Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Seven

I spend the rest of the weekend with Justin my boyfriend—it’s still so surreal to think I have a boyfriend, My first ever boyfriend... My Man, I sigh

Justin thought it would be a good idea to tell our parents together, So I invited Beth, John and Brandon to our house for dinner...

I Thought I could ease Beth and John’s worries of Brandon starting blue saint park, and then tell them about us

Sort of ease into it, it felt weird cos hadn’t actually met Beth and John, but they were lovely...Turns out we didn’t even have to tell our parents as they already knew, we asked how....

“Amber” they all said, laughing at us, I should say am surprised, but I’m not—she’d know I’d be panicking over stuff like this, I swear I could kill the girl, but I love her, she’s always got my back—and to be honest it made things easier for me.

Mum and dad were laughing at me “You were shitting yourself, wasn’t you?” They teased me, I laugh remembering how nervous I was about telling my parents that I’ve got my first Boyfriend ..

Mum had said “Eva, you are a beautiful, smart, kind young woman—and that boy, he is smitten already... He looks at you like you’re the sunshine at the end of a rainbow, I’m happy for you my darlin,” She hugs me “Where’s my baby girl gone? You’re all grown up and got herself a man,” She fake wipes a tear away

I laugh at my mum and give her a hug and a kiss...

Brandon and Holly got along really well, surprisingly.

It Normally takes a lot for Holly to show interest in another child... Mum and Beth are getting on so well that they’ve already arranged a mum’s night out with Barbara who is amber’s mum...

I laugh and shake my head at the thought of Beth with my Mum and Auntie Barbara on a night out... Dad and John got along just as we suspected, the love of football and the support of the same team made the bond easier, They sat discussing football tactics and play by plays.

I still haven’t seen Amber since she left with Russ, but I know she’s okay, she texted me

Amber: “You’re welcome, bitch face x” I laugh at my best friend’s words, knowing she made everything easier for me today.

Justin and I spend the day in my bedroom watching films and making out, it’s scary how fast my feelings are growing for him—he’s just everything to me already, I sigh to myself Am I crazy?

It’s Monday morning, Catherine is hogging the bathroom again, normally I’d piss and moan but today I’m too happy... I go down to the kitchen where our Holly is waiting for her minibus, she gets really impatient waiting for it—I walk up to her “Hey beautiful girl, looking at me,” I smile at her as I stroke her hair, Holly looks at me and makes her happy grunt noises, flapping her hand in excitement. The issue with Holly is everything has to be on her terms unless it’s explained through now and next pic board or social stories...

**Beep Beep**

“Holly, let’s go beautiful girl,” Mum coos holding her hand out for Holly “Your bus is here, shall we go see Jodie and Dave?” She asks as Holly bounces with excitement.

“Bye beautiful” I call out to her as she leaves

My phone buzzes with a text, Justin.... I smile

Justin: Good morning baby, sleep well? X

I sigh happily reading his text, still swooning over him calling me baby....

Me: Good Morning, I slept very well, Thank you! You? X

Justin: I had an amazing sleep, dreamt about my girl x

I gasp, he dreamt of me!! My fingers fumble with my phone as I type out a reply...

Me: Oh? And What was I doing in this dream? X I nervously wait for his reply

What the hell was I doing in this dream?, I gasp, thinking if it’s something naughty...

My phone vibrates again....

Justin: Well, we were back under our tree at Sefton Park, all’s I could see was your beautiful face... Your eyes... Your smile, as I told you I loved you, and I asked you to marry me x

Marry him... What the?

I gasp, dropping my phone on the floor, I cringe at the sound—Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I pick up my phone, What does this mean? does he love me already? I mean he’s fucking dream proposing—I’m hyperventilating... WHAT THE FUCK? Okay, calm yourself Eva—it was just a dream, it didn’t mean anything, it’s nothing.

**Ding dong**

I gasp as I look at the door.... Calm ya farm Eva, it’s probably mum locked herself out...

I answer the door, it’s Justin

He smiles nervously at me “Hey baby, can I come in?” He asks

“Of course, sure—yeah” I stutter as he walks past me, He’s rubbing the back of his neck again, he’s nervous.

“Um, I wanted to talk to about that text I just sent—I errrm, you took a while to reply—so I figured that what I said has probably scared you shitless,” he laughs nervously

I laugh nervously “I, well—I” I stutter

“No baby, shh—it’s okay, I shouldn’t of told you like that, what I hoped that dream meant for me was... Our future baby, I mean, I know it’s probably too early to be Thinking that far ahead yet, but... I already care for you—so damn much baby, that it scares me a little and I know we’ve only just started dating, ” he grins and winks at me “So, the only way I can make you understand Eva is if I sung to you” he grins What in the actual fuck?

“No babe, no you don’t have to sing it’s fine.. I,” I panic

But He laughs at me and starts to bloody sing anyway “But then I see your face, now am a believer—not a trace, of doubt in my mind... That I’ll be in love... Oooo.... Am a believer, I couldn’t leave ya if I trieeeeed” He sings

What the fuck? Is he singing a song from Shrek?

Fucking hell this man, I laugh, shaking my head

“...And then I saw your FAAACCCEE... An am a believer HEY! Not a trace, of doubt in my mind.... I’ll be in LUUUUURVE... Now am a believer.... I believe... I believe... I believe... I believe.... I believe... Am a Believer HEY!!” Justin’s on his knees with his arms wide smiling panting “See baby” He pants “I’ve killed two birds with one stone, I made you laugh, and I’ve sort of told how I am feeling—I may not be feeling that way now, but I know it’s heading there—the more I know you, see you—the more I want you baby, do you understand now?” He whispers breathlessly

I nod laughing, “I’m sorry, but that was so funny” I snort laugh “Thank you for explaining it your way though” I giggle as somebody starts slow clapping behind us, I look and Mum, Dad and Cat are watching us, no doubt they’ve just seen Justin singing his heart out—I wipe tears from my eyes, half from laughter, half from me being on my way to loving this man already.

Cat’s got her phone out, no doubt recording Justin and his performance, she looks to me and mouths to me, “Amber” and giggles, I shake my head laughing

“Well, Uh—son, that was erm...some performance” Dad says with a smirk

“Oh yes, Justin” mum smiles at him, “Tell me, does your mum and dad know how talented you are at singing Shrek songs?” She snorts winking at him

Justin blushes hides and his face in my neck

I rescue my man...“Eh, now you’s leave him alone, that was incredibly sweet and brave what he’s just done, and he did it to make me feel better... Thank you babe” I say and peck him on the cheek.

He smiles lovingly “Are you ready? I thought I could walk you to work?” He asks me

“Thank you, that would be lovely” I smile shyly

**ping** I look at my phone, shit, it’s got a cracked screen now...

I’d gotten a text from amber...

Amber: Great set of lungs lover boys got, should we expect to see him on the west end any time soon? x”

I laugh... Bitch, I reply to her, giving her my middle finger salute and a kiss.

Amber: I am soooo sending this to Russ x she replies

“Don’t you fuckin dare Amber, I mean it,” I reply back instantly

Amber: Fine, I won’t... Jeez babe x” she replies

I sigh in relief that she won’t show it to Russ, I don’t want him making fun of Justin for trying to cheer me up...

“Shall we go?” I ask Justin

We say goodbye to Mum, Dad and Cat as we leave the house, We’re quiet on our walk— holding hands, which is another new experience for me...

“So, what do you normally do on your way to work?” Justin asks me

“Normally I listen to my Spotify, and read a book on me kindle app” I smile up at him

He smiles “Is that what you were doing when we first met?” He asks

I smile shyly “Yeah” blushing at the memory

“What were you listening to?” he asks curiously

“One of David Guetta’s song’s, called ‘shed a light’ it’s really good” I tell him

“Can I have a listen?” He asks pointing to my phone

“Sure” I go to look it up on my Spotify, and he notices my cracked screen...

“How did that happen?” He frowns pointing to the cracked screen

“Oh, I Erm—I dropped it before” I say without looking at him

“It was when I sent that text wasn’t it?” He sighs “Fuck, am sorry baby, I should of explained myself better” he says

“Well, you sort of did, didn’t you? With your singing?” I tease, “But No, it’s ok, it was just a shock, that’s all—I can get the screen fixed in the Towny” I smile reassuringly

“I’ll pay for it, it was my fault after all” He tells me to give me a look that tells me not to argue

So I nod my head and play the song, giving Justin one of my earphones to listen....

I watch Justin listen to the song, watching his head bob up and down, until it ends, he takes the Earbud out of his ear smiling at me “It’s quite the tune isn’t it? Dead catchy, I can sympathise with the words, I think it’s a sign” he tells me

“You’re quite fixed on these signs and fate things, aren’t you?” I tease bumping my shoulder with his

He grins blushing slightly, “I didn’t used to be, but since I’ve met you—I feel like I was meant to bump into you...” He sighs “I’m beginning to believe everything happens for a reason, so I go with it, it’s worked out pretty well so far” he tells me.

We’re quiet again and Justin gets his own phone out to download the song he’s just listened to and assigns it as his ringtone, he asks me if it’s ok to take a picture of me, I nod shyly as he takes my picture and uses it as his wallpaper, he then asks for another of the both us together, I smile at our picture wanting it for my own phone—he sends it to me via iMessage and I put it as my own wallpaper.

We’re at blue saint parks entrance, and Justin pull’s me to him—wrapping his arms around me, he places his forehead against sighing “I’ll miss you baby, you have a great day with your Kiddywinks—I’m in training today, so I’ll see you tonight okay?” He says softly

I smile, nodding “I’ll miss you too” I whisper, he smiles at me, then he kisses me lovingly and passionately, followed by a peck on my forehead before staring into my eyes

“I’ll text you” he says breathlessly

I smile “Okay” I reply breathlessly, he grins at me

“Ok, go on in, baby before I change my mind, Jib training and take you with me, ” He jokes pecking me on the lips

I smile turning away from him, and as I walk away he smacks my arse “You got a Phat ass, pretty girl” He says mimicking Dominic’s voice from my book to a T...

Holy shit—that was hot!

I look at him in shock, He grins at me with a wink and walks away, he IS reading LA Casey’s book, I should have known he was serious when he said he was going to google her, I laugh and shake my head

God, I’m falling for him already—shit!

I walk inside to the reception, to sign in... I see Jill at her desk “Hi Jill, good weekend?” I ask

“Yeah, love, great—not as good as yours though, eh?” She says with a knowing smile winking at me

I love that about Jill, Doesn’t beat around the bush and doesn’t question everything about you, She knew I’d be nervous to talk about Justin, so I just grin winking back

**ping** I look at my phone

Justin: I miss you already baby x

Yep, definitely falling for him...

I sigh happily as I walk to my class....

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