means they won’t be identical. Even not fully formed yet, They’re the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I’m crying again, I don’t give two fucks though. I look to Eva and she has tears in her eyes too. I lean forward kissing her hard on the lips “You have made me The most happiest man on the planet baby, I love you so much, Thankyou” I croak

“I love you, too” Eva croaks

We hear a sniffle Coming from Sarah “Oh forgive me, but that was just the sweetest thing, I’ve ever witnessed. And I feel honoured to be part of this with you both” she croaks

We smile graciously at her kind and warm words. Taking a deep breath in and out, she continues her examination “By the measurements here Eva, I have you down as eight weeks and four days. So that would bring your due date to around the 30th November, Congrats guys. Would you like any pictures or DVD’s, you can have the live version of the scan too if you’d like?” Sarah asks as she wipes the gel from Eva’s stomach

“Do you know what we’re having?” Eva asks

“No darlin, it’s a bit too early for that yet, we can scan for gender as early as 15wks. I can book you in again, if you’d like?” Sarah Smiles

“Yeah, we’d like that please, and we’d like all that what you said before, we want everything,” I tell her, not giving one fuck about the cost.

I grab Eva’s hand, bringing it up to my mouth to kiss it “I love you” I say softly to her

“I love you, too,” she says happily

I look back at the screen that holds the image of our babies. fuck that’s amazing!

And it’s just hit me, those two precious babies will be here in less than seven months. I can’t wait to scream it to the world, that I am going to be a daddy. A daddy to Twins.....

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