Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Seventy One-Justin

About an hour later, our babies are born, there was a slight complication as the umbilical cord was wrapped around one of our baby’s neck, we later found out that it was Anaya’s

“What are the names of these gorgeous babies, Mummy and Daddy? Do we have names?” the midwife coos from the far corner of the room

“Aidan-Jaxson and Anaya-Mae” Eva croaks smiling with tears in her eyes. Jesus, she’s just fucking amazing, beautiful and amazing...

I rest my forehead against hers and smile at her with tears in my own eyes “Thank you” I whisper “Thank you for giving me them, for giving me you—I love you, so much” I croak as I kiss her on the lips

Eva whispers “I love you” before the midwife speaks again. “Right so Aidan Jaxson, weighs 3lb 4oz, and Anaya Mae weighs 2lb 14oz. I won’t do the rest of their measurements yet, as he and Anaya need to go to NICU to be monitored, we’ve given them the injection they needed to help develop their lungs. But they will need to be incubated and put on oxygen until there is an improvement” she tells us as she put’s our babies in an incubator “You’ll be taken up to the postnatal ward lovey, once Dr Idama is finished stitching you up. Would you like to see your babies first? before I take them up to NICU?” She asks as she rolls them over to us

Looking at them, they’re so tiny, but still so beautiful...

“Will we be able to hold them?” Eva sobs

“Not right now sweetie, you will have to wait until the babies have been seen to by the NICU paediatrician and they’ve given the OK to do so, then I don’t see why not, I’ll call your ward once the babies are settled in, okay—blow them a kiss mummy and daddy” she tells us

Eva blows them a kiss but sobs, as I wave to them...

The midwife leaves with our babies, taking them to NICU.

Eva starts to sob uncontrollably “I need my babies Justin, I need to hold them” she croaks

“Dr Idama, when will the epidural wear off?” I ask him as he’s stapling my wife’s stomach shut.

He looks to me “Well, erm, while the drugs wear off, you’ll probably be best to rest in a lying or sitting position until the feeling in your legs returns. This can take up to a couple of hours, you may feel a slight tingling sensation in your skin Once you start getting feeling back, I’m sure you’ll still be okay to hold the babies though” he tells us “Right, that’s you all sort, shall we get you upstairs?” He smiles warmly at us as he takes his gloves off and washes his hands. We nod “Would you like to sit up, Eva?” Dr Idama asks Eva

“Wouldn’t it hurt her?” I ask him nervously not wanting to see her in any more pain, than she already is in, physically and emotionally.

“No, shouldn’t do. She still has the drugs from the epidural in her system” he assures us

Eva nods and Dr.Idama slowly lifts the bed into a comfortable sitting position. An orderly walks in and Eva jumps in fear, but relaxes once she sees the man’s face...


“Baby, it’s okay, he’s in prison remember? He can’t get to you now” I whisper softly

She looks at me relief in her eyes “I-I-I know, it just caught me off guard as he walked in, that’s all. I’m okay, now” she smiles at me, but it’s not her smile, it’s a forced smile, a sad smile

“Okay,” I croon kissing her forehead “Shall I let everyone know what’s happened?” I ask her

“No, just wait till we get up to the ward, then message them or something,” she tells me “I don’t wanna be left alone babe, please stay with me” she pleads

Instantly I gently cup her face in my hands “Hey, Hey, Hey—Ssh! It’s okay baby, am not going anywhere, okay? Calm down baby” I croon kissing her softly on the lips

Me and Eva walk, well I walk, Eva get’s pushed on the bed up to the ward, our hands joined. On the ward, Eva is given a private room similar to the ones in the Liverpool hospital she was in, complete with en-suite bathroom and TV/Phone hanging from the ceiling. The orderly rolls Eva’s bed in place and bids us farewell.

“You okay, baby? Do you want me to call your mum?” I ask her stroking her face

She takes a deep shuddering breath in and out as she nods her head. Calling Ava, I don’t think the phone even rang.

“Hello? Justin?!? Is Eva okay? Has she had the babies, are they okay? When can we see them?” She blurts fucking hell, she’s as bad as amber—

Taking a deep breath, I tell her everything and say what ward and room number we are at, as I hang up I look to my beautiful wife sitting up in bed. My chest hurts looking at her, her sadness, her longing to see our babies, the same longing that mirrors my own. Before I can even say or do anything, the door bursts open...

Ava, Paddy, Amber, Russ and My parents storm into the room. Eva takes one look at her mum and dad then bursts into a fit of tears again, they both come to either side of her bed and hug her, calming her, comforting her...

My mum and dad hug me to ask me if I’m okay? And tell me That the babies will be fine. I just stand there looking at Eva, as I nod limply to them...

A knock comes at the door and a midwife comes in.“Mr and Mrs Casey, your babies are ready to see you” she grins at us, Eva tear stained face morphs into a look of happiness at the midwives words, a look that mirrors my own.

“Can you get us a wheelchair, please? Eva’s still not able to walk” I ask her

“Sure, I must add though, they only allow two people at a time in a room at NICU ward” she smiles apologetically at us all and leaves to retrieve a wheelchair.

Me and Eva smile happily at each other, our happiness to see and hold our babies mirror one another

The midwife enters again with a wheelchair “Right, Who’s ready to meet their babies” she smiles warmly at us

“What about us? Can we come up too?“Ava asks

“Well, as I said before, only two people are allowed to a room at a time. But, you can certainly wait in the waiting room on the NICU ward, until you can see them” the midwife tells everyone

“Thank you,” Ava tells her

I lift my wife up bridal style out of the bed careful not to hurt her, and place her in the wheelchair. “You okay, baby?” I croon

She smiles her smile at me the one that makes my heart beat double time, the fact that all my wife needs to do, is smile at me and am gonna—that’s how she pulled me in, with her beautiful ocean blue eyes and her gorgeous smile, she’s my One. I must just be staring at my wife cos next thing I hear

“Aaah, he’s probably thinking of the next time he can have sex” Russ chuckles winking at me, then his face turns mischievous as he bends down towards my crotch and starts talking to my piece, sighing dramatically “Yeah, am sorry, little dude, but it’s gonna be a while before you get used again” he says with mock-serious face on “How long we talking?” He says in a funny squeaky voice “Fuckin ages dude,” he says in sympathy to my dick “I feel for you bro, stay strong”

This shit’s awkward as fuck, plus if my cock could talk it would for damn sure, not sound like fucking Elmo from sesame street

"No, No, Nooooo” he cries dramatically and starts chuckling. Eva snorts laughing from in the wheelchair, while everyone else is trying to keep a straight face.

“Grow up, prick” I growl “Let’s go see our babies, hey, baby?” I croon to my wife who’s still silently laughing. And I can’t help it, I smile, cos you can guarantee Russ can make light of any situation.

Getting up to NICU, we leave the guys in the waiting room and make our way to our babies room. The midwife stops at the door “Now, before you go in I just wanted to say, don’t be alarmed at all the machines and everything, it can be a scary thing to look at, but please remember, it’s all to help Aidan and Anaya get better, okay?” She says to us

We nod “You ready?” The midwife asks with an excited face

We nod again but smile, as she opens the door to our babies room. Eva grabs hold of my hand as I roll her in.

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