Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Seventy Two-Eva

As Justin rolls me in all I can see is machines, my babies in clear boxes.

Beeping noises simultaneously

Getting closer I see my babies up closely for what seems is the first time. I gasp, stunned by how tiny they are, mesmerised by how beautiful they are—overwhelmed by all the machines, tubes and wires.

All to help them get better—I remember the midwife telling us, before we entered. There’s a midwife already in here with them, checking their stats, she turns to look at us

“Oh, hi,” she says cheerfully “You must be Mr and Mrs Casey, Awww, Aidan and Anaya are doing just fine,” she tells us in that cheerful voice again

Why is that annoying me? The midwife hasn’t done anything but be nice, calm your farm Eva, deep breath in and out

“Would you like to hold them?” She asks

We nod and I smile again, excited to be able to hold my babies, longing for their skin on mine.

“Right, daddy, you sit in that chair, there,” she tells him pointing to the chair next to me

Getting Anaya out of the incubator, she gently places her in my arms. Oh my god

I instantly cry with joy at the contact, looking at her, god, she’s so tiny—my forearm is longer than her, she’s so beautiful. Looking at Justin he’s looking at me with tears in his eyes, smiling as he gently strokes our daughters face with his pinky finger, as she’s in my arms.

“Right, then daddy, here’s your boy,” she says to Justin as he braces his arms ready to hold our son.

As she places Aidan in his arms, he gasps, he looks up at me, his eyes full of awe and love—the midwife turns to leave

“Call me if you need anything, okay? My names Helen, by the way” she tells us as she leaves

“Thank you,” we say together

Justin kisses me on the lips softly before adding one to our babies foreheads.

“Eva—I can’t Thankyou enough for this gift you’ve given me” he croaks “Daddy will love you, and protect you, and take you to all the footy games—and of course whatever you wanna do, Anaya,” he says to Aidan and Anaya

I giggle at my husband, as he talks to our babies.

“Now that’s just the cutest sight, I have ever seen” we hear someone say at the door. We look up at the door and Amber is standing there with tears brimming in her eyes and a giant smile on her face “I told everyone I was going the toilet, but I needed to see them, call me selfish, I don’t care, I couldn’t resist” she tells us as she sneaks in, She gasps “Oh My God, Eva—Rome, they’re perfect” she croaks as tears come down her face

What’s going on? She’s never this emotional? Then I see the look on her face, she’s looking at my babies with a look of awe and longing. She knows I’m looking at her, because she starts to fidget.

“Amber? What’s wrong?” I ask her

Amber strokes Anaya’s face lovingly as she takes a deep shuddering breath “I know you’ve only just got hold of her, but can I? —can I have a hold, just a quick one?” She pleads. I look at Justin and he shrugs, I look back to my best friend and nod, she smiles brightly at me and brings a chair over. Gently, I transfer my daughter over to my best friend, careful not to knock the wires and tubes.

As Amber takes Anaya in her arms Amber starts crying again, but she’s smiling brightly at me “Now tell me what’s wrong? You’re never this emotional” I ask her. Amber strokes Anaya’s face with such emotion in her face, then looks at me and takes a deep shuddering breath again “I’m pregnant” she whispers

“What?” Me and Justin say together

She giggles happily “I’m pregnant,” she tells us again, but then her face drops

“Hey, That’s awesome news babe. Why the long face? I ask her

“I’m scared Incase Russ doesn’t want this yet. I mean I know he said he wanted kids, but we’ve only just gotten engaged. I don’t know how he’ll feel if I tell him I’m pregnant, I’m scared to tell him” she tells us

“You’re Pregnant” we hear from the door

Looking at the door, Russ is standing there his face in shock. Amber looks to me with a scared look on her face, I nod encouraging her to tell him.

She looks to him “How did you know I’d be here?” She asks him

He frowns at her “Because I know you, that’s why” he smiles at her “Are you really pregnant?” He asks her with hope in his eyes

She shrugs “And if I am?” She asks him looking at Anaya in her arms, she can’t see the smile on Russ’s face right now.

“If you are, I’d say that’s the best news I’ve ever heard,” he says happily “Am gonna be a daddy?” He croaks kneeling before her

She smiles nodding with tears coming down her face

“Baby, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me!!” He croaks “Why were you scared to tell me? I told you I wanted kids” he asks in confusion

“Yeah, but you didn’t say when did you? We’ve only just gotten engaged, Russ” she tells him as she strokes his face

“Well, then, I guess we’ll have to get married before the baby arrives then, won’t we?” He tells her

We all gasp

“What?” He chuckles “I want my woman to have my name, this is just made the process a whole lot faster” he chuckles again “Do you know how far along you are baby?” He asks

Amber’s looking at him stunned in shock...

“Amber?—kitten? Helloooooo” he laughs waving his hands in her face

“You-you-you wanna be married before the baby’s born?” She stutters

He chuckles “Bloody hell, baby, last time I heard you stutter was when I showed you the size of my dick” he cackles

“Erm, Language around my kiddies, you turd” Justin growls, but then his eyes widen “Turd isn’t a naughty word is it?” He whispers to me. I giggle and shake my head

“Baby, I swear you’re lucky I’ve got hold of this precious little thing, otherwise I’d be kicking something from here to kingdom come” Amber growls

“Oh, eye, the king did come” he grins wiggling his eyebrows “The evidence is now growing in your stomach, eh, My little prince?” He chuckles to Amber’s stomach

“God, do you have to be so crude? we have babies here” Amber growls “And how do you know it’s a boy, anyway?”

“Nah, They can’t even understand what anything means yet, don’t worry, baby” he croons in her ear “Plus, come on, baby—look at me!! Of course, it’s a boy” He boasts “So have you been the docs yet? He asks her

“Not yet, I only found out yesterday,” she tells him “You really wanna get married, before he gets here?” she smiles at him lovingly

“Baby, if I had my way, we would of been engaged, married and pregnant on the night I proposed,” he says seriously “I’ve held off cos I didn’t wanna scare you" he adds stroking her face

“Really?” She beams

“Really, really” he nods slowly

She strokes his face lovingly “Okay, let’s do it!” She says excitedly Really?

“Really?” He says to her in disbelief

And she nods “Really, really” she giggles using his words

Russ grins, then gets up to whisper something in her ear. She giggles, her eyes widen and then she does a little moan. Amber slowly get’s up “So, am gonna go tell your mum’s and dad’s” she trails off talking to us as she gently places Anaya in my arms

“Love you all,” she says smiling brightly, we smile back at them

“Bye,” Amber says excitedly and leaves the room

Russ is smiling at her retreating form “You treat her good, Russ” I warn him

He chuckles “Oh, Eva, babe, you better believe, am gonna treat her good” he winks at us and leaves the room following amber.

“Oh, fuck,” Justin says

“What?” I chuckle

“I can just imagine how the kid will be like when he grows up” he chuckles “Think about it, half amber and half Russ” A giggle at the thought of our babies and amber and Russ’s baby growing up together.

“It’ll be fun, watching them all grow up together” I giggle

“Here’s to a happy beginning for all of us, eh?” Justin says kissing me

And I sigh happily, happy for my friend and happy for us...

Our Happy Beginning’s...

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