Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Seventy-Justin

Arriving at The hospital I park up outside the entrance. A Security guard comes up to me as I get Eva out the car...

“Excuse me, sir, you can’t park your car there—am gonna have to ask you to move it, otherwise it’ll get towed,” he tells me

What the actual fuck?? Can he not see my girl in labour here. What the fuck ever, keep the fucking car, I don’t give a fuck...

“Listen, man, my wife here is in labour, she’s carrying twins, okay? If you can give me time to make arrangements to move it—then great. If not, fuck it, keep the fucking car, fucking get it towed—I don’t give a fuck what you do. Now, what I’m gonna do is take my wife in here, so we can have our babies, okay?” I tell him waiting for a reply which I get none, just a stupid as fuck stunned face “That’s grand, mate, see you later” I add and walk Eva into the hospital, where she is put in a wheelchair and taken up to the labour ward for monitoring. As we get up to the labour ward and settled into in a room, Eva is being attached to a machine to monitor the babies heart rates, in the meantime, she’s given gas and air for pain relief.

“How are you feeling baby?” I ask her as she takes a puff of gas and air

She smiles and giggles “Am good baby” she purrs “This is the shit this though” she smiles at the mouthpiece “You want some?” she asks me with a serious face, as she tries to hand me the mouthpiece

I chuckle “Nah, am good baby, you keep that for yourself, ” I tell her as I kiss her forehead

There’s a knock at the door, and a midwife walks in

“Ex-ex-excuse me, I’m sorry to disturb you both, but Eva has some visitors-—normally it’s against the rules with it being so late, but they were quite insistent—especially one of them, one of the visitors was quite adamant to see you,” she says nervously

“Blonde hair?” Eva asks taking a puff from the mouthpiece

The midwife nods

“Amber,” we say together

“Sorry about her love, can you do us a favour? Can you just wait with Eva here, and I’ll bring them down” I ask her

“Of- of-of course, Mr Casey” she stutters her eyes stay on my face for a little longer than I expected

“Oh, fucking great, another one of your, fans!” Eva groans

The midwife blushes, as I grin at my wife’s non-existent filter. “Now, now, baby, I only have one fan in my eyes” I whisper kissing her “Be nice while am gone” I grin at her

”I can’t promise anything” She growls

I leave the room, walking fast to the waiting area. Walking in, my mum and dad, Eva’s parents, and Russ and amber are there waiting. Everyone walks up to me but, Amber’s there first. “About fucking time, Rome!! Where is she? Has she had them yet? How comes she’s gone into labour already? What have the doctors said?” she blurts

What the fuck? how the fuck did she say all that, without stopping to take a breath?

“Okay, first—breathe," I tell her grasping her shoulders

Amber glares at me, I instantly let go of her. I look to Russ and he’s fucking grinning, the bastard, he then does the claw mouthing “Rawr” at me

I shake my head at him, Turning my attention to mine and Eva’s parents...

“Eva’s fine, her water broke earlier, she said it was a sharp pain then she felt something funny” I explain

And Russ being Russ “Well it would feel funny, wouldn’t it?” He chuckles “It’ll be like pissing yourself, wouldn’t it?”

“It only trickled out that’s why tit” I growled at him

“Oh, Well that’s good then if it’s only trickling,” Ava says

Shit! How the fuck are you meant to explain to your in-laws, that you were having sex with their daughter before she went into labour. I rub my neck nervously not giving Eva’s mum and dad any eye contact

“Well, that was at first, but then I—” I stutter as I feel my cheeks start to heat up

I hear a dirty chuckle from Russ ”Holy fuck, You POPPED her, didn’t you?” He cackles ”A-HA—Baby, Rome popped Eva,” he tells Amber whilst pointing at me

“We don’t know it was that, what did it, you fucking turd” I growl pointing at him

He’s still chuckling away, which starts Amber off and then my mum and dad, then Ava—Paddy’s got a scowl on his face, but his lips are twitching like he’s trying to fight off a smile or trying to stop himself from laughing like the rest of them. Oh, fuck this, like a bunch of kids...

I growl “What the fuck ever, acting like fucking kids—if you wanna see Eva, it’ll have to be quick, her contractions are close together,” I tell them as I walk away. Walking into Eva’s room, she’s now in a hospital gown and Dr Idama is examining her...

“Hey, doc, What’s going on? Eva are you okay, baby?” I panic “Am sorry baby, I shouldn’t have left you, ” I say kissing her clammy forehead

“Hey Justin, I just examined Eva, and I’ve had a look at the babies heart rates. It seems that the babies heart rates are deteriorating, so we’re going to have to take Eva down for a caesarean—nurse, call down to theatre and tell them to prep room one for me asap” he says calmly while I am shitting myself “You’ll be fine Eva, I’ll get one of the nurses to prep you both for surgery, okay? I’ll see you both soon” he smiles warmly at us and leaves the room

I cup Eva’s face in my hands, she’s still got the mouthpiece in her mouth as tears cascade down her beautiful face “Baby, I’m so sorry—I shouldn’t of left you!!” I croon “Why didn’t that nurse come and get me” I add angrily

“I had words, and she left,” she says shrugging her shoulders taking another breath of gas and air.

Translation she told her to fuck off, and keep her eyes off of me...

The doors open again and everyone piles in. “What’s going on? We’ve just heard you’re going down for a caesarean?”Ava panics kissing Eva’s forehead

“The babies heart rates are deteriorating, so she has to be taken down ASAP,” I tell them

A knock on the door interrupts everyone’s panic and an elderly midwife comes in with a metal trolley and a cap and gown...

"Woah, full house, well I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask everyone except Eva’s husband to leave. I need to prepare Eva for surgery, we’ll be sure to give you an update once the babies arrive. Come on now, say your goodbyes, please” she tells them in a don’t fuck with me voice

Am surprised they listen to her, fuck even amber doesn’t argue with her, everyone gives us hugs and good lucks, before they leave.

“Can I just ask you how you did that?” I ask the midwife in awe “I mean Eva, baby, even amber listened” I tell Eva

“Aaaah! That goes with years of being a midwife lovey! You learn to take no shit” she chuckles winking at me as she gets back to work

“I like her” I whisper to Eva

She giggles “Me too,” before she’s groaning in pain again.

Not even ten minutes later, Eva is prepped, and is in theatre. I sit next to her head in a cap and gown that they told me to wear. Dr Idama walks in with a sort of apron on, he has latex gloves on his hands that are towards his chest

“Right then, who’s ready to see their babies” he grins at us

I look down to Eva smiling wide, and she looks at me with the same excitement, but with fear in both our eyes as we reply “We are”

And he get’s to work on delivering our babies safely...

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