Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixty Nine-Justin

We leave Hello Baba in each other’s arms, nothing needs to be said, just being in each other’s arms as we walk to our car. I open the door for her to get in and close it behind me. Getting in the car, I reach over to cup her face gently in my hands, pressing sweet kisses all over her face. “I feel so blessed right now, baby, for what you have given me is truly a blessing. You give me your heart and soul, you give me your body, you give me the vow of marriage, and now" I say as my throat thickens with emotion “You’ve given me a child—not just one, but two children. I cannot express how thankful and how much I’m so fucking in love with you, Eva—words aren’t enough. Words will never be enough to say how I feel about you, it’s never-ending, baby” I croon

“I love you, so much” She sob’s happy tears

“Tell you what too baby, knowing that there is life growing inside you right now, half of you and me,

has me feeling so fucking crazy right now. I want to take you home and show you exactly how crazy it’s making me” I growl

She moans “Take me home then, babe,

show me” she purrs

All fucking right then I groan kissing her briefly “Let’s go home” I croon and drive us home

We arrive home, I get out the car to run around to Eva’s side to let her out the car. I carry her bridal style into the house and show her exactly how I feel.

It’s been months since we found we were having twins, things have been busy. I’ve had football games nearly every week with Everton, Eva’s had work and then all the hospital appointments Eva has had, her first appointment consisted in blood tests and family history, we informed the nurse of there being twins in the family and the fact we have autism in both sides of our immediate family, which they’ve been keeping a close eye on with the ultrasounds and blood tests. All the families illnesses were noted in her maternity file, the specialist has put her at high risk as she’s developed gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Which has had me fucking worried. At fifteen weeks, we found out that we are having a boy and a girl. We’ve decided to name them, Aidan and Anaya-Mae Casey. Eva then took maternity leave at the request of her doctor...

We’ve got an interior designer decorating the babies nursery. Eva was so pissed, when I told her she couldn’t do it herself. I remember the conversation we had when we first talked about decorating the babies nursery in bed.

“I want the babies to share a room” Eva blurted at me as she rubbed her ever-growing belly

God, she’s so fucking beautiful—glowing, swollen with my babies

“But we have three other room’s? why would you want them to share?” I ask her confused as I pull her in my arms

“I was thinking, since they’re together now and they have been for the last nearly eight months, they’ll obviously have a bond with sharing the same womb and stuff. I mean only till they’re a little older, then put them in their own rooms” she tells me with a shrug

“Sure baby, whatever you want” I croon

“Yay” she claps giddily “I can’t wait to start, we’ll have to go to A DIY shop for the paint an—” she stalls mid-sentence as she must see the look on my face “what’s wrong?” She asks in concern

She sure as fuck isn’t lifting one fucking finger, I may not have the time to do all of it. But she ain’t doing fuck all...

“We’re hiring an interior designer, you’re not to do anything too strenuous—remember what the doc said?” I say trying to sound stern but the look on her face is one of pure am gonna kill you that has me snickering “You listen to Me, Justin. I am not made of glass, I can paint” she says poking me in the chest

She’s too damn cute when she’s being all bossy...

“Baby, you are nearly eight months pregnant—with twins, you were told you can’t put your body through anything strenuous” I croon kissing her sinful lips

She does a snort of disbelief “Yeah right, You wasn’t saying anything last night about my strenuous activities were you?” She says sarcastically

I groan fuck me...

“That’s because I did the workin, and you did the twerkin" I grin with a wink

She giggles “Oh my god, you really have been around Russ too long. You’re picking up his cheesy lines” Eva laughs rolling her eyes

I kiss her lovingly, caressing my tongue with hers squeezing her luscious arse with my hands

“Please baby, just do this for me? It’s not just the actual painting. It’s the fumes from the paint too,

Please!” I plead

She huffs “Fine, fine, fine, get the designer,” she tells me as she rolls her eyes “I’m picking how it’s decorated though,” she tells me sternly poking my chest again

I grin “Of course, baby” I croon, as I kiss her “I love Youuuu,” I tell her sweetly

She giggles “I know you do, and I love you too. My sexy pain in the arse” she jokes

“How about you lay down on the bed and spread those beautiful thighs, give me my pussy, am hungry for some sweetness” I growl

She smiles seductively and scoots down the bed as gracefully as her pregnant belly will let her, she kinda looks like an upside tortoise at the minute—but I don’t tell her that. I sit up and get between her gorgeous thighs, pulling down her lace underwear slowly down her legs. I pull them off and lash them over my shoulder on to the floor. “Spread them wider baby, lemme see my pussy..” I growl. She obeys instantly, opening her legs wider. I groan at the sight.

She’s soaked, swollen and pink—she’s been extra sensitive down there too, which is an added bonus for me, I love seeing how worked up she get’s “Such a pretty pussy my wife has, all glistening and swollen for me, tell me baby? Does arguing with me make you horny?” I croon as glide my tongue up her slit

I hear gasp “Oh shit” she moans

“Answer me baby!” I growl as I use the tip of my tongue on her hard nub

“What?” She gasps “It’s not my fault, it’s my crazy hormones.

I chuckle “I happen to love your crazy hormones, baby” licking and sucking at her nub, I put two fingers inside her curling them, stroking inside her pussy

Eva gasps “YES, just like that baby” she moans

“You like that baby?” I croon as I increase my speed with my tongue and my fingers

“Fuck Yes” she growls as her pants increase, pussy getting wetter

Fuck me, am gonna come just off the sight of her,

I need her!!

I take my fingers gently out her pussy, I sit up as she looks at me with hooded eyes “What?—why did you stop babe?” She pants

“Roll on your side, baby—I need you” I growl

She smiles at me licking her lips as she rolls to the side. I lie behind her and lift her outta thigh up and gently push myself inside her we moan together.

Fuuuuuuuck! I swear on all that is holy, the woman can bring me to my knees...

“Fuck me baby, you feel so good—soaking my cock with your juices” I growl kissing her neck “I’m gonna move now baby, okay?” I ask her barely holding myself together

“Yes, please, hurry—I need you to move” Eva pants

I groan as I move in and out of her slowly, she grabs the back of my neck bringing me flush to her face and kisses me. Jesus, she feels fuckin amazing her pussy walls suck on my cock, as I glide in and out of her pussy

“Harder baby” she begs

I groan, I can’t take it when she begs me, I’d fucking do anything for her, taking her harder, not too much though. As I think of my kids heads, Eva moans panting my name, bringing me out of my stupor.... her moaning my name, spurring me on. I lift her leg higher as higher as it can possibly go with causing Eva discomfort, and start gliding in and out of her, faster and faster my cock moves in and out of her,

Her pussy sucking the life out of me.

“Holy shit” Eva growls moaning

“Fuck, Eva, am gonna come, baby....” I groan

“Me too, baby, keep doin that” she pants and I move kissing her neck

“I fucking love you, baby” I growl “Give it to me Eva, fucking scream my name, tell everyone who you and your body belongs to. Your fucking mine, say it, oh fuck Evvvvva” I grunt as I empty my load inside her beautiful swollen body as I ride out my orgasm

I hear Eva cry out as her orgasm hits her feeling her walls squeezing me, and I feel her juices soak me, literally fucking soak me—but then she gasps ”Justin” she says stunned

“Come on baby, you don’t need to be stunned by what I can do with your body” I chuckle

She slaps me lightly on the arm glaring at me “No, ya daft bastard, I think my water just broke” she says nervously

I gasp “Really? you mean that’s not your juices soaking my thighs then?” I ask

She slaps me lightly again “Stop being crude” she groans “Well I think so, I came, but then I got a sharp pain. Then I felt a weird feeling” she says worryingly

Well, I kinda don’t wanna take my cock out if that’s what’s keeping the water in there I chuckle

“What are laughing at Justin?” Eva growls

“Well, I was thinking that I kinda don’t wanna take my cock from your pussy baby, especially if it’s the only thing keeping the water in” I chuckle

“You’re not helping right now” she moans but you can see her cheeks lift as if she smiling

“I am if am making you smile, baby” I tease

She giggles but then gasps wincing she was in pain

fuck, what was that?...

“What the fuck did I just feel then baby?” I panic

“I think it was a contraction, it felt like them Braxton hick things that I was having,

but that one was stronger” she moans

“Fuck, baby, we’re gonna have to make our way to the hospital. Okay baby, am gonna slowly pull myself out, okay? If your waters did break, there’s probably gonna be a lot of water so just that you’re prepared okay, baby? I love you, you ready?” I croon to her

She nods “I love you too baby, let’s go and have our babies—let’s do this, am ready” she pants

Kissing her on the head, I slowly remove myself from her followed by a big gush of water comes out as Eva groans in pain

“Justin we really need to get going baby, do a group call and tell everyone while I get changed. Fucking hell, its a good job I did the hospital bags the other day isn’t it?” She croaks

I nod “Must of been your body telling you that you need to be ready” I smile as I get the contacts up for a group call

“What are we gonna do about the nursery now?” Eva sobs

“Baby, it’s gonna be okay, we’ve got everything else in ready. I’ll get someone to arrange everything okay? Don’t worry baby, I love you” I croak as I kiss her. She smiles a beautiful smile whilst she has tears coming down her face “I love you too, Justin” she croaks and goes to put a pair of pyjamas on

Finishing the group call telling everyone Eva is in labour, I get the hospital bags and Eva’s hospital notes putting them in the car with the twins car seats. As I come back, Eva’s got one of her hand’s braced on the wall and the other one on her stomach, she’s doing her breathing techniques the midwives showed us at birthing class.

I rub her back, kissing her on the head “You ready to bring our world into the world baby?” I croon

She looks up at me with tears in her eyes “I am baby, but am scared, so scared, why are they coming so early Justin? I’ve done my blood pressure and blood sugar, everything’s normal— I don’t understand!“She sobs

Fuck me, it guts me that I can’t take away the worries and the pain she’s in. I mean don’t get me wrong, am scared shitless, but I’ve gotta stay strong for my girl

“Baby, it’s okay, don’t be scared, I will be with you every step of the way, always, okay? I don’t know why they’re coming early? It’s not uncommon though baby, am gonna ring the maternity ward and tell them we’re on our way, do you want me to ask if Dr.Idama is on duty, baby?” I croon trying to keep calm for my girl...

“Yes please, and if he isn’t on duty. Well, he’s just gonna have to get his fucking arse on duty then isn’t he?” She growls and groans in pain as another contraction comes on. I ring the maternity ward and luckily for Dr.Osama, he’s on duty. “Right baby, they’re ready for us now, let’s get going mummy,” I say softly

She smiles, squeezing my hand as we leave our home to drive to the hospital, ready to bring our babies into the world. I look around our home as I realise, that the next time Me and Eva step inside here, we’ll have our babies with us. We’ll be a family...

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